AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
Automated Function Point 1.0 FTF report                       ptc/13-06-06
  Beta 2 document                                             ptc/13-05-26
  XMI file                                                    admtf/12-09-02
  Inventory                                                   ptc/13-06-05
P&C Data Model 1.0 FTF report                                 dtc/13-04-03
  Data Model Specification                                    dtc/13-04-04
  Data Model Specification (with change notation)             dtc/13-04-05
  Logical Data Model XMI Generation                           dtc/13-04-06
  Data Model Glossary of Terms                                dtc/13-04-07
  Conceptual Data Model Overview                              dtc/13-04-08
  Logical Data Model HTML Web Publication                     dtc/13-04-09
  Logical Data Model ERwin (R7.3.11)                          dtc/13-04-10
  Logical Data Model Workbook                                 dtc/13-04-11
  Data Model - All Diagrams (Conceptual, Logical, Physical)   dtc/13-04-12
  Physical Data Model ERwin (R7.3.11)                         dtc/13-04-13
  Physical Data Model Workbook                                dtc/13-04-14
  Data Model DDL SQL Server Generation                        dtc/13-04-15
  Inventory                                                   dtc/13-04-02
ServD 1.0 FTF report                                          dtc/13-05-01
  Beta 2 document clean                                       dtc/13-05-02
  Beta 2 document with change bars                            dtc/13-05-03
  ServD_Locator.wsdl                                          dtc/13-05-06
  MaintainableServDCore.wsdl                                  dtc/13-05-07
  ServD_Verifier.wsdl                                         dtc/13-05-08
  ServD_Model.xmi                                             dtc/13-05-09
  ServD_Model.ea                                              dtc/13-05-10
IDL2C++11 1.1 RTF report                                      ptc/13-05-34
  Specification - clean (Normative)                           ptc/13-05-32
  Specification - with change bars (Normative)                ptc/13-05-31
  Specification - tracked changes visible (Non-Normative)     ptc/13-05-30
  Legacy IPR mode statement                                   ptc/13-05-29
  Inventory                                                   ptc/13-05-33
CTS2 1.1 RTF report                                           ptc/13-06-02
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/13-06-03
  Revised specification with change bars                      ptc/13-06-04
  Code System and Code System Version Catalog Services        ptc/13-05-07
  Concept Domain and Concept Domain Binding Services          ptc/13-05-08
  Core Model Elements                                         ptc/13-05-09
  Entity Description Services                                 ptc/13-05-10
  Map Services                                                ptc/13-05-11
  Statement Model and Services                                ptc/13-05-12
  Value Set Services                                          ptc/13-05-13
  Code System & Version Catalog Services with change bars     ptc/13-05-14
  Concept Domain & Binding Services with change bars          ptc/13-05-15
  Core Model Elements with change bars                        ptc/13-05-16
  Entity Description Services with change bars                ptc/13-05-17
  Map Services with change bars                               ptc/13-05-18
  Statement Model and Services with change bars               ptc/13-05-19
  Value Set Services with change bars                         ptc/13-05-20
  XSD, WADL, WSDL Files (ZIP)                                 ptc/13-05-21
  Enterprise Architect file                                   ptc/13-05-22
  PIM XMI file                                                ptc/13-05-23
  Inventory                                                   ptc/13-06-01
SBVR 1.2 RTF report                                           dtc/13-06-03
  Revised specification (clean)                               dtc/13-06-01
  Revised specification (change-bar)                          dtc/13-06-02
  Annex E - Overview of the Approach                          dtc/13-05-14
  Annex F - The Business Rules Approach                       dtc/13-05-15
  Annex G - EU-Rent Example                                   dtc/13-05-16
  Annex H - The RuleSpeak Business Rule Notation              dtc/13-05-17
  Annex I - Concept Diagram Graphic Notation                  dtc/13-05-18
  Annex J - ORM Notation for Verbalizing Facts & Rules        dtc/13-05-19
  Annex L - ORM Examples for SBVR Logical Foundations         dtc/13-05-20
  Annex K - Mappings and Relationships to Other Initiatives   dtc/13-05-21
  Annex M - Conceptual Overview                               dtc/13-05-22
  XMI Metamodel                                               dtc/13-05-23
  XML Schema                                                  dtc/13-05-24
  Content Model for SBVR                                      dtc/13-05-25
  Diagram Source Files                                        dtc/13-05-26
  XMI Metamodel Generation File                               dtc/13-05-27
  Content Model for EU-Rent Example                           dtc/13-05-28
EXPRESS MM 1.1 RTF report                                     dtc/13-05-36
  Convenience document                                        dtc/13-05-38
  Convenience document with changebars                        dtc/13-05-39
  Non-normative UML file                                      dtc/13-05-40
  CMOF file                                                   dtc/13-05-37

Web-enabled DDS Submission                                    mars/13-05-21
  REST XSD file                                               mars/13-05-22
  REST example XML file                                       mars/13-05-23
  WS/SOAP WSDL file                                           mars/13-05-24
  WS/SOAP Callbacks WSDL file                                 mars/13-05-25
  WebDDS SOAP WSDL file                                       mars/13-05-27
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-05-26
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard Submission         c4i/13-05-01
  IDL for DDS PSM                                             c4i/13-05-03
  PIM and PSM as XMI                                          c4i/13-05-04
  Enterprise Architect Model                                  c4i/13-05-06
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-05-02
  Errata                                                      c4i/13-06-04
Application Instrumentation Submission                        c4i/13-05-07
  C PSM header files                                          c4i/13-05-08
  Java PSM interfaces                                         c4i/13-05-09
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-05-10
  Errata                                                      c4i/13-05-11
FIBO Foundations RFC (1st Rdg)                                finance/13-05-16
  RFC with changes against finance/13-05-01                   finance/13-05-15
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-05-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-05-04
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-05-13
  VOM Model Files                                             finance/13-05-06
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-05-17

Finite State Machine Component for RTC (FSM4RTC) RFP         robotics/13-06-01

Other Business
To charter the Model Interchange AB SIG                       ab/13-05-01

Subgroup Reports
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Specification Management SC                           MDA Users SIG
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