AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
UCM 1.0 FTF report                                           ptc/17-05-17
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/17-05-18
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/17-05-19
  Meta-model (UML, normative)                                ptc/17-05-04
  Core file for the IDL mapping                              ptc/17-05-05
  XML files of the standard UCM library                      ptc/17-05-06
  XML schema                                                 ptc/17-05-07
  Meta-model (Ecore format, non-normative)                   ptc/17-05-08
  Ancillary attachment file                                  ptc/17-05-09
UAF 1.0 FTF report                                           dtc/17-04-05
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/17-04-01
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/17-04-02
  UAFP XMI                                                   dtc/17-04-03
  Class-library XMI                                          dtc/17-04-04
  Ancillary File Archive                                     dtc/17-04-06
  UAF clean (DMM)                                            dtc/17-04-07
  Sample Model                                               dtc/17-04-08
  Framework Views/Elements Traceability (Informative)        dtc/17-04-09
AML second FTF report                                        dtc/17-05-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/17-05-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/17-05-03
  Normative files repository                                 dtc/17-05-04
  Informative files repositiory                              dtc/17-05-05
  Ancillary files repository                                 dtc/17-05-06
SPMS 1.2 RTF report                                          ptc/17-05-13
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/17-05-14
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/17-05-15
  XMI file                                                   ptc/17-05-16

IEF Reference Architecture Submission                        mars/17-05-01
  Supplementary Information                                  mars/17-05-02
  ISMB messages XML.zip                                      mars/17-05-03
  IEPPV-PPS Policy XSDs.zip                                  mars/17-05-04
  Ancillary RA Model (Magicdraw v18.3)                       mars/17-05-05
  Model in XMI                                               mars/17-05-06
  Inventory                                                  mars/17-05-07
UTP2 Submission                                              ad/17-05-01
  XMI                                                        ad/17-05-02
  XMI for types library                                      ad/17-05-03
  XMI for ancillary library                                  ad/17-05-04
  Ancillary PTC Model                                        ad/17-05-06
  Ancillary Papyrus Model                                    ad/17-05-07
  Inventory                                                  ad/17-05-05
Automated Technical Debt Measure RFC (2nd Rdg)               admtf/17-03-01
  XMI file                                                   admtf/17-03-03
  Cover letter                                               admtf/17-03-06
  Inventory                                                  admtf/17-03-05
DDS-XML RFC (2nd Rdg)                                        mars/17-03-01
  DDS-XML RFC zipped machine-readable files                  mars/17-03-05
  Cover letter                                               mars/17-02-19
  Inventory                                                  mars/17-03-04

DDS Health Monitoring RFP                                    c4i/17-05-01
Military System Navigation Interface (MSNI) RFP              c4i/17-05-02

Other Motions
To amend Policies & Procedures: Task Force Membership        pp/17-04-01

Subgroup Reports
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG
Object & Reference Model SC