AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
CMMN 1.0 FTF report                                           dtc/13-11-01
  Revised specification (clean)                               dtc/13-11-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                         dtc/13-11-06
  XMI file                                                    dtc/13-11-03
  XSD file                                                    dtc/13-11-04
  Case Model XSD file                                         dtc/13-11-05
  Ancillary MagicDraw file                                    dtc/13-11-07
BPMN Profile 1.0 FTF report                                   dtc/13-11-08
TestIF 1.0 FTF report                                         dtc/13-11-09
  Revsied specification (clean)                               dtc/13-11-10
  Revised specification (change bars)                         dtc/13-11-11
Structured Metrics Metamodel 1.1 RTF report                   ptc/13-11-01
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/13-11-02
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/13-11-03
  XMI file                                                    ptc/13-11-04
  Ancillary MagicDraw file                                    ptc/13-11-05
DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol 2.2 RTF report             ptc/13-11-12
  Revsied specification (clean)                               ptc/13-11-13
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/13-11-14
  XMI                                                         ptc/13-11-15
SysML 1.4 RTF report                                          ptc/13-11-21
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/13-11-07
  Revised specification (change-bars)                         ptc/13-11-08
  SysML Profile                                               ptc/13-11-09
  QUDV & ISO 80000 Model Libraries                            ptc/13-11-10
  Ancillary zip                                               ptc/13-11-11
ODM 1.1 RTF report                                            ptc/13-08-01
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/13-08-02
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/13-08-03
  XMI (metamodels) - normative                                ptc/13-08-04
  UML XMI (profiles) - normative                              ptc/13-08-05
  RDF/XML serialized OWL file (examples) - non-normative      ptc/13-08-09
  Ancillary Metamodels (MagicDraw 17.0.4)                     ptc/13-08-06
  Ancillary Profiles and libraries (MagicDraw 17.0.4)         ptc/13-08-07
  Ancillary Examples (MagicDraw 17.0.4)                       ptc/13-08-08
DDS Xtypes RTF report                                         ptc/13-11-18
  Specification (clean)                                       ptc/13-11-16
  Specification (change-bars)                                 ptc/13-11-17
  UML model, Sparx Enterprise Architect format                ptc/12-02-05
  UML model, XMI 2.1 format                                   ptc/12-03-25
  XML Type Representation, XSD format                         ptc/12-02-07
  API definitions, IDL format                                 ptc/12-02-08
  Inventory                                                   ptc/13-11-19

Information Exchange Framework Policy Vocab. Submission       mars/13-11-13
  UML Profile Language Implementation XMI                     mars/13-11-15
  Domain Model XMI                                            mars/13-11-16
  Model (ODM Model) XMI                                       mars/13-11-17
  RDF/XMI serialized OWL.RDF                                  mars/13-11-18
  ODM Model File.zip                                          mars/13-11-19
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-11-14
RTI RPC over DDS Submission                                   mars/13-11-20
  Machine-readable C++ file                                   mars/13-11-21
  Machine-readable Java file                                  mars/13-11-22
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-11-23
PrismTech RPC over DDS Submission                             mars/13-02-06
  Machine-readable files                                      mars/13-02-07
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-02-08
Value Delivery Metamodel Submission                           bmi/13-11-03
  XMI file                                                    bmi/13-11-05
  Ancillary MagicDraw file                                    bmi/13-11-06
  Inventory                                                   bmi/13-11-04
UML for DDS RFC (1st Rdg)                                     mars/13-11-03
  XMI                                                         mars/13-11-05
  Profile model                                               mars/13-11-06
  Sample model                                                mars/13-11-07
  html zipped sample model                                    mars/13-11-08
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-11-04
FIBO Business Entities specification RFC (1st Rdg)            finance/13-11-01
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-11-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-11-04
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-11-05
  Ancillary VOM Model Files                                   finance/13-11-06
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-11-12
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-11-02
Financial Instrument Global Identifier RFC (1st Rdg)          finance/13-11-13
  RDF/XML Serialized OWL ontology                             finance/13-11-14
  Enumerated Security Types & Pricing Sources                 finance/13-11-10
  UML XMI ontology                                            finance/13-11-16
  ODM XMI ontology                                            finance/13-11-17
  MagicDraw 17.0.4 ontology (Ancillary)                       finance/13-11-18
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-11-11
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-11-15
CTS2 XML to JSON Transformation Rules RFC (2nd Rdg)           ad/13-09-04
  Inventory                                                   ad/13-09-05
FIBO Foundations specification RFC (2nd Rdg)                  finance/13-09-02
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-08-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-09-06
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-08-05
  Ancillary VOM Model Files                                   finance/13-08-06
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-09-01
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-09-05
  Comment - List of genders is not null-terminated            rfc-com/13-10-01
  Comment - Ontology of Space and Time                        rfc-com/13-11-01
  Comment - xml files cannot be imported in UML tools         rfc-com/13-11-02
  Comment - FIBO Foundation ontologies                        rfc-com/13-11-03
  Comment - Address should have ObjectProperty relations      rfc-com/13-11-04

UTP2 RFP                                                      ad/13-11-02
Ontology, Model & Specification Interoperability RFP          ad/13-11-03

Subgroup Reports
Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC                           MDA Users SIG
Object & Reference Model SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG