AB Agenda

FTF/RTF reports
IDL 4.0 FTF report                                           ptc/15-11-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-11-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-11-03
Application Instrumentation 1.0 2nd FTF report               dtc/15-11-23
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-11-24
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-11-25
  Ancillary .zip file                                        dtc/15-11-26
  Supporting document                                        dtc/15-11-27
  PIM UML model in XMI 2.4.1                                 dtc/15-11-28
  C PSM Header files                                         c4i/13-08-03
  Java PSM Interfaces                                        c4i/13-08-04
QVT 1.3 RTF report                                           ptc/15-10-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-10-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-10-03
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-10-04
  XMI files (UML)                                            ptc/15-10-05
  XMI files (Ecore, Diagrams)                                ptc/15-10-06
DDS XTypes 1.2 RTF report                                    ptc/15-11-04
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-11-05
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-11-06
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-11-07
  IDL                                                        ptc/15-11-08
ReqIF 1.2 RTF Report                                         dtc/15-10-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-10-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-10-03
  CMOF XMI File                                              dtc/10-12-13
  XML schema                                                 dtc/11-04-05
  XML schema driver to incorporate XHTML                     dtc/11-04-06
CMMN 1.1 RTF report                                          dtc/15-11-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-11-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-11-03
  Ancillary .zip file                                        dtc/15-11-04
  UML Profile for CMMN XMI                                   dtc/15-11-05
  XSD file                                                   dtc/15-11-06
  DI XSD file                                                dtc/15-11-07
  Figures (ZIP)                                              dtc/15-11-08
  XML of OMG DD for CMMN                                     dtc/15-11-17
  XML of OMG DD for CMMN-DI                                  dtc/15-11-18
  UML Profile for CMMN-DI XMI                                dtc/15-11-19
  Case Model XSD                                             dtc/15-11-20
  CMMN MagicDraw file                                        dtc/15-11-21
  CMMN-DI MagicDraw file                                     dtc/15-11-22
RoIS 1.1 RTF report                                          dtc/15-11-35
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-11-36
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-11-37
  Ancillary .zip file                                        dtc/15-11-38
  C++ PSM header file                                        dtc/15-11-39
  CORBA PSM IDL file                                         dtc/15-11-40
  XML PSM component profile                                  dtc/15-11-41
  XML PSM schema of component profile                        dtc/15-11-42
  XMI file                                                   dtc/15-11-43
  EAP file                                                   dtc/15-11-44
DMN 1.1 RTF report                                           dtc/15-11-49
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-11-51
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-11-52
  Ancillary .zip file                                        dtc/15-11-50
  XMI file                                                   dtc/15-11-54
  XSD file                                                   dtc/15-11-53
  Serialization examples (non-normative)                     dtc/15-11-55
  MagicDraw ancillary file                                   dtc/15-11-56
GEMS 1.4 RTF report                                          dtc/15-11-29
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-11-30
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-11-31
  Ancillary .zip file                                        dtc/15-11-32
  Updated Schema                                             dtc/15-11-33
  Device Definition Schema                                   dtc/15-11-34

OntoIOp/DOL Submission                                       ad/15-10-01
  MOF metamodel                                              ad/15-10-02
  OWL                                                        ad/15-10-03
  Inventory                                                  ad/15-10-04
Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Tech. Submission      robotics/15-11-06
  XMI                                                        robotics/15-11-03
  Service Layer Interface definition in C                    robotics/15-11-04
  Device Layer Interface definition in C                     robotics/15-11-05
  Inventory                                                  robotics/15-11-07
Automated Enhancement Points (AEP) RFC (1st Rdg)             admtf/15-12-01
  Cover Letter                                               admtf/15-10-06
  XMI                                                        admtf/15-10-02
  Inventory                                                  admtf/15-12-04
Languages, Countries and Codes (LCC) RFC (1st Rdg)           ad/15-11-04
  Cover Letter                                               ad/15-11-03
  RDF/XML-serialized OWL files (normative)                   ad/15-11-16
  ODM XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-11-07
  UML XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-11-08
  VOM model files (ancillary)                                ad/15-11-17
  SVG images (ancillary)                                     ad/15-11-10
  Inventory                                                  ad/15-11-18
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel 2.0 RFC (1st Rdg)        sysa/15-11-03
  Cover letter                                               sysa/15-08-05
  Emof.xml (xmi, normative)                                  sysa/15-09-03
  Ecore.xmi (xmi, non-normative)                             sysa/15-09-04
  Class diagram PDF                                          sysa/15-09-06
  Graphics ZIP                                               sysa/15-09-05
  Example machine readable file                              sysa/15-11-05
  Inventory                                                  sysa/15-11-04
FIBO Financial Business and Commerce (FBC) RFC (2nd Rdg)     finance/15-08-02
  Cover Letter                                               finance/15-08-01
  Redlined version                                           finance/15-11-01
  ODM XMI files (normative)                                  finance/15-08-05
  UML XMI files (normative)                                  finance/15-08-06
  RDF/XML-serialized Example Individuals OWL files           finance/15-08-07
  Revised FIBO FND ODM XMI files (normative)                 finance/15-08-10
  Revised FIBO FND UML XMI files (normative)                 finance/15-08-11
  Revised FIBO FND VOM model files (ancillary)               finance/15-08-12
  SVG files (ZIP)                                            finance/15-08-13
  Revised FIBO FND VOM model files (ancillary)               finance/15-08-14
  RDF/XML-serialized OWL files (normative)                   finance/15-08-15
  RDF/XML-serialized OWL files (normative)                   finance/15-09-01
  RFC VOM model files (ancillary)                            finance/15-09-02
  Inventory                                                  finance/15-11-02

Multiple Vocabulary Facility RFP                             ad/15-11-15
Healthcare Ordering Service RFP                              health/15-11-01

Subgroup Reports
Business Architecture AB SIG                          IPR SC
Specification Management SC                           Liaison SC
Object & Reference Model SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG