AB Agenda

FTF/RTF reports
Second Property and Casualty Data Model 1.0 FTF report        dtc/13-02-09
  Specification, clean                                        dtc/13-02-10
  Specification, with change bars                             dtc/13-02-11
  HTML Web Publication                                        dtc/13-02-12
  Workbook                                                    dtc/13-02-13
  XMI Generation                                              dtc/13-02-15
  DDL SQL Server Generation                                   dtc/13-02-16
  Comparison spreadsheet                                      dtc/13-03-02
  Inventory                                                   dtc/13-02-14
SBVR 1.1 RTF report                                           dtc/12-06-12
  Specification with change-bars                              dtc/12-06-11
  Specification without change-bars                           dtc/12-06-10
  Metamodel in MOF/XMI                                        dtc/13-03-03
  Metamodel MOF/XMI-based XML Schema (XSD)                    dtc/13-03-04
  XML Model of SBVR using SBVR MOF/XMI-based-XSD              dtc/13-03-05
  Diagram Source Files                                        dtc/12-06-17
  Clause 13 MOF/XMI Metamodel Generation File                 dtc/12-06-18
  Inventory                                                   dtc/13-03-06

IEF Information Exchange Policy Vocabulary (IEPV) Submission  mars/13-02-01
  OWL file                                                    mars/13-02-02
  XMI file                                                    mars/13-02-03
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-02-04
FACESEM Submission                                            ad/13-02-01
  XMI file                                                    ad/12-11-02
  Non-normative MagicDraw file                                ad/12-11-04
  Inventory                                                   ad/13-02-02
Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) Submission          ad/13-02-04
  Metamodel XMI                                               ad/13-02-05
  UML Profile XMI                                             ad/13-02-06
  Diagram Interchange XMI                                     ad/13-02-07
  Inventory                                                   ad/13-02-08
Common Variability Language (CVL) Submission                  ad/12-08-05
  XMI file                                                    ad/12-12-19
  Inventory                                                   ad/12-12-18
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard (OARIS) Submission c4i/13-02-06
  Zipped XMI file                                             c4i/13-02-07
  IDL for DDS PSM                                             c4i/13-02-08
  Zipped EAP file                                             c4i/13-02-10
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-02-09
TCP/IP PSM for DDSI (Prismtech) RFC (1st Rdg)                 mars/13-02-09
  Machine-readable files                                      mars/13-02-10
  LOI                                                         mars/13-02-11
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-02-12
TCP/IP PSM for DDSI (Real-Time Innovations) RFC (1st Rdg)     mars/13-02-16
  LOI                                                         mars/13-02-17
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-02-18

Dependability Assurance for Consumer Devices RFP              sysa/13-03-01
  (Showing diffs against previous version)                    sysa/13-03-02
RIA Dynamic Component Model RFP                               mars/12-12-22

Other Business
To adopt revised RFP template for new IPR policy              ab/13-02-01
Discuss specification metadata proposals - Excel              ab/12-11-01
  OWL file                                                    ab/13-02-02

Subgroup Reports
Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC                           MDA Users SIG
Object & Reference Model SC