OMG Domain Technology Committee

Friday 22nd March 2013 (after the AB plenary and before the Platform TC plenary)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Reston, VA, USA
Quorum: 5

Quorum Check
Approval of Burlingame Domain TC minutes              dtc/12-12-28

Subgroup Reports
Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Systems DTF     C4I DTF
Government Information Sharing & Services DTF         Space DTF
Business Modeling and Integration DTF                 Finance DTF
Super Distributed Objects DSIG                        Robotics DTF
Mathematical Formalisms DSIG                          Healthcare DTF
Regulatory Compliance DSIG                            Systems Engineering DSIG

RFP/RFC/RFI issuances
Contract Information Exchange Model (CIEM) RFI         bmi/13-02-01

To extend the NIEM-UML 1.0 FTF deadline to 28th June 2013
To extend the EXPRESS Metamodel 1.1 RTF deadline to 28th June 2013
To extend the GEMS 1.3 RTF deadline to 4th October 2013
To extend the Records Management Services (RMS) 1.1 RTF deadline to 20th
  December 2013
To add J.D. Baker as Sparx voter on the CMMN 1.0 FTF
To add Prakash Mavuduru as PWC voter on the CMMN 1.0 FTF
To add Stephan Fischli as ITP Commerce voter on the BPMN 2.1 RTF
To add Kent Laursen as Scientific Research Corporation voter on the UPDM 2.2

Technology adoptions
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard (OARIS) Submission c4i/13-02-06
  Zipped XMI file                                             c4i/13-02-07
  IDL for DDS PSM                                             c4i/13-02-08
  Zipped EAP file                                             c4i/13-02-10
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-02-09
Second Property and Casualty Data Model 1.0 FTF report        dtc/13-02-09
  Specification, clean                                        dtc/13-02-10
  Specification, with change bars                             dtc/13-02-11
  HTML Web Publication                                        dtc/13-02-12
  Workbook                                                    dtc/13-02-13
  XMI Generation                                              dtc/13-02-15
  DDL SQL Server Generation                                   dtc/13-02-16
  Inventory                                                   dtc/13-02-14