OMG Platform Technology Committee
Friday 25th September 2015 (after both the AB and Domain plenaries)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA
Quorum: 7

Quorum Check
Approval of Berlin Platform TC minutes                ptc/15-06-20

Subgroup Reports
Architecture-Driven Modernisation PTF                 Agent PSIG
Middleware and Related Services PTF                   Ontology PSIG
Data Distribution Services PSIG                       System Assurance PTF
Analysis and Design PTF

RFP/RFC/RFI issuances
OPC-UA/DDS Gateway RFP                                       mars/15-08-04
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) 2.0 RFC (1st Rdg) sysa/15-08-08
  Cover Letter                                               sysa/15-08-05
  emof file                                                  sysa/15-08-02
  ecore file                                                 sysa/15-08-03
  High res figures                                           sysa/15-08-04
  SACM Class Diagram                                         sysa/15-08-07
  Inventory                                                  sysa/15-08-09
Languages, Countries and Codes (LCC) RFC (1st Rdg)           ad/15-08-06
  Cover Letter                                               ad/15-08-05
  RDF/XML-serialized OWL files (normative)                   ad/15-08-08
  ODM XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-08-09
  UML XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-08-10
  VOM model files (ancillary)                                ad/15-08-11
  SVG images (ancillary)                                     ad/15-08-12
  Inventory                                                  ad/15-08-07

To charter the OCL 2.5 RTF
To extend the ALF 1.1 RTF report deadline to 18th December 2015
To extend the ADM KDM 1.4 RTF report deadline to 25th March 2016
To extend the SPMS 1.1 RTF report deadline to 25th March 2016
To extend the Ontology Definition Metamodel 1.2 RTF report deadline to 25th
  March 2016
To replace Virginie Watine by Gaetan Pruvost as Thales voter on DDS-PSM-Cxx
  1.1 RTF
To replace Kent Laursen by Enrique Krajmalnik as No Magic voter on the QVT 1.3
To replace Stefan Seefeld by Anthony Skjellum as VSIPS 1.6 RTF chair

Technology adoptions
OntoIOp Submission                                           ad/15-08-01
  OWL file                                                   ad/15-07-02
  XMI                                                        ad/15-08-03
  Inventory                                                  ad/15-08-02
Dependability Assurance Framework for SSCD FTF report        ptc/15-08-08
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-08-01
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-08-02
  Template SACM xmi machine readable files                   ptc/15-08-03
  XMI file                                                   ptc/15-08-04
  SSCD-DPM.xml file                                          ptc/15-08-05
  Astah UML file                                             ptc/15-08-06
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-08-07
Automated Source Code Security Measure FTF report            ptc/15-08-17
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-08-13
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-08-14
  XMI                                                        ptc/15-08-15
  SMM                                                        ptc/15-08-16
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-08-18
Web-Enabled DDS FTF report                                   ptc/15-08-19
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-08-20
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-08-21
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-08-22
  UML model, XMI 2.1 format                                  ptc/15-08-23
  UML model, Sparx Enterprise Architect format               ptc/15-08-24
  REST PSM, XSD format                                       ptc/15-08-25
  REST PSM Example, XML format                               ptc/15-08-26
  REST PSM Example, JSON format                              ptc/15-08-27
  WebSocket Transport Messages, XSD format                   ptc/15-08-28
  WebServices/SOAP PSM Common Types, XSD format              mars/13-06-39
  WebServices/SOAP Service Interfaces, WSDL format           mars/13-06-40
  WebServices/SOAP Callbacks, WSDL format                    mars/13-06-41
fUML 1.2 RTF report                                          ptc/15-08-29
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/15-08-30
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/15-08-31
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/15-08-35
  Syntax Metamodel XMI                                       ptc/15-08-32
  Semantics Model XMI                                        ptc/15-08-33
  Foundational Model Library XMI                             ptc/15-08-34