AB Agenda

FTF/RTF reports
UML 2.5 FTF report                                            ptc/13-09-02
  Specification with change bars                              ptc/13-09-04
  Specification clean                                         ptc/13-09-03
  Machine Consumable Files Archive                            ptc/13-08-17
XMI 2.5 FTF report                                            ptc/13-08-22
  Specification with change bars                              ptc/13-08-23
  Specification clean                                         ptc/13-08-24
  Machine Consumable Files Archive                            ptc/13-08-25
Canonical XMI FTF report                                      ptc/13-08-26
  Specification with change bars                              ptc/13-08-27
  Specification clean                                         ptc/13-08-28
IDL 3.5 FTF report                                            ptc/13-08-29
2nd NIEM-UML FTF report                                       dtc/13-08-01
  Beta 2 document clean                                       dtc/13-08-02
  Beta 2 document with change bars                            dtc/13-08-03
  NIEM-UML-Profile.xmi                                        dtc/13-08-04
  XMLPrimitiveTypes.xmi                                       dtc/13-08-05
  NIEM-Reference (subdirectory)                               dtc/13-08-06
  NIEMpim2psm.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-07
  NIEMpsm2xsd.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-08
  NIEMmpdmodel2artifact.qvto                                  dtc/13-08-09
  NIEMmpdartifact2model.qvto                                  dtc/13-08-10
  NIEMglobals.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-11
  NIEMplatformBinding.qvto                                    dtc/13-08-12
  XSD.emof                                                    dtc/13-08-13
  mpd.catalog.emof                                            dtc/13-08-14
  NIEM-UML-Profile.mdzip                                      dtc/13-08-15
  Examples-Clause7.mdzip                                      dtc/13-08-16
  Example-PetAdoption.mdzip                                   dtc/13-08-17
MOF Core 2.5 RTF report                                       ptc/13-08-18
  Specification with change bars                              ptc/13-08-19
  Specification clean                                         ptc/13-08-20
  Machine Consumable Files Archive                            ptc/13-08-21
Second OCL 2.4 RTF report                                     ptc/13-09-01
  Specification with change-bars                              ptc/13-08-12
  Specification without change-bars                           ptc/13-08-13
GEMS 1.3 RTF report                                           dtc/13-09-01
  Updated specification clean                                 dtc/13-09-02
  Updated specification with change bars                      dtc/13-09-03
  GEMS_base_types.xsd                                         dtc/13-09-04
  GEMS_Device.xsd                                             dtc/13-09-05
BMM 1.2 RTF report                                            dtc/13-08-23
  Beta 2 Specification (clean)                                dtc/13-08-24
  Beta 2 Specification (change bars)                          dtc/13-08-25
  CMOF XMI file                                               dtc/13-08-26
  XSD file                                                    dtc/13-08-27

IEF Information Exchange Policy Vocabulary (IEPV) Submission  mars/13-08-03
  XMI Files (ZIP)                                             mars/13-08-04
  OWL PSM (ZIP)                                               mars/13-08-05
  Magic Draw Files (ZIP)                                      mars/13-08-11
  Inventory                                                   mars/13-08-06
Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Submission                  bmi/13-08-01
  XMI Model                                                   bmi/13-08-02
  XSD Interchange Definition Part 1                           bmi/13-08-03
  XSD Interchange Definition Part 2                           bmi/13-08-04
  Inventory                                                   bmi/13-08-05
Application Instrumentation Submission                        c4i/13-08-02
  C PSM header files (zip)                                    c4i/13-08-03
  Java PSM interfaces (zip)                                   c4i/13-08-04
  XMI representation of UML PIM                               c4i/13-08-06
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-08-05
CTS2 XML to JSON Transformation Rules RFC (1st Rdg)           ad/13-09-01
  Inventory                                                   ad/13-09-02
FIBO Foundations RFC (1st Rdg)                                finance/13-08-01
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-08-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-08-04
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-08-05
  VOM Model Files - non-normative                             finance/13-08-06
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-09-01
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-08-02

Unified Component Model (UCM) RFP                             mars/13-09-02
UML Profile for GRA (GRA-UML) RFP                             gov/13-09-01
Unified Profile for DODAF/MoDAF (UPDM) 3.0 RFP                c4i/13-09-01

Subgroup Reports
Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC                           MDA Users SIG
Object & Reference Model SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG