DTC Agenda

OMG Domain Technology Committee
Friday 27th September 2013 (after the AB plenary and before the Platform TC plenary)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Quorum: 6

Quorum Check
Approval of Berlin Domain TC minutes                  dtc/13-06-23

Subgroup Reports
Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Systems DTF     C4I DTF
Government Information Sharing & Services DTF         Space DTF
Business Modelling and Integration DTF                Finance DTF
Super Distributed Objects DSIG                        Robotics DTF
Mathematical Formalisms DSIG                          Healthcare DTF
Regulatory Compliance DSIG                            Systems Engineering DSIG

RFP/RFC/RFI issuances
UML Profile for GRA (GRA-UML) RFP                             gov/13-09-01
Unified Profile for DODAF/MoDAF (UPDM) 3.0 RFP                c4i/13-09-01
FIBO Foundations RFC (1st Rdg)                                finance/13-08-01
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-08-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-08-04
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-08-05
  VOM Model Files - non-normative                             finance/13-08-06
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-09-01
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-08-02

To extend the EXPRESS Metamodel 1.1 RTF revision deadline to 20th December
To charter the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) 1.0 FTF
To charter the XTCE US Government Satellite Conformance Profile 1.0 FTF
To replace Edita Mileviciene by Darius Silingas as No Magic voter on the BPMN
  2.1 RTF
To replace Edita Mileviciene by Darius Silingas as No Magic voter on the UML
  Profile for BPMN Processes 1.0 FTF

Technology adoptions
Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Submission                  bmi/13-08-01
  XMI Model                                                   bmi/13-08-02
  XSD Interchange Definition Part 1                           bmi/13-08-03
  XSD Interchange Definition Part 2                           bmi/13-08-04
  Inventory                                                   bmi/13-08-05
Application Instrumentation Submission                        c4i/13-08-02
  C PSM header files (zip)                                    c4i/13-08-03
  Java PSM interfaces (zip)                                   c4i/13-08-04
  XMI representation of UML PIM                               c4i/13-08-06
  Inventory                                                   c4i/13-08-05
2nd NIEM-UML FTF report                                       dtc/13-08-01
  Beta 2 document clean                                       dtc/13-08-02
  Beta 2 document with change bars                            dtc/13-08-03
  NIEM-UML-Profile.xmi                                        dtc/13-08-04
  XMLPrimitiveTypes.xmi                                       dtc/13-08-05
  NIEM-Reference (subdirectory)                               dtc/13-08-06
  NIEMpim2psm.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-07
  NIEMpsm2xsd.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-08
  NIEMmpdmodel2artifact.qvto                                  dtc/13-08-09
  NIEMmpdartifact2model.qvto                                  dtc/13-08-10
  NIEMglobals.qvto                                            dtc/13-08-11
  NIEMplatformBinding.qvto                                    dtc/13-08-12
  XSD.emof                                                    dtc/13-08-13
  mpd.catalog.emof                                            dtc/13-08-14
  NIEM-UML-Profile.mdzip                                      dtc/13-08-15
  Examples-Clause7.mdzip                                      dtc/13-08-16
  Example-PetAdoption.mdzip                                   dtc/13-08-17
GEMS 1.3 RTF report                                           dtc/13-09-01
  Updated specification clean                                 dtc/13-09-02
  Updated specification with change bars                      dtc/13-09-03
  GEMS_base_types.xsd                                         dtc/13-09-04
  GEMS_Device.xsd                                             dtc/13-09-05
BMM 1.2 RTF report                                            dtc/13-08-23
  Beta 2 Specification (clean)                                dtc/13-08-24
  Beta 2 Specification (change bars)                          dtc/13-08-25
  CMOF XMI file                                               dtc/13-08-26
  XSD file                                                    dtc/13-08-27