AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocab. 1.0 FTF report  ptc/14-07-02
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/14-07-04
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/14-07-03
  XMI file (VOM Vocabulary Model)                            ptc/14-07-05
  XMI file (UML Profile Model)                               ptc/14-07-06
  XMI file (Domain Model)                                    ptc/14-07-07
  OWL file                                                   ptc/14-07-08
  MagicDraw ancillary file (VOM Vocabulary Model)            ptc/14-07-09
  MagicDraw ancillary file (UML Profile Model)               ptc/14-07-10
  MagicDraw ancillary file (Domain Model)                    ptc/14-07-11
  AboutIEF.rdf ancillary file                                ptc/14-08-15
  AboutIEPPV.rdf ancillary file                              ptc/14-08-16
  AboutIEPPV-1.0.rdf ancillary file                          ptc/14-08-17
Impl. Patterns Metamodel for Software Systems 1.0 FTF report ptc/14-08-02
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/14-08-03
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/14-08-04
  Ancillary ZIP file                                         ptc/14-08-05
  IPMSS.xmi                                                  ptc/14-08-06
TestIF 1.0 FTF report                                        dtc/14-08-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/14-08-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/14-08-03
  XSD file                                                   dtc/14-09-06
  Attributes XML file                                        dtc/14-09-07
  Apendix A - Example of PSM-Compliant XML                   dtc/14-09-08
  Appendix B - PSM Compliant Example XML                     dtc/14-09-09
FIBO Foundations 1.0 FTF report                              dtc/14-09-01
  Beta 2 Specification (clean)                               dtc/14-08-22
  Beta 2 Specification (change bars)                         dtc/14-09-03
  Machine readable RDF/OWL ZIP archive                       dtc/14-08-24
  Machine readable UML XMI ZIP Archive                       dtc/14-08-25
  Machine readable ODM XMI ZIP archive                       dtc/14-08-26
  Machine readable VOM Project files (Informative)           dtc/14-09-04
  Ancillary ZIP archive                                      dtc/14-09-02
XTCE US Govt. Satellite Conformance Profile 1.0 FTF report   dtc/14-09-12
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/14-09-10
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/14-09-11
  XUSProfileRules.csv (normative)                            dtc/14-08-11
  XML file                                                   dtc/14-08-12
Decision Model and Notation 1.0 FTF report                   dtc/14-08-14
  Revised Specification (clean)                              dtc/14-08-16
  Revised Specification (change  bars)                       dtc/14-08-17
  ZIP archive                                                dtc/14-08-15
  XMI                                                        dtc/14-08-18
  XSD                                                        dtc/14-08-19
  XSD                                                        dtc/14-08-20
MOF 2.5 RTF report                                           ptc/14-08-07
  Revised Specification (clean)                              ptc/14-08-08
  Revised Specification (change  bars)                       ptc/14-08-09
  Machine Consumable files                                   ptc/14-08-10
XMI 2.5 RTF report                                           ptc/14-08-11
  Revised Specification (clean)                              ptc/14-08-12
  Revised Specification (change  bars)                       ptc/14-08-13
  Machine Consumable files                                   ptc/14-08-14

Finite State Machine Component for RTC Submission            robotics/14-08-01
  ComponentObserver.idl                                      robotics/14-08-02
  DataPort.idl                                               robotics/14-08-03
  ExtendedFsmService.idl                                     robotics/14-08-04
  XMI file                                                   robotics/14-09-03
  Inventory                                                  robotics/14-09-02
CISQ Automated Source Code Reliability Measure RFC (1st Rdg) admtf/14-08-01
  Cover letter                                               admtf/14-08-03
  XMI file                                                   admtf/14-08-02
  SMM file                                                   admtf/14-08-05
  Inventory                                                  admtf/14-08-04
UML Profile for ArchiMate RFC (1st Rdg)                      ad/14-08-17
  XMI file                                                   ad/14-08-18
  Inventory                                                  ad/14-08-19
  Cover letter                                               ad/14-08-20
Automated CWE/SANS Top 25 Security RFC (2nd Rdg)             admtf/14-06-07
  IPMSS XMI                                                  admtf/14-06-08
  SMM XMI                                                    admtf/14-06-09
  Cover letter                                               admtf/14-06-11
  Inventory                                                  admtf/14-06-12
FIBO Indices and Indicators RFC (2nd Rdg)                    finance/14-06-01
  Cover letter                                               finance/14-05-07
  RDF/OWL                                                    finance/14-06-03
  UML XMI                                                    finance/14-06-04
  ODM XMI                                                    finance/14-06-05
  Ancillary VOM documents                                    finance/14-06-06
  FIBO Foundations & BE machine readable file changes        finance/14-05-08
  Inventory                                                  finance/14-06-02
Other Motions
To adopt Specification Metadata Ontology                     ab/14-08-01
To discuss specification file URLs                           smsc/07-09-11
To discuss specification XML namespace URIs                  smsc/14-04-05

Subgroup Reports
Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC
Model Interchange AB SIG
Object & Reference Model SC