AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
IFML 1.0 FTF report                                           ptc/14-01-01
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-01-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-01-03
  Metamodel XMI                                               ptc/14-01-04
  Profile XMI                                                 ptc/14-01-05
  DI XMI                                                      ptc/14-01-06
  Metamodel Magicdraw sources (Ancillary)                     ptc/14-01-07
  Profile Magicdraw sources (Ancillary)                       ptc/14-01-08
  Figures (Ancillary)                                         ptc/14-01-09
  Profile Diagrams (Ancillary)                                ptc/14-02-15
  DI ZIP (Ancillary)                                          ptc/14-02-01
Essence 1.0 FTF report                                        ptc/14-02-25
  Beta 2 specification (clean)                                ptc/14-02-26
  Beta 2 specification document (change bar)                  ptc/14-02-27
  Metamodel XMI                                               ptc/14-02-28
  Metamodel MagicDraw 17.0.5 Ancillary File                   ptc/14-03-06
CTS2 XML to JSON Transformation Rules 1.0 FTF report          ptc/14-02-23
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-02-24
MOF QVT 1.2 RTF report                                        ptc/14-03-07
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-03-08
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-03-09
  XMI file                                                    ptc/14-03-10
  Ancillary MagicDraw file                                    ptc/14-03-11
Diagram Definition 1.1 RTF report                             ptc/14-03-01
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-03-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-03-03
  XMI files                                                   ptc/14-03-04
  Ancillary Files                                             ptc/14-03-05
VSIPL 1.5 and VSIPL++ 1.3 RTF report                          ptc/14-02-17
  VSIPL 1.5 specification (clean)                             ptc/14-02-18
  VSIPL 1.5 specification (change bars)                       ptc/14-02-19
  VSIPL++ 1.3 specification (clean)                           ptc/14-02-20
  VSIPL++ 1.3 specification (change bars)                     ptc/14-02-21
  Machine readable files                                      ptc/14-02-22
EXPRESS MetaModel 1.1 RTF report                              dtc/14-02-09
  Revised specification (change bars)                         dtc/14-02-11
  Revised specification (clean)                               dtc/14-02-10
  XMI 2.4 form of CMOF metamodel                              dtc/13-11-15
  XMI 2.4 form of EXPRESS elements module                     dtc/13-11-17
  MagicDraw v17 UML XMI 2.4 EXPRESS source (Ancillary)        dtc/13-11-16

DDS Security Submission                                       mars/14-02-03
  Plugins IDL                                                 mars/14-02-04
  Access Control Governance XSD                               mars/14-02-05
  Access Control Permissions XSD                              mars/14-02-06
  Access Control Governance Example XML                       mars/14-02-07
  Access Control Permissions Example XML                      mars/14-02-08
  Plugins Model XMI                                           mars/14-02-09
  Plugins Model EAP                                           mars/14-02-10
  Inventory                                                   mars/14-02-11
Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures Submission      ad/14-02-02
  Semantics of MARTE XMI                                      ad/14-02-03
  MARTE Test Suites XMI                                       ad/14-02-04
  Abstract Syntax and Semantics XMI                           ad/13-11-05
  Assertion Library XMI                                       ad/13-11-06
  Test Suites XMI                                             ad/13-11-07
  SysML Semantics XMI                                         ad/13-11-08
  SysML TestSuite XMI                                         ad/13-11-09
  GenericAssociation XMI                                      ad/13-11-10
  Inventory                                                   ad/14-02-05
Impl. Patterns Metamodel for Software Systems RFC (1st Rdg)   admtf/14-02-01
  Cover letter                                                admtf/14-02-02
  IPMMS XMI                                                   admtf/14-02-03
  PHORML XMI                                                  admtf/14-02-04
  APML XMI                                                    admtf/14-02-05
  Inventory                                                   admtf/14-02-06
Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) RFC (1st Rdg)   finance/14-03-01
  Semantic model OWL specification                            finance/14-03-03
  Security Types OWL specification                            finance/14-02-04
  Pricing Sources OWL specification                           finance/14-02-05
  Cover letter                                                finance/14-02-06
  UML XMI                                                     finance/14-03-05
  ODM XMI                                                     finance/14-03-04
  Inventory                                                   finance/14-03-02
  Ancillary VOM file (informative)                            finance/14-03-06
FIBO Indices and Indicators Specification RFC (1st Rdg)       finance/14-02-10
  RDF/OWL Machine readable files                              finance/14-02-12
  UML XMI Machine readable files                              finance/14-02-13
  ODM XMI Machine readable files                              finance/14-02-14
  VOM model files (ancillary)                                 finance/14-02-15
  Foundations Ontology Revisions (RDF-XML serialized OWL)     finance/14-02-18
  Foundations Ontology Revisions (UML XMI)                    finance/14-02-19
  Foundations Ontology Revisions (ODM XMI)                    finance/14-02-20
  Foundations Ontology Revisions (Ancillary VOM file)         finance/14-02-21
  Cover letter                                                finance/14-02-16
  Inventory                                                   finance/14-02-11
FIBO Business Entities RFC (2nd Rdg)                          finance/13-11-01
  OWL Files                                                   finance/13-11-03
  UML XMI Files                                               finance/13-11-04
  ODM XMI Files                                               finance/13-11-05
  Cover letter                                                finance/13-11-12
  VOM Model Files (Informative)                               finance/13-11-06
  Inventory                                                   finance/13-11-02

OCL 2.5 RFP                                                   ad/14-03-01
Information Exchange Framework Reference Architecture RFP     mars/14-02-02
UML Profile for NIEM Version 3.0 RFP                          gov/14-02-01

Subgroup Reports
Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC
Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC
Specification Management SC                           MDA Users SIG
Object & Reference Model SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG