OMG Platform Technology Committee
Friday 28th March 2014 (after both the AB and Domain plenaries)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Reston, VA, USA
Quorum: 6

Quorum Check
Approval of Santa Clara Platform TC minutes           ptc/13-12-12

Subgroup Reports
Architecture-Driven Modernisation PTF                 Agent PSIG
Middleware and Related Services PTF                   Ontology PSIG
Data Distribution Services PSIG                       Telecoms PSIG
Analysis and Design PTF                               System Assurance PTF

RFP/RFC/RFI issuances
OCL 2.5 RFP                                                   ad/14-03-01
Information Exchange Framework Reference Architecture RFP     mars/14-02-02
Impl. Patterns Metamodel for Software Systems RFC (1st Rdg)   admtf/14-02-01
  Cover letter                                                admtf/14-02-02
  IPMMS XMI                                                   admtf/14-02-03
  PHORML XMI                                                  admtf/14-02-04
  APML XMI                                                    admtf/14-02-05
  Inventory                                                   admtf/14-02-06

To charter the Diagram Definition 1.2 RTF
To charter the QVT 1.3 RTF
To extend the MARTE 1.2 RTF deadline to 27th June 2014
To extend the Data Distribution Service 1.4 RTF deadline to 27th June 2014
To extend the ALF 1.1 RTF deadline to 26th September 2014
To extend the ADM KDM 1.4 RTF deadline to 26th September 2014
To change the Ruby CORBA Language Mapping 1.3 RTF comment deadline to 1st
  December 2014
To extend the IDL2C++11 1.2 RTF revision deadline to 3rd April 2015

Technology adoptions
DDS Security Submission                                       mars/14-02-03
  Plugins IDL                                                 mars/14-02-04
  Access Control Governance XSD                               mars/14-02-05
  Access Control Permissions XSD                              mars/14-02-06
  Access Control Governance Example XML                       mars/14-02-07
  Access Control Permissions Example XML                      mars/14-02-08
  Plugins Model XMI                                           mars/14-02-09
  Plugins Model EAP                                           mars/14-02-10
  Inventory                                                   mars/14-02-11
Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures Submission      ad/14-02-02
  Semantics of MARTE XMI                                      ad/14-02-03
  MARTE Test Suites XMI                                       ad/14-02-04
  Abstract Syntax and Semantics XMI                           ad/13-11-05
  Assertion Library XMI                                       ad/13-11-06
  Test Suites XMI                                             ad/13-11-07
  SysML Semantics XMI                                         ad/13-11-08
  SysML TestSuite XMI                                         ad/13-11-09
  GenericAssociation XMI                                      ad/13-11-10
  Inventory                                                   ad/14-02-05
IFML 1.0 FTF report                                           ptc/14-01-01
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-01-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-01-03
  Metamodel XMI                                               ptc/14-01-04
  Profile XMI                                                 ptc/14-01-05
  DI XMI                                                      ptc/14-01-06
  Metamodel Magicdraw sources (Ancillary)                     ptc/14-01-07
  Profile Magicdraw sources (Ancillary)                       ptc/14-01-08
  Figures (Ancillary)                                         ptc/14-01-09
  Profile Diagrams (Ancillary)                                ptc/14-02-15
  DI ZIP (Ancillary)                                          ptc/14-02-01
Essence 1.0 FTF report                                        ptc/14-02-25
  Beta 2 specification (clean)                                ptc/14-02-26
  Beta 2 specification document (change bar)                  ptc/14-02-27
  Metamodel XMI                                               ptc/14-02-28
  Metamodel MagicDraw 17.0.5 Ancillary File                   ptc/14-03-06
CTS2 XML to JSON Transformation Rules 1.0 FTF report          ptc/14-02-23
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-02-24
MOF QVT 1.2 RTF report                                        ptc/14-03-07
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-03-08
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-03-09
  XMI file                                                    ptc/14-03-10
  Ancillary MagicDraw file                                    ptc/14-03-11
Diagram Definition 1.1 RTF report                             ptc/14-03-01
  Revised specification (clean)                               ptc/14-03-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                         ptc/14-03-03
  XMI files                                                   ptc/14-03-04
  Ancillary Files                                             ptc/14-03-05
VSIPL 1.5 and VSIPL++ 1.3 RTF report                          ptc/14-02-17
  VSIPL 1.5 specification (clean)                             ptc/14-02-18
  VSIPL 1.5 specification (change bars)                       ptc/14-02-19
  VSIPL++ 1.3 specification (clean)                           ptc/14-02-20
  VSIPL++ 1.3 specification (change bars)                     ptc/14-02-21
  Machine readable files                                      ptc/14-02-22