AB Agenda
FTF/RTF reports
2nd DDS Security 1.0 FTF report                              ptc/16-02-09
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/16-02-10
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/16-02-11
  DDS Security Plugin SPIs IDL file                          ptc/16-02-12
  Access Control Governance XSD file                         ptc/16-02-13
  Access Control Permissions XSD file                        ptc/16-02-14
  DDS Security Plugins XMI file                              ptc/16-02-15
  Access Control Governance example (XML)                    ptc/16-02-16
  Access Control Permissions example (XML)                   ptc/16-02-17
  Plugins UML Model (Enterprise Architect) file              ptc/16-02-18
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/16-02-19
2nd RPC over DDS 1.0 FTF report                              ptc/16-02-24
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/16-02-25
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/16-02-26
  C++ zip file                                               ptc/16-02-27
  Java .zip file                                             ptc/16-02-28
  IDL .zip file                                              ptc/16-02-29
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/16-02-30
2nd FIBO Business Entities 1.0 FTF report                    dtc/16-02-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/16-02-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/16-02-03
  RDF/XML Serialized OWL (normative)                         dtc/16-02-04
  ODM-Compliant UML XMI (normative)                          dtc/16-02-05
  ODM XMI (normative)                                        dtc/16-02-06
  VOM/MagicDraw files (ancillary)                            dtc/16-02-07
  Attachment archive (ancillary)                             dtc/16-02-08
  SVG images (ancillary)                                     dtc/16-02-09
KDM 1.4 RTF report                                           ptc/16-02-01
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/16-02-02
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/16-02-03
  CMOF machine-readable file                                 ptc/16-02-04
  ECORE machine-readable file                                ptc/16-02-05
  KDM XSD schema (.zip file)                                 ptc/16-02-06
  UML model                                                  ptc/16-02-07
  Ancillary .zip file                                        ptc/16-02-08
SPMS 1.1 RTF report                                          ptc/16-02-21
  Revised specification (clean)                              ptc/16-02-22
  Revised specification (change bars)                        ptc/16-02-23
FIBO Foundations 1.1 RTF report                              dtc/16-03-02
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/16-03-03
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/16-03-04
  FIBO Foundation Serialized RDF/OWL files                   dtc/16-03-05
  UML XMI files                                              dtc/16-03-06
  ODM XMI files                                              dtc/16-03-07
  VOM/MagicDraw Files                                        dtc/16-03-08
  Attachment archive (ancillary)                             dtc/16-03-09
  SVG Diagrams (ancillary)                                   dtc/16-03-10
DateTime Vocabulary (DTV) 1.3 RTF report                     dtc/16-03-11
  Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/16-02-20
  Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/16-02-21
  Normative UML                                              dtc/16-02-22
  Normative SBVR                                             dtc/16-02-23
  Normative OCL                                              dtc/16-02-24
  Normative CLIF                                             dtc/16-02-25
  Informative OWL                                            dtc/16-02-26
  MagicDraw UML files (ancillary)                            dtc/16-02-27
  Attachment archive (ancillary)                             dtc/16-03-12

SysML Physical Interaction & Signal Flow Sim. RFC (1st Rdg)  mantis/16-03-01
  Cover letter                                               mantis/16-02-02
  XMI file(s) zipped                                         mantis/16-03-03
  MagicDraw model for the SysPISF library (Ancillary)        mantis/16-03-04
  Inventory                                                  mantis/16-03-02
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel 2.0 RFC (2nd Rdg)        sysa/15-12-11
  cmof.xml (normative)                                       sysa/15-12-12
  ecore.xmi (xmi, non-normative)                             sysa/15-12-05
  SACM class diagram (PDF)                                   sysa/15-09-06
  Cover letter                                               sysa/15-08-05
  ZIP of associated graphics (ancillary)                     sysa/15-12-08
  Inventory                                                  sysa/15-12-10
Automated Enhancement Points (AEP) RFC (2nd Rdg)             admtf/15-12-01
  Cover Letter                                               admtf/15-10-06
  XMI                                                        admtf/15-10-02
  Inventory                                                  admtf/15-12-04
Languages, Countries and Codes (LCC) RFC (2nd Rdg)           ad/15-11-04
  Cover Letter                                               ad/15-11-03
  RDF/XML-serialized OWL files (normative)                   ad/15-11-16
  ODM XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-11-07
  UML XMI files (normative)                                  ad/15-11-08
  VOM model files (ancillary)                                ad/15-11-17
  SVG images (ancillary)                                     ad/15-11-10
  Inventory                                                  ad/15-11-18

Multiple Vocabulary Facility (MVF) RFP                       ad/16-02-05
eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments DDSI RFP         mars/15-12-02

Other Motions
To dissolve the IPR SC

Subgroup Reports
Business Architecture AB SIG                          IPR SC
Specification Management SC                           Liaison SC
Object & Reference Model SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG