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European Business Architecture Summit 2013


Join the business technology summit June 18-19th in Berlin, Germany where leading practitioners from organizations much as Chase, Ford, United Airlines, Highmark, Boeing, and more will share real life experiences and business architecture success stories!

Business architecture enables business innovation and a wide variety of business strategies and priorities in corporations and governments worldwide. The two-day European Business Architecture Innovation Summit takes attendees from leading edge concepts and best practices through practitioner case studies and business architecture best practices. Be ready to go beyond simplistic notions and immerse yourself in the reality of the important work during the business innovation conference that is going on in the field of business architecture and business technology. While business architecture stems from certain basic principles, innovation takes many forms and business architecture has emerged to enable innovation in a variety of ways. At the business architecture conference, you will not only hear about leading edge work going on in the field and emerging best practices from business architects but you will also hear directly from the companies that are benefiting from business architecture.

A similar business innovation council was held in the Washington D.C. area this past March. For a preview of the types of talks you'll see at this event in Berlin, and for resources from the previous event, check out the previous event's presentations!

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Day 1: Business Architecture: An End-to-End Experience Business Technology Case Studies

Industry best practices, a formal body of knowledge, standards and automation are coalescing into a mature business architecture ecosystem. Day one of the business architecture conference features leading experts, authors and practitioners in business innovation and transformation, capability and value mapping, ecosystem analysis, funding and initiative analysis, standardization and tooling, and business / IT alignment. Leading experts come together to take attendees from strategic planning and innovation, through business analysis and transformation - offering an end-to-end view of business architecture and how it can benefit your organization. Sessions include practitioners, leading thinkers and an author's panel.

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Day 2: Business Architecture: Customer Success Stories and Object Management Best Practices

Day two of the business architecture summit features customer cases studies, bringing attendees pragmatic deployment stories from organizations using and benefitting from business architecture. Attendees will hear business innovation case studies and practitioners from a variety of industries including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, government, transportation and other industries. Attendees will hear how other organizations have implemented business architecture, achieved value, addressed various challenges and used it to deploy innovative solutions. Day two includes practitioner's panels that allow attendees to engage at length with organizations leading the way in business architecture.

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The European Business Architecture Innovation Summit will be held in Berlin, Germany on June 18-19, 2013. Mark your calendars and prepare for the ultimate summit on business architecture.

The summit is being sponsored by the OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group and the Business Architecture Guild.

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