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Medical Innovation Summit: Health Industry Challenges
Healthcare It Conference: Study Best e-Health Programs at Medical Technology Courses


Summit on Evolving an Open e-Health Platform

Bringing Down Business, Policy, Information, and Technology Barriers

Monday, June 17th, 09:00 - 17:00
Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, Germany


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Worldwide, the importance that has surfaced and the attention now being paid to effective health information-sharing across geographies and cultures have never been higher, yet consistently these efforts are thwarted either by business barriers, incompatible policies, aged or inappropriate technology, or variances among the information being shared and how that information is represented. Healthcare IT courses will enable the participants to study how this industry works and what strategies to use for its improvement. Healthcare IT will assist you in getting solutions for these matters. The problems with e-Health occur everywhere. Despite the global attention to these matters, in no place are these concerns more prevalent than within the EU. The E-Health Summit provides the best presentations about overcoming the challenges within the medical industry. With a fluid population crossing country boundaries daily, medical innovation processes, and recent developments clearly granting EU citizens access to medical care and treatment regardless of where they are within Europe, urgency has emerged to discover practical approaches that can overcome what have traditionally been barriers to these objectives. Medical technology approaches will be discussed during healthcare IT event this June.

This IT healthcare seminar will be useful for those who want to share their experience and who want to learn new methods to use in the health industry. In order to foster effective dialogue around this subject, OMG, a not-for-profit standards consortium operating in a dozen vertical markets (including health), will be hosting a Health Community Summit (e-health forum). This healthcare technology training event is established to provide a venue and format for exploring these challenges and coming to a shared vision about the key elements and building-blocks which will foster effective interchange and ultimately (US) become an enabler for eHealth.

This medical technology conference will marry limited presentations and case studies with community dialogue en route to charting a course for e-Health that is practical and implementable. Case study highlights from Victoria Health (Australia), the Mayo Clinic (US), the National Health Service (UK), and others will form a backdrop to incent dialogue and community participation. This medical innovation conference will present you how the format of the workshop has been designed to be highly interactive. The delegates from all facets of the e-Health industry are welcomed to take part in medical innovation summit to discuss IT health care solutions. Focus-sessions will include topics ranging from information representation to architectural "services" to business policies among several others.

The Program of healthcare IT summit Includes:
bullet Featured keynote from prominent e-Health programs within Europe
bullet "Lightning Round" vignette presentations from multiple regional and national initiatives to discover commonalities and provide a basis for discussion on healthcare technology
bullet Focused discussion sessions on the business/policy environment, information (exchange) environment, and technical interoperability / interchange
bullet E-health case studies of highlights as examples of each of the above from outside or within Europe
bullet Poster sessions for deeper dialogue and discovery of key solution elements and relevant standards


NOTE: If you register for the Technical Meeting Week, you do not have to pay the additional fee(s) to attend any or all of the special events including this healthcare IT event. If you register only for special events of, the special fees apply.

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