OMG IoT Standards at Work. June 17, 2015, Berlin, Germany. 8:45 - Noon

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8:45 - 8:55 am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. Richard Soley,  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Object Management Group (OMG) and Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
8:55 - 9:25 am OMG IIoT Standards at Work - An Overview
Andrew Watson, Vice President and Technical Director Object Management Group (OMG)       View PDF
Abstract: IIoT depends on connectivity and information exchange. OMG's Data-Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) is the premier open middleware standard directly addressing publish-subscribe communications for real-time and embedded systems. It provides a protocol that meets the demanding scalability, performance, and Quality of Service requirements of IIoT applications spanning connected machines, enterprise systems, and mobile devices.

Much of the business value of IIoT comes from enabling previously-independent systems to share information in order to derive knowledge, make "smart decisions," and offer behavior and functionality never before possible. Many such industrial systems were originally designed with a focus on reliability and safety, while assuming that all components and communication were trustworthy. Restricting physical access is currently the only practical way to protect this existing critical infrastructure (such as the electrical power grid or manufacturing systems) against external interference. As these systems are increasingly connected to the wider Internet, securing them against external interference is becoming a pressing concern. OMG's System Assurance (SysA) Task Force has created multiple standards to aid in assuring the integrity and security of IIoT critical infrastructure in the face of cyber-attacks.

This overview puts DDS, Systems Assurance standard and OMG's other IIoT work in context, describing the areas where OMG standards provide a foundation for IIoT deployments around the globe, and how they are enabling innovations through first-class support for Cloud and Fog computing architectures.

9:25 - 10:10 am System Assurance -  Discipline of Building Confidence that System is Trustworthy
Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics, Inc. and Co-Chair, Systems Assurance Platform Task Force   View PDF
Abstract: To succeed, today's enterprises must be agile, mobile, secure and robust, while allowing efficient interoperability between different sub-systems. To achieve this, many are increasingly relying on an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enable automated end-to-end information exchanges with minimal human intervention. However, this enhanced connectivity also brings significant security challenges. Attacks against industrial networks can originate simultaneously from thousands of computers, geographically distributed across multiple jurisdictions around the world, which can penetrate interconnected computer systems within milliseconds, exposing data and jeopardizing operations. The few tools currently available to mitigate these attacks are becoming ineffective against these rapidly evolving threats.

While the trust side of the security equation has received a great deal of attention in the world of security, IIoT technology raises security issues that cannot be mitigated by traditional authentication processes. Although it remains important to know whether information can be trusted, it is also becoming imperative to verify that there is no threat-related activity associated with that information.

OMG's System Assurance (SysA) Task Force is helping IIoT designers create a System Assurance discipline that includes not only specifications for new tools, but also frameworks and methodologies to ensure that all applicable tools & techniques are rigorously employed to achieve resilient, dependable, and robust systems.

10:10 - 10:25 am Break
10:25 - 10:55 am Case Study:  Reactive and Data-Centric Architectures with DDS
Dr. Angelo Corsaro, PhD, CTO, PrismTech and Co-Chair, Data Distribution Service (DDS) Platform Special Interest Group    View PDF
Abstract:  An increasing number of Software Architects realize that data is the most important asset of a system and start embracing the Data-Centric revolution ( - setting data at the center of their architecture and modelling applications as "visitors" to the data. At the same time, architects have also realized how reactive architectures ( facilitate the design of scalable, fault-tolerant and high performance systems.  Few architects have yet realised how reactive and data-centric architectures are two sides of the same coin and as such should always go together.  This presentation explains why reactive data-centric architecture is the future and how the OMG DDS Standard is uniquely positioned to support this paradigm shift. A series of case studies will highlight how the data-centric revolution is being applied in practice and what measurable benefits it is providing.
10:55 - 11:25 am Case Study:  How to Connect your Diverse Platforms
Ms. Nina Tucker, Vice President, Twin Oaks Computing      View PDF
Abstract: Learn how DDS makes the hard software communications problems easy through analysis of DDS protocols and platform support. Leverage smart communications protocols with support for reliability, data management, efficient scalability, and tolerance to challenging network environments. Support diverse platforms, from common Intel hardware to specialized DSP and FPGA environments, with a single code baseline. Case studies will show DDS at work in connecting diverse platforms in various industries.
11:25 - 11:55 am Case Study:  Securing the IIoT with DDS-Security
Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Ph.D., CTO, Real-Time Innovations and Co-Chair, Data Distribution Service (DDS) Platform Special Interest Group

View PDF
Abstract: New IIoT Systems are being designed with security as a key concern. New systems can leverage a solid set of security technologies and building blocks for Authentication, Cryptography, Integrity, etc. However these security technologies must be used correctly and in ways that do not disrupt the performance or access to the legitimate applications/devices, yet limit legitimate access to just the needed information (to minimize the insider threats) and denies access to all others. Adding to these difficulties the new systems need to co-exist and (securely) exchange information with the already-deployed legacy systems which were built without such security elements.

Secure DDS (a recent standard from the OMG) is a "secure connectivity middleware" technology that can be used to address these three needs: (1) Build modern secure IIoT systems, (2) Secure legacy Industrial systems being connected on the Internet, and (3) Securely bridge between new and legacy systems. Secure DDS extends the proven Data-Distribution Service (DDS) and Real-Time Publish-Subscribe Protocol (DDSI-RTPS) standards with enterprise-grade authentication, encryption and fine-grained security controls while maintaining the peer-to-peer, robustness and scalability features (including secure multicast) that have made DDS a clear choice for critical infrastructure systems. This talk will introduce the DDS Security specification and provide several case studies that exemplify how these standards are deployed in real-world applications.

11:55 -  Noon Wrap-up
Andrew Watson
Noon End

You may also be interested in the afternoon program on June 17:  The Industrial Internet: A Catalyst for Economic Growth

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