Business Architecture Immersion Workshop. December 7, 2015, La Jolla, CA USA

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I. Business Architecture: Fundamental Concepts
This module introduces basic concepts including the business architecture ecosystem, business architecture framework and common usage scenarios.
II. Business Architecture Value Proposition
This model discusses common approaches to establishing business architecture value proposition, which is essential to establishing executive sponsorship.
III. Capability, Value, Information & Organization Mapping
This important module walks attendees through core mapping domains including capability, value, information and organization mapping techniques. The session also includes how to apply these core business architecture domain mappings.
IV. Extending Business Architecture: Strategy, Initiative, Stakeholder, Policy & Product Mapping
This module expands business architecture mapping skills into several key areas including strategy enablement and business model alignment, as well as initiative, stakeholder, policy and product mapping.
V. Inter-disciplinary Alignment with Related Business Disciplines
This module focuses on leveraging business architecture to enable business performance analysis, business process management, case management and business requirements analysis.
VI. Business Architecture Role Definition, Governance & Sponsorship
This module outlines the role of the business architecture practitioner and provides guidance for establishing governance structures and appropriate levels of sponsorship.
VII. Business Architecture & IT Architecture Alignment
This module aligns business architecture with enterprise architecture frameworks, solution, application and data architecture, system development lifecycle, and business / IT transformation.
VIII. Business Architecture Situation & Scenario Analysis
This module provides a baseline for performing business architecture situation and scenario analysis. While experience plays a big role in this aspect of business architecture, this session provides pointers on how to apply business architecture to a cross-section of scenarios.
IX. Business Architecture Infrastructure Management
This module delivers an understanding of the essentials of managing a business architecture and includes an overview of the business architecture knowledgebase and tool tips and guidelines.
X. Getting Started, Growing Your Skills & Growing Your Practice
Workshop leaders will provide specific guidance on how to expand on the knowledge learned at the workshop. This includes getting started tips, an overview of the Certified Business Architecture (CBA) exam and guidance on how to take your skills and your practice to the next level.

About the Instructors

William Ulrich William Ulrich is President of TSG, Inc. and President of the Business Architecture Guild. He is a thought leader in the business architecture community, serving as an originating contributor to "A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge :® " (BIZBOK® Guide) and as coauthor of "Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation" (MK Press 2011) and Information Systems Transformation (Morgan Kaufmann Elsevier 2011). Mr. Ulrich served as lead on the Guild's "Certified Business Architect (CBA)®" certification program and continues to serve in the role of advisor, mentor and workshop leader to corporations and government agencies across a number of industries.
Whynde Kuehn Whynde Kuehn is Principal at S2E Consulting Inc., a consulting firm accelerating successful business transformations. She is a long-time business architecture practitioner, Business Architecture Practice leader, and played a key role in the largest business architecture-led transformation in the world. She has developed and taught comprehensive, large-scale business architecture training programs for clients. Ms. Kuehn is a Co-Founder, Board Member and Editorial Board Member of the Business Architecture Guild.

She has also founded Metanoia Global Inc. which helps social entrepreneurs to start, scale and sustain successful businesses.

About Business Architecture Associates

Mr. Ulrich and Ms. Kuehn recently established Business Architecture Associates, Inc. as a vehicle for delivering a comprehensive business architecture training curriculum to organizations seeking to build a robust business architecture practice. Specializing in in-house training and knowledge transfer, Business Architecture Associates, Inc. enables businesses to establish a sustainable business architecture practice. For more information, go to

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