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Component Information Day
toward the next component model generation for distributed, real-time and embedded systems

Monday Afternoon, 1300 - 1730, March 18, 2013

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Component based technologies for Distributed, Real-time and Embedded (DRE) software intensive systems have been supported at the OMG for many years. Notable examples are the CORBA Component Model (CCM) open standard, as well as the RTC standard from the robotics working group.

In addition to CCM and RTC, plus other recent OMG extensions such as DDS4CCM and AMI4CCM, alternative options and standards have proven popular in the wider operational technology (OT) software community outside of OMG. Component based technologies are growing in popularity and seeing wider adoption in DRE applications.

Recent OMG working group presentations have discussed some of the issues and limitations associated with existing DRE component application framework options. For instance, a briefing on a new middleware-independent Unified Component Model (UCM) at the 2012 OMG Real-time Workshop identified some suggested simplifications and extensions to the current lightweight profile of the OMG CCM standard (LwCCM). The OMG MARS PTF has an agenda item to define a revision of the LwCCM/CCM standard to address many of the ongoing discussions and ideas.

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The objective of the Component Information Day is to gather an audience of users, researchers, middleware and MDA tool vendors, as well as anyone else interested in standards based DRE component technology. In anticipation of future RFPs related to this subject area, the goal is to provide a forum for current and future practitioners to present and discuss activities and directions. In particular, it will provide a forum to share and discuss ideas for the next revision or reincarnation of the OMG CCM specification.


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