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Business architecture is not only here to stay but picking up a head of steam. As more organizations adopt business architecture, executives are seeking ways to leverage this powerful discipline to deliver quantifiable value across a variety of areas. Consider just a few of the frequently asked questions regarding how business architecture can help an organization. How can we use business architecture to interpret and deploy our new business model? What role does business architecture play in improving customer experience management, operating model deployment, change management, regulatory compliance or initiative planning? Can we leverage business architecture to improve BPM and business requirements analysis? How does business architecture align with my strategic plan?

On September 16-17, 2014, in Austin TX, the
Business Architecture Innovation Workshop, cosponsored by the Business Architecture Guild and the OMG, will explore innovative ways to leverage business architecture across a variety of disciplines. The Business Architecture Innovation Workshop, a sister program to the Business Architecture Innovation Summit, will expand business architecture influence and horizons to ensure that organizations maximize business architecture investments across a wide variety of business pursuits.

This is not a beginner’s event. The sessions will be discussing in-depth, leading edge topics, premised on the assumption that audience members have a working knowledge of formal business architecture disciplines and practices. In depth topic exploration will focus on business architecture value proposition, business architecture and strategic planning, business model alignment, business architecture and BPM, business architecture and business requirements analysis and the role of business architecture in customer experience management. A special session will also discuss formalization of a business architecture standard.

Organized into a series of in-depth discussions, each session will be led by business architecture practitioners and feature a presentation and open discussion session. Every attendee is expected to join in the discussion. The results of these sessions will further business architecture best practices and the evolution of A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge™ (BIZBOK® Guide).

Join us in Austin, Texas on September 16th and 17th as we explore exciting new horizons for this rapidly exploding discipline.

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