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Sponsored by the Business Architecture Guild and the OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group (BASIG)


Business Architecture Innovation Summit – Day One
8:30 am Introduction & Welcome
Richard Soley, Chairman & CEO, the Object Management Group
8:45 am Opening Address: Business Architecture State of the Practice Update
William Ulrich, President, TSG, INC. & President, Business Architecture Guild     Download PDF
Abstract: Business architecture is entering a new era of sophistication and adoption. Organizations no longer view business architecture as a novelty but as a necessity, playing a role in areas ranging from strategy deployment, portfolio management, innovation and design, and business / IT alignment. This keynote session will provide an update on the state of the practice of business architecture and its level of deployment from an industry and a geographic perspective.

BIO: William Ulrich is a management consultant, mentor and workshop leader. He is President of TSG, Inc., President and Cofounder of the Business Architecture Guild, Co-Chair of OMG Business Architecture SIG, Editorial Director of the Business Architecture Institute and Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium. Mr. Ulrich works with organizations to deliver actionable strategies and transformation solutions. Mr. Ulrich has authored and coauthored several books including Business Architecture: The Art & Practice of Business Transformation and Information Systems Transformation.

9:15 am Using Business Architecture on Major Portfolio Initiatives
Raj Dolas, Portfolio Manager, United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)   Download PDF
Abstract: Managing a major IT portfolio requires a business-driven approach to ensure that investments reflect the priorities and best interests of the business. The USPTO Trademark software portfolio is certainly no exception. This talk will discuss how business architecture is being used at the USPTO to articulate and reflect business priorities and investments over a multiyear period. Topics will include an overview of the role of business architecture in business prioritization, portfolio planning and software portfolio investments. The talk will also include the use of business architecture in assessing and measuring progress for a major software initiative.

BIO: Raj Dolas is Portfolio Manager for Trademark NextGen and legacy portfolios at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Raj is responsible for defining, planning, managing and executing the vision for Trademark NG portfolio that will provide a flexible, intuitive and seamless application to manage Trademark electronic processing. He is an accomplished, results oriented senior IT executive with demonstrated experience in managing large, multiyear strategic initiatives. Raj previously worked in a number of capacities in the financial services industry as well as the telecommunications industry.

10:00 am Break
10:15 am Aligning Design with Business Architecture to Create the Elusive 360 Model of the Business
Michael Clark, Business Designer & Advisory Board, Business Architecture Guild    Download PDF
Abstract: Designing great services and offerings is the essential promise of most organizations, but bringing them to life involves making them part of people’s real world experiences. Practitioners find themselves facing a much larger playing field: transforming the way businesses actually work, and realigning the various moving parts of enterprise ecosystems to work towards a meaningful, sustainable and achievable future state. The complex and volatile nature of such systems quickly becomes overwhelming, with brands, processes, actors, culture, content, products, technology or touch points being just tiny parts of the puzzle. Through the alignment of business architecture and design we are able to support the ecosystem of change agents to conceive, design, deliver and deploy organizations from the customer perspective with full business alignment. The result is a 360 business model, which is designed and aligned around the needs and experiences of our customers.

BIO: Mike Clark is an industry recognized business designer and a member of the Business Architecture Guild Advisory Board. Mike grew up interested in both the complications and detail of engineering and the thoughtfulness and simplicity of art. Across his career he has applied these interests to define numerous business design frameworks across a variety of industries and solve the elusive outside in and inside out alignment. More recently Mike became an advisory board member of the business architecture guild. He previously held positions at JP Morgan Chase and other institutions.

10:45 am Context is Everything! How to Make Context Work for You
Jeff Scott, Advisory Board, Business Architecture Guild    Download PDF
Abstract: Every change initiative is affected by the larger structural and cultural context in which it takes place. In fact, context often has more influence over an initiative’s success than the actual design and implementation work itself. Business architects continue to be frustrated with their organization’s resistance to change, collaboration, and strategic thinking but have had few tools and techniques to understand how to overcome these barriers. This session will introduce a new approach to identifying influencing contextual factors and assessing their impact on a given initiative. The model will help business architects understand which contextual elements to leverage, which to ignore, and which must be actively worked to mitigate their negative effects.

BIO: Jeff Scott is VP of Business and Technology Strategy for Accelare Inc., a US based management-consulting firm enabling strategy execution excellence. He works with Fortune 1000 companies on a wide variety of consulting engagements, including strategy development, business architecture, organizational change and innovation management. Previously, Jeff was a principal analyst with Forrester Research where he established Forrester’s business architecture practice and published over research reports and articles on business architecture, enterprise architecture management and strategy development. Jeff is an internationally recognized thought leader in the areas of business architecture, strategy development and organizational innovation. He has a Master of Arts degree in learning and experimental psychology from Wake Forest University. Jeff currently writes the blog: The Business Architect.

11:15 am Going From ‘0 to 60’ in 12: Getting Up To Speed to Complete a Comprehensive Business Architecture in One Year
Carol Manson, Strategy Development Manager, Customer Programs, San Diego Gas & Electric Co.   Download PDF
Abstract: Sometimes the challenges seem daunting when one surveys the landscape of their organization; like when you’re contemplating capability modeling and business architecture and don’t know where to start. One manager will share her experience of taking a large, complex organization in a Fortune 200 energy company from the state of having no formal business architecture process or model in place, to capturing the diverse capabilities across the organization, and, one year later, utilizing the models to drive business decisions, enterprise solution architecture, new projects and other initiatives. Using business architecture practices on a daily basis is now the norm across the organization and shapes discussions around business value, strategy, and IT decisions. Managing change and employee culture is a key component that cannot be overlooked. In this session, you’ll discover, from a practitioner’s perspective, the key areas to plan for, and how to mitigate the most common pitfalls of starting from zero and getting to success in your business architecture endeavors.

BIO: Ms. Manson leads and manages strategy development for SDG&E’s technology in the customer service area. She joined the utility in 2006 after years in the entertainment industry and not-for-profit worlds as a project manager and leadership consultant. At SDG&E she has served in regulatory affairs for the utility’s smart meter and smart grid efforts and managed strategy for SDG&E’s home area network initiative, connecting residences and businesses to the smart grid through technology. In 2012, Fierce Energy magazine named Ms. Manson one of the top 15 women in energy nationally

12:00 pm Lunch & Plenary Presentation (Sponsored by MEGA)
Business Architecture: Turning Change Into A Strategic Opportunity    Download PDF
Philippe Vandeginste - Principal Consultant, MEGA

Any business transformation project involves profound changes to the IT system. To implement your transformation successfully, we'll need to thoroughly assess the company's strategy, strengths, and weaknesses, and well as the transformation opportunities and risks. Otherwise we won't be able to evaluate the expected benefits against business objectives.

Where do we start?

1:00 pm Capability Based Approach to Enabling Strategic Initiatives
Diana Krohn, Principal Business Architect, United Airlines
Diane Le Beau, Director of Business Architecture, United Airlines       Download PDF
Abstract: Programs that are cross-functional and complex can be difficult to analyze. Failure to manage this complexity effectively can result in numerous issues, such as missed requirements, disjointed planning, and stakeholder confusion. United Airlines has experienced success using business architecture and capabilities to analyze and organize strategic programs. By centering the analysis by capability, instead of by organization or technology, teams achieve more integrated and comprehensive results.

BIO: Diana Krohn is a Principal Business Architect at United Airlines. Diana assisted in establishing the company’s first business architecture team in 2008. She is responsible for capability analysis, process modeling, portfolio analysis, road mapping, business impact analysis and business analyst competency development. Prior to her current assignment, Diana held positions in industrial engineering, business analysis, and process improvement, has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a member of the Business Architecture Guild’s Advisory Board.

BIO: Diane Le Beau is the Director of Business Architecture at United Airlines. Diane established the company’s first business architecture team in 2008. She is responsible for business capability and strategy alignment, transformation/merger activities as it relates to business readiness and impact analysis and portfolio and business Engagement. Prior to her recent position, Diane worked in operations, managing Customer Service at one of United’s Hubs responsible for customer satisfaction, employee engagement and continuous improvement over three separate airport terminals.

1:45 pm Using Business Architecture to Realize your Operating Model
Steve DuPont, Associate Technical Fellow, Enterprise Architecture, The Boeing Company    Download PDF
Abstract: Organizations deploying strategies across the enterprise can be challenged to articulate a concise operating model that supports their strategies. This often leads to suboptimal results. The author explores how business architecture can provide an effective means to communicate an organization’s operating model citing experiences with business architecture at Boeing.

BIO: Steve DuPont is an Associate Technical Fellow and Senior Enterprise Architect with The Boeing Company. He has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry, leading IT and business architecture development for engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing domains. His current focus is to advance the state of the practice of business architecture at Boeing and contribute to the body of knowledge and industry standards in this discipline.

2:30 pm Break 
2:45 pm Developing Business Architecture at the Domain Level
Dan Toth, Manager, Business Architecture Services, Ford Motor Company    Download PDF
Abstract: Ford has an emerging business architecture practice that has been successfully using business architecture to drive delivery projects. A greater value can be derived when business architecture is used across large programs to manage scope, overlap and integration. This presentation outlines how Ford uses business capabilities to develop business architecture at the business domain level to help manage the complexity of multiple programs spanning large areas of the business.

BIO: Daniel Toth is the Manager of Business Architecture Services at Ford Motor Company, where he is responsible for Business Architecture in support of early project/program ideation, and defining IT processes for Business Relationship Management, Strategy, and Portfolio Planning globally. Dan has over 30 years of IT experience, with a diverse background including Computer Graphics, CAD/CAM, and PDM, where he represented Ford in the development of OMG PDM Enablers. He earned his M.S. in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina and B.S. in Mathematics from Oakland University.

3:30 pm Are we there yet? Taking the Business Architecture Guild Maturity Model for a Test Drive at Pfizer
Janice Lewis, Pfizer, Director, Business Technology   Download PDF
Abstract: The Business Architecture Guild has developed a maturity model since last year’s Business Architecture Innovation Summit. The Business Architecture Maturity Model (BAMM) was developed based on the collaborative efforts of a team formed by the Guild membership. Janice Lewis, Enterprise Architect at Pfizer, takes the BAMM for a test drive by applying it to Pfizer’s Business Architecture Practices. Attend this session to find out what each organization (Pfizer and the Guild) learned from this exercise.

BIO: Janice Lewis is the Director of Enterprise Architecture at Pfizer, a pharmaceutical research company focused on discovering and developing new medications to meet unmet medical needs. She is also the Corporate Secretary of the Business Architecture Guild. Janice has been at Pfizer since 2001, working cross-functionally on key business modeling and transformation efforts. Early in her Pfizer career, she led several teams in the multi-year "Molecule to Market" program focused on driving time and cost out of the drug development process. Today, her role is focused on providing "the connected view" of the enterprise anchored by Pfizer’s Business Capability Map with a focus on Business / IT alignment. The map and its connections provide stakeholders at all levels of the company transparency into all areas of the business and enabling technology products and services. Prior to joining Pfizer, Janice worked for General Dynamics for 18 years globalizing and standardizing supporting functions across the company, managing business customer engagement and technology service teams, and leading a combined architecture and portfolio function optimizing the IT project portfolio with oversight from a cross-functional governance board.

4:15 pm Manufacturing, Transportation & Utilities: Business Architecture Practitioners’ Panel
Moderator:  Whynde Melaragno, Managing Director, STA Group and Board Member, Business Architecture Guild

Participants: United Airlines, Boeing, Ford, Pfizer, San Diego Gas & Electric

Abstract: This panel brings together a number of Summit speakers to further share their insights into business architecture deployment and discuss issues raised during the course of their individual presentations.
5:00 pm Business Architecture Body of Knowledge – BIZBOK™ Guide Update Discussion
Moderator:  Jeff Scott, VP, Accelare

Participants: Founders & Members Business Architecture Guild                                Download PDF

Abstract: The BIZBOK™ Guide discussion roundtable provides an overview of the A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge™, discuss its agile, member-driven evolution and provide a preview of future directions.
5:30 pm Close / Wrap-up Day One


Business Architecture Innovation Summit – Day Two

8:30 am Business Architecture Innovation Summit – Day Two Overview
William Ulrich, President, TSG, Inc.
8:45 am Accelerating Business Outcomes and Changing the Game
Aimee Roberts, Strategic Business Architect, MassMutual Financial Group   Download PDF
Abstract: Capturing and leveraging relevant business data points in a Fortune 500 Company takes strong collaboration and commitment. Building a knowledgebase from the ground up provided our division the reusable and highly structured framework for easy search and retrieval of business information. Proven results and measured cost savings have enhanced an already mature SDLC process using the business architecture repository. Business architects in various divisions maintain varying levels of detail in each line of business. Synergies and federated practices across our enterprise provide leaders with a community of architects and business analysts that are highly engaged in building a wealth of digital knowledge.

BIO: Beginning an IT Career as a programmer, Aimee worked on designing and developing major enterprise applications. As an IT technical architect, then an enterprise architect, road mapping and it planning became a valued core responsibility. Business architecture aligned IT strategy and projects with business objectives, and became a critical function in the enterprise IT. Leading the Retirement Services Line of business work efforts to capture, maintain, and socialize the benefits of documented business perspectives, has brought IT planning, deliverables and project execution into close alignment with business needs in a highly reusable and structured way.

9:30 am  Aligning Business Architecture & Enterprise Architecture
Russ Jackson, Sr. Enterprise Solution Architect, Export Development Canada (EDC)   Download PDF
Abstract: What does it mean to an Enterprise Architecture (EA) team when an organization creates a Business Architecture group? Can EA help? Why should it do so? EA teams strive to sit at the table with business executives as they hammer out business strategies, hoping to guide the business in devising these strategies. EA teams have been challenged in trying to both establish and clarify strategy while further seeking ways to execute those strategies. And this has proved unrealistic. A byproduct of these efforts is that EA teams have developed useful skillsets, insights, methodologies and models that a Business Architecture group can and should leverage. When no one was willing or able to think about it, EA, for its own sanity, structured capability and value maps, lean process alignments, information models and other tools, and linked these to technology assets to establish a perspective on enterprise direction. The resulting artifacts are invaluable to the Business Architecture group and can help expedite a successful transition as the new team is established. EDC is standing up a new Business Architecture group alongside the well-established EA team. As Director of Enterprise Architecture at EDC, Russ Jackson will discuss how this effort is progressing and why he is doing all he can to make it succeed.

BIO: Russ Jackson is Director of Enterprise Architecture at Export Development Canada (EDC), the country’s export credit agency. He has been at EDC for 12 years in various IT positions before joining the Enterprise Architecture group, and is now involved in a major legacy systems modernization overhaul that only gained on-the-ground traction after applying a business architecture framework. Russ came into IT after obtaining degrees in law and masters level English, which hasn’t hurt at all in his current role. Russ is a member of the Advisory Board of the Business Architecture Guild.

10:15 am   Break
10:30 am Designing, Building and Managing the Business Architecture Practice
Rich d’Erizans, Senior Business Leader, MasterCard Worldwide    
Abstract: As business architecture practitioners, we all know that the business architecture discipline can deliver significant strategic returns for many companies. Often though, starting and scaling a business architecture practice can pose a significant challenge. How to begin? Who do you need to convince of the value? Who are your champions? What are the challenges you'll face and how can you anticipate and overcome them? What does success look like? How does business architecture relate to other architecture disciplines? This session will walk through our experiences in case study style, looking at what went well, what didn’t and what we would do differently.

BIO: Rich d’Erizans is Senior Business Leader of Business Architecture at MasterCard. Rich leads MasterCard’s global business architecture practice, as part of the broader enterprise architecture team. In his role he has worked across global product, sales, finance and operations functions to map strategy at various levels, develop and align integrated roadmaps, identify candidate shared capabilities and drive alignment of our technology strategy to our business strategy. Prior to joining enterprise architecture, Rich led product development and sales operations teams at MasterCard. Prior to MasterCard, Rich worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a technology strategy lead in the consumer product and financial services area, and later with Viant Corporation as a client engagement lead in the media/entertainment and financial services.

  Business-driven Roadmaps, Funding & Initiatives
Dr. Vijay Bhuvanagiri, Senior Business Leader, MasterCard Worldwide    Download PDF
Abstract: Business-driven roadmaps are a critical tool for communicating, planning and executing against a longer-term vision. All too often these roadmaps quickly become “shelf-ware”, not updated as often as necessary and, importantly, not used to drive long-term enterprise planning and funding allocation. Avoiding these pitfalls requires close alignment with product and business teams, along with a clear correlation between roadmap execution and financial and operational success. This session will cover strategies for success, as well as strategies that haven’t been as successful, for driving the roadmapping discipline throughout the organization.

BIO: Vijay Bhuvanagiri leads MasterCard’s global Enterprise Architecture practice and is responsible for building the practice from the ground up. MasterCard’s holistic business-centric approach received the prestigious 2013 InfoWorld / Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award. In a career spanning two decades Vijay has worked in engineering, scientific computing, telecommunication and financial services verticals, he founded and ran an engineering consulting firm that specialized in numerical computing. Vijay was part of a three member team that successfully introduced the EA discipline at A.G. Edwards, a financial services company. This Enterprise Architecture function survived two acquisitions. Vijay holds a PhD degree in Engineering.

11:30 am The Evolution of Business Architecture in Wells Fargo
Atul Bhatt, VP, Systems Architect, Enterprise Architecture, Wells Fargo  Download PDF
Abstract: Over the past few years, business architecture has been gaining momentum within Wells Fargo, slowly but surely, through the activities of a growing business architecture community, involved in numerous efforts in or related to business architecture. This presentation will examine business architecture’s evolution at Wells Fargo – how it started, major milestones, the current model and strategy, use cases and value proposition, and various communities of interest that have sprung up to serve practitioners, enthusiasts and others in this evolving field.

BIO: As a Senior Architect in the Enterprise Architecture group at Wells Fargo, Atul Bhatt is responsible for all aspects of developing and promoting the use of architecture strategies, solutions, standards and practices across the enterprise. Atul has over 34 years of systems architecture, technology planning and integration, and business strategy experience in computers and communications in various industries. He has held senior-level engineering, consulting and management positions at a number of organizations and has been responsible for enterprise architecture, e-Business development, IT strategic planning, enterprise-wide dispersion of emerging technologies and architecture definition for a new generation computers. He holds a degree in electronics and electrical communications engineering from IIT Kharagpur (India) and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science and operations research from the University of Minnesota.

12:00 pm  Lunch
1:00 pm Financial Services: Business Architecture Practitioners’ Panel
Moderator:  Mike Rosen, Wilton Consulting Inc. and VP Business Architecture Guild

Participants: Mass Mutual Financial, EDC, Mastercard, Wells Fargo

Abstract: Presenters from various financial services organizations join a panel to address questions raised during their formal presentations and further discuss business architecture deployment within the financial services industry.
1:30 pm Tying Business Architecture to Business Strategy
Vamsi Pulugurta with Sudeep Banerjee and Tim Mead, Association of American Medical Colleges    Download PDF
Abstract: One of the main challenges cited by many organizations is the difficulty in aligning their business architecture with business strategy to deliver successful business outcomes. As a result business owners are unable to identify opportunities, plan for change and often implement disparate business capabilities, applications and infrastructure components which do not relate to each other, thus resulting in recurring capital investment and low asset realization. To address this challenge, we at the Association of American Medical Colleges were able to establish a framework for strategic planning that facilitates cross-functional strategic decision making while being tied to business capability driven tactical execution strategies. This framework provides a formal and disciplined approach (vision-to-execute environment) to align business architecture components with strategy mapping to further prioritization, budgeting, portfolio planning and deployment, thus enabling organization to make better decisions.

BIO: Vamsi Pulugurta is a skilled professional in business process improvement and enterprise architecture, across a wide range of industries and functions. Vamsi has several years of leadership experiences, maintaining specific focus in achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs. He has led major businesses process redesign and management tool efforts, technology implementations to support new processes to strengthen alignment and strategic priorities, and significant behavioral change to ensure sustainability of improved results. From the executive office down to the frontline, Vamsi has helped achieved “behaviorally-sustainable” performance improvement.

2:15 pm Nationwide Insurance’s Journey through Building a Business Architecture Practice
Brian Krummen, Business Architect, Nationwide Insurance
Kush Pathak, Business Consulting Leader, Nationwide Insurance
Abstract: The Nationwide Sales Organization's business architecture and IT business consulting practices have developed a collaborative model to focus investments in projects align well with strategic objectives. The team is leveraging business architecture concepts such as capability mapping, business strategy mapping, organizational mapping, information mapping and initiative mapping to make better investment decisions. Specific deliverables, such as business-driven roadmaps, initiative comparative assessments and scoring models, were developed to help prioritize ideas and project requests. Initiatives and ideas are now evaluated and scored to produce funding candidate recommendations for executives to consider during the annual funding cycle. Prior to project initiation and handoff to project teams, top priority and highly complex initiatives are put through a structured Business Transformation Planning Process to ensure detailed planning work has been completed. This session will share best practices, templates, our experiences and lessons learned over the past two years.

BIO: Brian Krummen is a Business Architect at Nationwide Insurance. Two years ago he became a pioneering member of the business architect group, which was created to address gaps in the Agency Sales planning and funding process. Brian is responsible for planning and governance of initiatives, capabilities, projects that support backend business processes and Sales Business Architecture Community maintenance. Prior to his current assignment, Brian worked within Nationwide Insurance for 9 years in roles that span business analysis, project leadership and programming. Brian has a B.S. in Computer Information Science and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

BIO: Kush Pathak is a Business Consulting Leader at Nationwide Insurance. The business consulting team in Agency Solutions IT area was created last year to partner with the business areas in creation of strategic roadmaps, long term planning efforts and enabling a smooth transition from plan-to-build. Kush's team is responsible for collaborating with business and IT partners in the planning process and ensuring that long-term business and IT strategies are aligned. Prior to his current assignment, he led an internal consulting team at JPMorgan Chase focusing on process reengineering and business transformation. Kush has a M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm Conceptual Solution Design and Visualization
Josué R. Batista, Senior Business Architect, Highmark
Abstract: As a business or technology executive, success is often measured by how effectively you and your organization are able to translate strategy into actionable results while creating relevant value. At Highmark Health Services, business architecture is grabbing the attention of technology and business practitioners as a key component of value realization. By aligning organizational assets (people, process, information and technology), business architecture is providing the framework for managing strategic investment more effectively while purposely driving tactical execution. This session will discuss business architecture fundamentals, the emergence of standardized disciplines, alignment with best practices and a vision of business architecture for the future.

BIO: Josué Batista is a Senior Business Architect at Highmark Health Services, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Josué has been a business and technology strategist for more than 15 years and during that time has provided guidance and leadership on diverse strategic investments within the Health Insurance industry. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds an MBA and Masters of Science in Information Systems from Duquesne University. Josué is a Distinguished Toastmaster and currently serves as Lieutenant Governor of Marketing for Toastmasters International's District 13. Mr. Batista is an award-winning winemaker with passionate fondness for Pennsylvania grown grapes.

4:00 pm Leveraging Business Architecture for Business Transformation
Tim Hurley, Director, Enterprise Business Architecture & Transformation Planning, BCBS NC  Download PDF
Abstract: BCBSNC is in the fourth year of an enterprise transformation effort that began in early 2010, with the arrival of a new CEO, a new CIO, new strategy and new healthcare regulations. These changes created the need to launch an enterprise business architecture practice and business transformation effort. During this informative session, Tim Hurley will provide an overview of the transformation from both a business and architecture perspective including past state: circa 2010; business outcome achievements; architecture practice evolution; and future enterprise business architecture roadmap.

BIO: Tim has over 25 years of management experience including 5 years as an army officer and 20 years in various leadership roles including logistics management, IT operations, IT engineering, enterprise and business architecture, outsourcing and strategic planning. The majority of Tim’s career has been focused on large scale IT transformation and implementation projects at Fortune 500 companies and federal healthcare agencies. At BCBSNC, he has focused on aligning IT with business needs, developing a business architecture practice and developing a business transformation planning practice. Tim presented co-wrote a business architecture paper with Corporate Executive Board (CEB) that became a central component of the CEB 2013 EA Executive Retreats. Tim has a BA from Salisbury State University and was the Distinguished Military Graduate of his graduating class. He has obtained over 12 industry certifications during his career and is an active member of the PMI and ISC2.

4:45 pm Healthcare & Insurance: Business Architecture Practitioners’ Panel
Moderator:  William Ullrich, TSG, Inc. and President, Business Architecture Guild

Participants: BCBS NC, Highmark, AAMC, Nationwide

The Healthcare and Insurance Panel will provide attendees another chance to engage with session presenters on issues related to business architecture within the healthcare and insurance field.
5:30 pm Closing Remarks / Adjourn
6:00 pm Networking at OMG Evening Reception

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Business Architecture Innovation Summit Agenda

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