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Join us this coming March at this very popular event!

You and your fellow managers and practitioners will gather in one place to share what works and what does not work and to provide insights into where the industry is moving next. The feedback and input from the Summit is cycled back into continuous evolution of best practices, standards work and executive communications. We look forward to seeing you at this important event!


Over the past four years, business architecture has transitioned from a loosely-defined set of concepts and theories to a robust discipline benefitting organizations worldwide. Business architecture today benefits from a well-formed foundation, formal framework and best practices spreading organically across a myriad of industries. As the discipline evolves, the Business Architecture Guild continues to pursue its mission to promote best practices and expand the business architecture knowledgebase. To that end, the Business Architecture Guild and OMG are presenting the 3rd annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit in Reston, VA on March 24-25, 2015.

The 2015 event builds on past summits and workshops, a comprehensive body of knowledge, formal certification program, industry maturity model, emerging educational programs and formalization of industry standards. The practitioner experiences to be shared in Reston will feature a wide variety of organizations drawn from a growing, international community of business architects.

The Summit features practitioners and thought leaders from financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, utilities and other industries. Discussions weave together state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice approaches that feature business architecture's role in strategy enablement, value proposition, business model deployment, practice alignment, roadmap definition, portfolio management, investment strategies, business performance analysis, and a wide range of business scenarios.

Sample topics include:
  • The Value of Business Architecture: An Executive Perspective
  • Business Architecture Practitioner Experiences
  • Tying Business Architecture to Business Strategy 
    - A Practical Approach
  • Strategy Mapping, Performance Analysis & Business Architecture
  • Designing and Managing the Business Architecture Practice
  • Governance and Business Architecture Competencies
  • Aligning Business Models with Business Architecture
  • Defining a Standard Framework for Business Architecture
  • Aligning Business Architecture & Enterprise Architecture
  • Portfolio and Program Investment Value of Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture & Solution Deployment Strategies
  • Business-Driven Roadmaps, Funding & Initiatives
  • Business Architecture and the SDLC: Providing the Link to IT
  • Business Architecture Governance: Building a Practice Outside IT
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