Business Architecture Innovation Summit. March 15-16, 2016, Reston, VA USA

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Business Architecture Innovation Summit – Day One
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

8:30 am - 8:45 am Introduction and Welcome
Dr. Richard Mark Soley, CEO, OMG
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OMG, Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium, Dr. Soley also serves on numerous industrial, technical and academic conference program committees, and speaks all over the world on issues relevant to standards, the adoption of new technology and creating successful companies.
8:45 am - 9:15 am Business Architecture 2016: Where We Are / Where We Are Headed
Co-Chair: Whynde Kuehn, Principal, S2E Consulting Inc., Director, Business Architecture Guild
Co-Chair: William Ulrich, President, TSG, Inc., President, Business Architecture Guild
Abstract: Business architecture has found its way into every industry and geographic region, with its use being applied to a growing range of disparate initiatives. These include innovation, strategy realization, customer experience enhancement, product and initiative planning, business transformation, case management, requirements definition, solution architecture definition and ecosystem realignment. This opening address will update attendees on the current state of business architecture and discuss where things are headed from here.

BIO: Whynde Kuehn is Principal at S2E Consulting Inc. and a long-time practitioner, educator and thought leader. Ms. Kuehn is Co-Founder, Board Member and Editorial Board Chair of the Business Architecture Guild, and founder of Metanoia Global Inc., which helps social entrepreneurs to start, scale and sustain successful businesses.

BIO: William Ulrich is a management consultant, mentor, author and workshop leader. He is President of TSG, Inc., President and Cofounder of the Business Architecture Guild, and Co-Chair of OMG Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force. As a leading voice in business architecture he is bringing together disparate forces to drive the discipline to the next level.

9:15 am - 10:00 am EDC Strategy Realization Framework & Methodology
Gerald Crotty, Sr. Advisor, Business Advisor, Export Development Canada
Siobhan Tovey, Business Architect, Export Development Canada
Abstract: Export Development Canada (EDC) has invested in the development of a formal business architecture program and development of a business architecture. Resulting blueprints are leveraged within distinct phases of the strategy-to-realization framework, providing change impact visibility and surfacing opportunities and risks that may not otherwise be detected. This session will tie business architecture to business strategy, enabling EDC to journey from a position of reactive tactical planning, to where we are today; having a formal strategic framework that forms the basis of a repeatable, strategy realization methodology that leverages business architecture toolsets.

BIO: Gerald Crotty, HBSc, MBA. Gerald has a diverse educational background, having earned an HBSc in Chemistry from Carleton University and an MBA from Concordia University. Before joining Export Development Canada, (EDC), Gerald worked as a Chemist with Pylon Electronics and as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch. He has gained a broad experience during his 15 years with the Corporation, by working in the Credit Insurance Group, in Strategic Planning, in Customer Experience and most recently as part of the Business Architecture team. Within the Business Architecture Team, Gerald is currently a Senior Business Advisor. In this role, Gerald assists the Corporation in determining the right initiatives to pursue, with a key emphasis on developing effective problem solving as a key to launching any initiative. Currently he is facilitating various lines of business within EDC in "Realizing their Strategies".

BIO: Siobhan Tovey is a member of EDC's Enterprise Architecture Team and collaborates closely with EDC's Business Architecture Team. Siobhan helped to develop and continues to promote adoption of EDC's Strategy Realization Methodology and the on-going building of EDC's Business Architecture foundations and practice. She has worked on multiple large transformation projects, applying business architecture tools and knowledge-base, and is also a contributing member of the Business Architecture Guild.

10:00 am - 10:30 am Break
10:30 am - 11:15 am Using Business Architecture to Attach Business Strategy with Agile Execution
Laura Ludwick, Business Architect, HealthTrust of HCA
Greg Frazer, Transformation Consultant, Rally Software                         
Abstract: HealthTrust is a subsidiary of Health Care of America (HCA), the largest for profit Healthcare provider in the US. HealthTrust's core business is a multi-billion-dollar B2B contracting service that helps over 1500 hospitals procure quality, cost effective medical supplies. Our IT department previously produced quality application products, but we always had difficulty aligning progress to the larger business strategy. We intend to demonstrate how we use business architecture, including value streams, capability maps, story maps and investment goals (initiatives) to align goals directly to business strategy. HealthTrust has been using agile portfolio management and a form of scaled agile in the IT development practice for years. We will discuss how this practice fits into our business architecture models and helps align business terminology, concepts and capabilities where we need to make improvements and help move the needle on our customer value streams.

BIO: Laura Ludwick is a Senior Consultant in business analysis, product analysis and enterprise business architecture, business process management and project management professional. Laura has industry experience in Healthcare Information Technology, as well as in manufacturing, retail, energy and banking. She also works as a non-profit program volunteer and organization board president.

BIO: Greg Frazer is a transformation consultant, primarily focused in the software industry of bringing about agility and lean-based transitions into large, complex organizations. His specialty has been in the portfolio management aspects of program management, focusing directly on aligning business strategy with agile or Lean based software execution programs.

11:15 am - Noon Addressing Product Management Needs for the Fastest Growing Brand in Europe
Amy Crockett, Director of Enterprise Business Architecture, VF Corporation.
Abstract: VF Corporation is a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories, with more than 30 brands. Effective Product Management is the "heart beat" of the organization. When the fastest growing brand in Europe started experiencing Product Management challenges which impeded its rate of growth, Enterprise Business Architecture was engaged to help resolve them. This session will present a case study on how the business architecture approach not only addressed brand-specific Product Management needs, but also facilitated cross-brand collaboration and standardization, and influenced other key enterprise initiatives.

BIO: Amy Crockett is Director of Enterprise Business Architecture at VF Corporation, focused on connecting strategy to operations by providing clear line of sight to VF's future state, orchestrating the comprehensive changes necessary to ensure enterprise readiness and optimizing the cost and ROI of the changes. She is responsible for Enterprise Transformation and Integration. Amy is a constant collaborative innovator, long time practitioner, thought leader and active participant in the business architecture community.

Noon - 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Leveraging Business Architecture to Deliver Transformational Programs
Navid Kheradmand, Senior Business Architect, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission
Abstract: This case reveals how business architecture can play a significant role in and have a profound impact on analyzing and delivering transformational endeavors. The case describes a classic attempt of a transformation from the traditional product-focused technology-driven point solutions to a holistic stakeholder-focused business-driven approach. It then shows how business architecture contributed to this transformational program by providing a clear and complete view of the business issues, depicting the multi-dimensional relationships among business concepts, and identifying a holistic approach to deliver a business-driven transformation.

BIO: Navid Kheradmand is a senior business architect at the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC). He contributes to the improvement and maturation of the business architecture practice at the AGLC. Previously, Navid worked at the Government of New Brunswick as a business strategy liaison ensuring alignment of business and IT strategies and as program development lead establishing a government-wide enterprise architecture program. Navid holds a MBA and Bachelor in Industrial Engineering. He was one of the first Certified Business Architects (CBA)® and is a TOGAF® 9 Certified and PRINCE2® Practitioner.

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm How to Use Business Architecture for Strategy Setting: A Case Study
Coen de Bruijn, Head of Business Architecture, ABN AMRO
Abstract:  ABN AMRO Business Architecture was asked to help define a three-year strategy for the Corporate Information Security Office (350 people). Among others the BIZBOK® Guide was used to define a five-step approach to support such an excersise. By doing so the architects involved were not only able to define a detailed strategy roadmap, they were also able to show the added value of Business Architecture to Senior Management of the bank. Part of the succes was due to a "Light & Bright" communication style developed to explain and communicate our architecture products. Business Architecture is one of three Enterprise Architecture departments within ABN AMRO and is organised outside IT. The Chief Architect reports directly into the Board of Directors of the bank.

BIO: Coen de Bruijn is head of Business Architecture of ABN AMRO, a Dutch bank. He started this department in 2014. Coen de Bruijn was previously head of Enterprise Information Management and part of the MT of the Financial Crime Department. Before he started in the banking industry he was a consultant and trainer with SPSS, specialised in Data Analytics and Data Mining. In 2010 his book was published "Van tofu krijg je geheugenverlies"; a book on the misuse of statistics in media, politics and marketing.

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Industry Networking Break
This industry networking break will center on having attendees from common industries exchange ideas and take the opportunity to learn from their peers and colleagues.
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm Design Reviews using the Business Capability Model
Siddesh Mahadik, Asst. Vice President (IT Strategy & Innovation), Credit Suisse
Abstract: The abstract will focus on how the business architecture function, evolved the Business Capability Model (BCM). Working closely with different business change and information technology groups, business architecture leveraged the model to establish a target state view and to conduct design reviews. The session will focus on conducting design reviews and showcase how modeling added value in other areas including cost governance and strategy, which are not strictly design related. We will describe the issues and challenges that existed prior to the BCM, how we evolved the BCM and the frameworks that supported it over a period of four years, and then showcase several use cases in which it was used for traditional as well as new and innovative purposes that solved several different problems within the bank.

BIO: Siddesh Mahadik is an Assistant Vice President in the IT Strategy and Business Architecture division at Credit Suisse, New York. He supports the Investment Bank's Design Authority which has the responsibility of defining a Target State, optimizing /rationalizing the IT spend and measuring progress towards the target state. As part of the central Business Architecture team, he also plays a crucial role in maturing the Business Capability Model (BCM) at an enterprise level, building Target Operating Models, defining design governance models/processes and advancing the Business Architecture practice at Credit Suisse. Prior to Credit Suisse, he was a Business Analyst at ICICI Bank, India in their Global Infrastructure and Administration Group. He has a Master's degree in Information System Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and holds multiple certifications including PMP, CIPP (US), and CISSP (pending experience).

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Business Architecture Lightning Talks - 10 Key Messages in 60 Minutes
Moderator: Mike Rosen, Research VP for Strategic Architecture, IDC
Abstract: Attendees will hear from a cross-section of practitioners and thought leaders, each of whom will share experiences and insights into various aspects of business architecture. These talks will do everything from inform people on success stories to stirring the imagination of what is possible with business architecture.
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Lightning Talk Discussion Forum
Abstract: This closing session will provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss the lightening talks - what they like, what they learned and where the industry is headed.


Business Architecture Innovation Summit – Day Two
Wed. March 16, 2015


8:45 am - 9:00 am What Happens When the Summit Ends? Networking Opportunities, Getting Involved
William Ulrich, President, TSG, Inc. & Business Architecture Guild
Abstract: The Summit will end but the discussions and work will continue. This session will outline how you can extend your Summit experience beyond Reston, with a focus on joining the community of fellow business architects on collaborative teams and other endeavors.
9:00 am - 9:15 am Business Architecture Innovation Summit: Day 1 Recap / Day 2 Overview
Whynde Kuehn, Principal, S2E Consulting Inc, Director Business Architecture Guild
Abstract: This session will recap day 1 and provide an overview of day two. This is an opportunity to share feedback and look ahead.
9:15 am - 10:00 am Opening Keynote: Winning the Digital Transformation Game
Mike Rosen, Research VP for Strategic Architecture, IDC
Abstract: By now, everyone has heard of what IDC calls the 3rd platform, or others call SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics/Big Data and Cloud. But, few people fully understand the profound effect that it is having on business models, stakeholder interaction, information, sourcing and security. Most industries are undergoing a disruptive 'Digital Transformation' that is changing the leaders, winners and losers. This represents a fundamental shift not only in business models and how companies interact with customers/partners/employees, but also in how business and technology organizations interact. Given the myriad of possibilities, how does an organization decide what approach to take to provide the most value to themselves and their stakeholders? Business architecture is key to making these decisions and transformations successful. This keynote will describe the impact of digital transformation and the opportunity that Business architects have in helping their companies succeed.

BIO: Mike Rosen is Research VP of Strategic Architecture at IDC. He is also VP and Co-founder of the Business Architecture Guild. For the past 15 years he was Chief Scientist of Wilton Consulting Group which specializes in helping organizations create and get value from business and enterprise architectures. Mr. Rosen has over 35 years of experience in architecture and application development, has held numerous CTO and Chief Architecture positions, and is internationally regarded for his presentations and courses in architecture.

10:00 am - 10:30 am Break- Local Organizing Networking Break (Geographic networking opportunities)
10:30 am - 11:15 am Tying Business Architecture to Business Strategy
Kyla Hunziker, Lead Business Architect, State Farm
Abstract: State Farm has a well-established business architecture practice, critical to the organization's ability to translate strategy into actionable results across the enterprise. Since business architecture is a representation of business strategy, it must be aligned when the strategy is set. This presentation will provide State Farm's perspective on how to achieve this important objective.

BIO: Kyla Hunziker is a Lead Business Architect at State Farm, and has been extensively involved in driving business architecture alignment with business strategy processes. Kyla has been involved in a number of key cross-business unit initiatives at State Farm. Prior to joining State Farm, she was at Discover Financial Services where she played key roles in a number of important initiatives

11:15 am - Noon Business Architecture's Role in Improving Customer Experience
Mike Aprile, Manager, Business System Architect, GM
Abstract: The Automotive Industry is experiencing a shift in customer expectations which is blurring the lines between vehicles, mobility and consumer electronics. To remain competitive, companies must shape their enterprise in terms of its business frameworks, processes, information and governance that support the connected experiences for customers of their vehicles. This is being accomplished at GM by taking a comprehensive, global "end to end" approach; one that starts and ends with the customer as they interact with the vehicle and all of the services offered. This session will show how business architecture is being leveraged within GM to develop an integrated view of the platforms, products and services, using a repeatable approach, cohesive framework and available industry standard techniques.

BIO: Mike Aprile is the Senior Manager within the Global Connected Customer Experience (GCCX) business unit of General Motors. Mike came to GM in 2013 to build out a Business Architecture practice within GCCX. Prior to joining GM, Mike held various technical and management positions in hardware/software companies and within IT Departments and was also a co-founder and principal of a software startup.

Noon-1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Establishing and Managing Business Architecture Practice in Humana

Kishore Maranganti, Manager, Humana
Terry Lowe, Strategic Consultant,  Humana 
Abstract: Increasing market pressure, government regulations (ACA) and competition have prompted healthcare payers to transform business and operational models, and expand their capabilities. Payers must quickly adapt to these transformations and the new era in consumerism by creating accessible and affordable products and services. Humana embarked on this journey by expanding its Wellness and Clinical capabilities through strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions, which created redundancy across capabilities, value streams, processes and IT systems. This session will discuss how we introduced business architecture to the Wellness organization to identify and reduce overlapping capabilities, transform Wellness into a consumer centric organization and align investments with enterprise strategy. It will also discuss how business architecture is poised to spread across the enterprise in advance of the merger with Aetna, where it can be used to enable the best combination of capabilities are leveraged between the two companies.

BIO: Kishore Maranganti is a Manager of Group Business Architecture at Humana. He has over 20+ years of demonstrated experience in leading and executing complex, high value projects to promote organizational growth using emerging methodologies and technologies. Kishore immensely enjoys leading people, building relationships, driving successful teams, solving complex problems, and making a difference. He is spearheading the first business architecture team at Humana. He is responsible for strategic planning, strategic execution guidance, business/IT alignment for the Group segment. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's of Engineering in Civil Engineering. Kishore lives in Louisville, KY with his wife and daughter.

BIO: Terry Lowe is a former technology executive and entrepreneur with experience in Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Not-For-Profit organizations. He founded Adaptive InfoSystems, Inc. in 1998 focusing on IT consulting in the mid-market space. He sold the company in 2011 and joined Humana in 2012. Terry has over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering simple IT solutions for complex businesses problems for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 companies including United Health Care, Cincinnati Bengals, Macy's, and Humana. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Ohio University, Athens and a Master's in Business Administration from The University of Cincinnati. Terry lives in Felicity, OH with his 3 wonderful daughters ages 11, 13, 14.
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm Consumers Energy: Moving from Business Capabilities to IT Strategy: Generating the "Right" Investment Conversations
David Wilson, Business Architect, Consumers Energy
Abstract: In late 2014, Consumers Energy embarked on a journey to solve the ongoing problem of determining where to allocate technology investment dollars. Technology wish lists were off the charts and IT needed a way to move financial conversations from a focus of who could make the most compelling "ask" to a strategic discussion of where technology dollars would have the most impact. What started as an exercise to map business strategies into a roadmap of each business area, evolved into a robust collection of IT strategy one-pagers. This collection includes strategies on business areas as well as foundational IT investments to support technology growth. This session will discuss how Consumers Energy is now positioned to use these strategies to have the right financial conversations on technology, mature business architecture planning and connect the dots between where our company is heading and how technology and IT are positioned to deliver.

BIO: David is a Business Architect within the Enterprise Architecture team at Consumers Energy. He is responsible for maintaining the Business Architecture models and data, IT portfolio Planning, and has spearheaded business and technology strategic plan development for Project Management and UCC. His background in IT spans work in the Government, Education, Chemical, and Utility sectors. He has worked with Consumers in various IT roles since 2012, until joining Business Architecture in 2014.

2:30 pm - 3:00  pm Scenario Based Networking Break: Share What You are Doing with Your Colleagues
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm Business Architecture as a Foundation for Effective IT Execution
Scott Cleverly, Enterprise Architect, Chevron
Abstract: By identifying business needs aligned to strategies and objectives, business architecture has provided a common understanding of our business that has served as a foundation for effective IT execution at Chevron. This presentation will show examples of how business architecture is being used across Chevron to inform other architecture and Asset Planning activities leading to IT investments with greater business value. Along with describing our overall approach, this session will cover lessons learned, challenges and next steps as we mature in our practice of business architecture.

BIO: Scott Cleverly is a Senior Enterprise Architect with Chevron. He has over 25 years of experience in IT in the Oil and Gas industry starting as a programmer and progressing through various positions including Business Analyst, Solution Architect, App Development Manager, Domain Architect and Enterprise Architect. He is currently responsible for spearheading the Business Architecture practice at Chevron through engagements with IT and business leadership to identify and develop opportunities to add value and improve efficiency. Scott earned his BS in Computer Science from the Ohio State University.

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Information Mapping: In Theory and Practice 
Alex Randell, Consulting Business Architect, Principal Financial Group
Abstract: Information is one of the most over-looked core domains of business architecture, however it can be one of the most useful. In this session, learn how information mapping provides a foundation for project efforts, business analytics, and data governance practices. Recently updated foundational concepts from the BIZBOK(R) Guide will be presented, as well as practical examples from multiple organizations that will provide ideas and insights for your architecture practice.

BIO: Alex Randell is a Consulting Business Architect at Principal Financial Group. As a business architect, he facilitates the translation of business strategy and capabilities, including the strategy-to-execution framework and business/technology alignment. Alex is a member of the Business Architecture Guild's Advisor Board, Editorial Board, and chairs the Collaborative Leadership Team; he is also the founder of the Business Architecture Des Moines group. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing and technology and holds an MBA with a Marketing emphasis from the University of Iowa.

4:30 pm - 5:25 pm Business Architecture Case Study Panel
Panel Chair: Cheryl Timko, Merck
Abstract: This panel brings together business architecture case study submitters to share a summary of their case study submissions. These case studies will be published post-event. The discussion will include issuance of the first annual "BA Guild Case Study Award" at the end of the panel session

BIO: Cheryl Timko is an Associate Director, Continuous Improvement at Merck. Cheryl provides consultative and facilitative support in the
execution of the Global Workplace and Enterprise Services strategy. Cheryl is responsible for the delivery of training programs, coaching and guidance to enable problem-solving capabilities across the organization. Cheryl is a certified Sigma Black Belt, specializing in Design for Six Sigma, and Change Execution Management. Cheryl is also a certified Business Architect, and leads the Business Architecture Guild's Case Study Team and Case Study Awards program.

5:30 pm Closing Remarks / Adjourn
William Ulrich, President, TSG, INC.
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Networking at OMG Evening Reception
NOTE: If you register for the Technical Meeting Week, you do not have to pay the additional fee(s) to attend any or all of the special events.  If you register only for special events, the special fees apply.
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