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OMG Announces New Processes Open for Participation
Architecture Board Election Results

Needham, MA, USA – January 3, 2012 – OMG® members met in Santa Clara, Calif., the week of December 12-16, 2011, sponsored by No Magic, SPARX Systems, and Real Time Innovations. At this meeting members began work on six new standards processes and elected five members to the Architecture Board.

Architecture Board Election

Members of the OMG Architecture Board (AB) are responsible for ensuring the architectural consistency of OMG’s specifications. The following members have been elected by the membership to serve on the AB:

  • Manfred Koethe, 88 Solutions
  • Steve Cook, Microsoft
  • Hugues Vincent, Thales
  • Doug Tolbert, Unisys
  • Daniel Brookshier, No Magic

New Processes Initiated

The following processes are now open for comment and participation. Non-members may download information on any Request process from https://www.omg.org/public_schedule. For more information on any process, send an email to info@omg.org.

Information Exchange Framework Information Exchange Policy-based Packaging Services (IEPPS) RFP: The Information Exchange Framework (IEF) Policy-based Packaging Service (PPS) will provide organizations an automated way to apply user defined policies that govern the sharing and protection of information. 

Application Instrumentation RFP: The goal of the Application Instrumentation standard will be to to provide a standard method to collect and distribute internal application data and status information for Command, Control, Computers, Communication, and Intelligence (C4I) systems.

Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices RFI: This RFI is the first step toward standardizing the process, methodologies, and tools to assure the software dependability of consumer devices. Unlike industrial machineries, consumer devices including automobiles, service robots, consumer electronics, and smart houses refer to a new category of industrial products used by general end users. A supporting whitepaper is posted at https://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?sysa/2011-12-08.

Semantic Information Modeling for Federation (SIMF) RFP: SIMF will address the federation of information across different representations, levels of abstraction, communities, organizations, viewpoints, and authorities. Federation, in this context, means using independently conceived information sets together for purposes beyond those for which the individual information sets were originally defined.

Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) RFP: This RFP solicits proposals for a standard Interaction Flow Modeling Language in terms of: concrete syntax, metamodel, UML® profile and associated interchange format.

Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures RFP: The objective of this RFP is to solicit specifications containing more precise semantics for UML composite structures and their extensions (e.g., profiles) to enable execution, model checking, and reduce ambiguities in UML models.

Next Meeting; Links to Additional Information

OMG members will meet next in Reston, VA during the week of March 19-23, 2012 sponsored by No Magic, Inc., Sparx Systems and RTI. This meeting will feature an Interoperable Architecture Workshop, a Business Architecture Information Day and a Smart Energy Information Day. The Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) will be having its quarterly face-to-face meeting co-located with the OMG Technical Meeting.

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, contact Ken Berk at ken.berk@omg.org or +1-781-444 0404. Exhibit space is available; contact event_marketing@omg.org no later than Friday, March 9, 2012 to reserve space.

Interested non-members may attend OMG Technical Meetings as observers; for an invitation see https://www.omg.org/tcguest. Members may register for the meeting at https://www.omg.org/registration. All OMG specifications may be downloaded free of charge from https://www.omg.org/specifications.

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