CMMN 1.0 Beta Specification Quotes


Organizations increasingly need to deal with semi-structured, dynamic processes. CMMN helps companies tackle this challenge, and provides tangible benefits: improved productivity, collaboration and customer service.
- Jesus Sanchez, CTO of BizAgi Ltd

The expressiveness of CMMN is supporting Case Management initiatives in an optimal way. Case Management is a business domain that deserves its own standardized domain language to support knowledge workers with more ad-hoc and dynamic style of processes. CMMN aligns the vendor community and the actual adopters of Case Management concepts around an open specification that creates a common frame of reference and avoids vendor lock-in.
- Theodoor van Donge, CTO of Cordys

The adoption of CMMN 1.0 as an OMG beta specification is a significant step forward for the case management market. This draft standard is an important indicator of market maturity for customers who require a standard approach for enterprise case modeling across different process owners and different case management tools. CMMN 1.0 will accelerate the adoption of case management tools and methodologies which will in turn drive broader support for optimization of all work styles across the enterprise. We’re very pleased to see the wide industry support from other OMG members.
- David Caldeira, Director of Enterprise Content Management Products and Strategy of IBM

SAP is fully committed to further develop industry standards. It is gratifying to see how the CMMN specification has evolved so far, providing a common view on case management. Having an agreed-upon, standardized meta-model will greatly help to further understand how organizations can leverage BPMN and case management applications.
- Thomas Volmering, Chief Product Owner, Business Process Management and Operational Process Intelligence, SAP AG

The descriptive nature of CMMN is quite complementary to the prescriptive nature of BPMN. Together they provide the expressiveness required to capture the diverse set of processes taking place in organizations today.
- Denis Gagne, CEO and CTO of Tristotech