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OMG Board of Directors Adopts Essence Standard 
Allows practitioners to flexibly construct and adapt software engineering methods

Needham, MA - 06-16-14 - The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has officially adopted "Essence - Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods" as an official OMG standard.

Essence is a kernel and language for software engineering methods with the kernel providing the common ground for defining software development practices. It includes the essential elements that are always prevalent in every software engineering endeavor, such as Requirements, Software System, Team and Work. These elements have states representing progress and health, so as the endeavor moves forward the states associated with these elements progress. The Kernel among other things helps practitioners compare methods and make better decisions about their practices.

The Kernel is described using the Language, which defines abstract syntax, dynamic semantics, graphic syntax, and textual syntax. The Language supports composing two practices to form a new practice, and composing practices into a method, and the enactment of methods.

"We're very excited that Essence has been adopted as an official OMG standard," said Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG. "By providing a common set of core concepts and language, Essence allows practitioners to flexibly construct and adapt software engineering methods. A very large 'thank you' to our members in the Essence 1.0 Finalization Task Force for getting it through the OMG technology adoption process."

Essence was submitted to the OMG as a response to an RFP for a Foundation for the Agile Creation and Enactment of Software Engineering Models (FACESEM). The specification can be downloaded for free at www.omg.org/spec/Essence/1.0/Beta2

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