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 OMG Board of Directors Adopts Dependability Assurance Framework
Designed to Standardize Functional Safety of Consumer Devices

Needham, MA, April 15, 2015 - The Object Management Group® (OMG®) today announced that it has adopted the Dependability Assurance Framework (DAF) for Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices (SSCD) as an official OMG standard.

Toyota Motor Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and the Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (IPA) partnered to address the need for consumer device manufacturers to design safer, more dependable and reliable consumer products. The specification extends engineering approaches with additional viewpoints describing the assurance case, the conceptual model for describing properties and process models.

The term "safety-sensitive consumer device" refers to a new category of industrial products used by consumers. These devices are massive in numbers, sell at reasonable prices, and are used by the general public in open, dynamic and diverse environments where the need for safety, reliability and availability of such devices is a requirement. The challenge for manufacturers is to continue building dependable, affordable and safe SSCDs as their functionalities become more complex and more connected to Internet of Things or IoT-based technologies.

"Right now, device makers need to assure that their products are dependable whenever required during the development and operational phases, " said Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG. "Today's announcement sets the stage for first-use in automobiles so that they continue to operate in a safe and dependable way as they transform from more than vehicles carrying people to devices carrying digital information based on IoT standards."

Soley added, "Congratulations to the collaborative efforts of the DAF Task Force members to integrate this standard with the SysML™ modeling language and usher it through the OMG adoption process."

"OMG is dedicated to delivering robust open standards that drive continued technology and market innovation. We are pleased that OMG has acknowledged our work helping manufacturers develop dependable, affordable and safe SSCDs," said Dr. Naoya Ishizaki, Project Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation. "We are delighted to see that our long-term effort to standardize SSCD has been fulfilled. We are grateful for the continued support from and recognition by OMG, which is recognized as one of the leading global standards organizations," stated Dr. Tetsuo Kotoku, Senior Planning Manager, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Mr. Masayoshi Nakao, Manager, Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (IPA) confirmed, saying "Today's announcement underscores the OMG commitment to adopt standards that provide real-world value. We are grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing our affiliation in future endeavors." Fujitsu Limited is another submitter of this specification.

The Dependability Assurance Framework was submitted to OMG as a response to an RFP in 2013. The specification can be downloaded for free to OMG members and nonmembers at https://www.omg.org/spec/DAF/

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