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OMG Adopts Four New Submissions at Berlin, Germany Meeting

Needham, MA, July 06, 2015 - The Object Management Group® (OMG®) held its quarterly technical meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany, Europe from June 15-19th. The OMG Board of Directors voted to adopt four submissions:

  • CISQ Source Code Reliability Measure submission - Establishes a standard measure of reliability based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices that could result in unreliable operation such as outages, data corruption, and lengthy recovery from system failures.
  • CISQ Source Code Performance Efficiency Measure submission - Establishes a standard measure of performance efficiency based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices.
  • CISQ Source Code Maintainability Measure submission - Establishes a standard measure of maintainability based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices.
  • UML™ Profile for NIEM 3 submission - Establishes a standard for modelers and developers to produce NIEM-conformant exchanges using the Unified Modeling Language.


During the week, OMG held informational events for the public:

  • 3rd Int'l. Risk Assessment & Risk-driven Testing Workshop
  • Data Residency Workshop
  • Essence in Practice Conference
  • European Business Architecture Innovation Summit
  • Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Public Day
  • Introduction to OMG's Modeling & Middle Specifications Tutorial
  • Model Based Design Automotive Systems and Control Engineering (sponsored by LieberLieber)
  • Model Based Engineering in PLM and Manufacturing
  • OMG Standards at Work in the Industrial Internet of Things (sponsored by Twin Oaks Computing)

Presentations from all events can be found on the separate events' agendas here.

The BPMN™ Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) performed three live demonstrations of process model interchange with fourteen BPMN 2.0 compliant tools at the Berlin, Germany Technical Meeting. Twelve different vendors took part in the demonstrations. The vendors who participated were: BOC Group, camunda, itp-Commerce, Omny link, SAP, Signavio, Sparx Systems, Trisotech, W4 Software,Yaoqiang BPMG Editor, W4BPMN+ and GenMyModel.

"The Berlin BPMN interchange capability demonstration was a great success, demonstrating fourteen different tools used to collaboratively model, visualize and execute BPMN process models. The demonstration was broadcasted live around the world and a recording is available on YouTube and Google +"  said Denis Gagné, Chair of the OMG BPMN MIWG Group and CEO/CTO of Trisotech.

According to Philippe Desfray, CEO/CTO of Modeliosoft, "The results show that BPMN is a standard that is mature and really works. For example, the last model was executed by three different BPM(N) engines. As someone involved in standardization, I was very impressed by the difficulty of such an exercise."

BPMN provides a graphical notation and precise model for specifying business processes. It has been an OMG-adopted standard since 2005.

OMG members will next meet in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, from September 21-25, 2015. The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel. Learn more here.

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