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Depth and Breadth of BPMN Standard Showcased at Object Management Group Membership Meeting

Needham, MA - April 11, 2016 - The OMG BPMN™ Model Interchange Working Group held a live broadcast of its 4th BPMN interchange capability demonstration on March 16, 2016 via Google Hangout at https://tr.im/Ud7a4. The demonstration highlighted how tools from multiple vendors implementing this open standard can capture and exchange models of complex, real-world business processes.

A recording of the broadcast aired on March 18th during the Gartner Business Transformation & Process Management Summit.

Thirteen tools from 10 different vendors across eight countries on three continents interacted live during the demonstration. The participants had the following to say about their involvement:

  • "Demos prove that open standards allow smooth interchange of diagrams between tools for business users and execution engines. BOC Group was happy to participate in BPMN MIWG since the beginning as it allowed us to offer our customers complete support for BPMN in ADONIS with full roundtrip capability," stated Zbigniew Misiak, Senior Consultant, BOC.
  • According to Falko Menge, Open Standards Ambassador at Camunda, "The BPMN tools that regularly participate in these demos can be used by business analysts to model processes for execution in Camunda BPM."
  • Carlos Kavka, R&D head at ESTECO stated, "ESTECO is very proud to have participated for the first time in this event, which is expected to contribute to widespread use of BPMN, not only in the business processes domain, but also in engineering design areas."
  • François Bonnet, product marketing at iTESOFT-W4, remarked, "W4 was really keen to partake once again in this global demonstration. The maturity of BPMN interchange is a reality. Being able to execute the model with our BPMN+ Engine is further proof of the quality of the job performed by the group."
  • Antonio Palumbo, lead software engineer said, "We at itp-commerce have always believed in common standards, openness and interchangeability and at OMG MIWG we have been given the opportunity to help define these standards."
  • "The live interchange demonstration showed how effective BPMN is at capturing process models to solve complex, real-world challenges, at an industrial scale," commented Sam Mancarella, founder and managing director of ModelFoundry Pty. Ltd.
  • "Omny Link sees model interchange as one of the key facilitators of our business automation offering," observed Tim Stephenson, COO of Omny Link.
  • "Being able to exchange process models in BPMN is vital to furthering BPMN's status as the standard for process modeling," said Tobias Przybylla, Technical Advisor & BPMN Trainer, Siganvio.
  • Philippe Desfray, founding member and chief scientist officer, said "SOFTEAM is committed to ensure complete interoperability of Modelio, its limitless modeling tool (modeliosoft.com). Its BPMN interoperability has been widely demonstrated at the BPMN interchange capability demonstration, thanks to OMG standardization efforts and the MIWG."
  • Trisotech's Chief Architect, Simon Ringette said, "Trisotech has been a front row player in the world wide adoption of BPMN. As a key contributor to the BPMN MIWG, we are very pleased to have so many vendors showcase their conformance with the BPMN specification."

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