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Object Management Group to Host IIoT Standards at Work in Energy Event on Dec. 7
Experts from Duke Energy, IBM's Watson Group, Lockheed Martin and PTC to Speak

Needham, MA - November 7, 2016 - The IIoT Standards at Work in Energy event will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at the Lowes Coronado Bay Hotel in Coronado, California, USA. The event will be held from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is hosted by the Object Management Group® (OMG®), an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium. Complimentary registration is open to the public.

Highlights of the agenda include:

  • Adoption of an Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) Framework for Interoperable and Secure Communications, and Distributed Decision-Making in the Electrical Sector
    Duke Energy and its partners leveraged the Industrial Internet of Things to create the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) framework. This talk will explain how OpenFMB, based on OMG's Unified Modeling Languageā„¢ standard for data modeling and OMG's Data-Distribution Service™ standard for secure peer-to-peer communications, was used to build a microgrid at a Duke Energy facility.
  • Systems Engineering and the Internet of Things
    The Smart Grid of the 21st century will need to cope with cyber-attacks, space weather, Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons, proliferation of clean energy source co-generation, phasing-out of fossil fuels, and many other challenges. This discussion will focus on how Systems Engineering and Model-based Systems Engineering can be applied to the Smart Grid to help solve these challenges.
  • Systems Assurance in Support of Cyber Risk Mitigation Activities
    This presentation will explain why the need for artifacts gathered throughout the engineering process is necessary to provide users and/or certifiers with the level of confidence necessary to trust a system. It will also provide an overview of the various OMG Systems Assurance standards and examples of their applicability to Industry in its effort to mitigate cyber risk.

For more information on speakers and agenda topics, click here.

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