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Object Management Group Chairs Take Standards Work to Next Level at Coronado Membership Meeting

Needham, MA - December 20, 2016 - Task Force chairs of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) reported about technology processes underway during OMG's quarterly membership meeting from December 5-9 in Coronado, California. OMG is one of the largest and longest-standing not-for-profits, open-membership consortia that develop and maintain computer industry specifications. Its international community of more than 300 member companies is comprised of end-users, vendors, government agencies, universities and research institutions. Many members are thought leaders and experts in their fields who have collaborated on technology and vertical standards over the past 27 years.

The following Chairs described their accomplishments/highlights during the week and the work they plan to achieve in upcoming meetings:
  • Claude Baudoin, co-chair of the Business Modeling & Integration Task Force and Owner and Principal Consultant at cébé IT and Knowledge Management: "The Business Modeling and Integration Domain Task Force reviewed the status and made progress in three areas: the upcoming RFP for a Business Architecture metamodel that includes business capabilities as a central component; defining a model and categories of business risk; and creating a UML® profile for the ArchiMate™ language from the Open Group."
  • Yves Bernard, co-chair of the OMG SysML® 1.5 Revision Task Force and MBSE Leader at Airbus Defence and Space: "The Architecture Board voted on a motion to recommend adopting the 1.5 revision of the SysML specification."
  • Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director of the Consortium for Information & Software Quality ™ and SVP and Chief Scientist at CAST Software: "CISQ held a well-attended Cyber Resilience Summit in Washington DC with numerous government officials making presentations on the need to secure and improve Federal systems."
  • Sanford Friedenthal, Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (DSIG) chair and Consultant at SAF Consulting: "The Systems Engineering DSIG is in the early phase of deriving the requirements for the SysML v2 RFP that includes the requirements for a standard API to support interoperability, and the data model requirements to represent key systems engineering concepts consistent with industry standards."
  • Kenichi Nakamura, chair of the Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Technology™ 1.0 Finalization Task Force (HAL4RT™) and Director of Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA): "We discussed the issues of the HAL4RT version 1.0-Beta1 specification."
  • Kenneth Rubin, co-chair of the Healthcare Domain Task Force and Director of Standards and Interoperability at the Veterans Health Administration Office of Knowledge Based Systems: "The Coronado meeting was the venue for launching a new and promising collaborative community - stemming from a very well attended and engaging workshop - focused on applying BPM standards to foster portable health workflows and clinical protocols."
  • Ed Seidewitz, chair of the Model Interchange SIG and Director of R&D at nMeta: "The Model Interchange Special Interest Group heard presentations from three vendors - No Magic, Sparx Systems and PTC - on moving beyond model interchange to true modeling tool interoperability, an ongoing discussion that will continue with a user forum at our next meeting in March."
  • Ronald W. Townsen, co-chair of the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Intelligence Domain Task Force and Chief Engineer, General Dynamics Mission Systems:"The C4I Task Force continued to move forward with cyber issues such as monitoring DDS™ networks and other standards for military systems."
  • Charlotte Wales, co-chair of the Middleware and Related Services (MARS) Platform Task Force and Lead Software Engineer at the MITRE Corporation: "Hail and farewell to Virginie Watine who, after 13 years of good and faithful service as MARS co-chair, is embarking on the next chapter of her life - retirement. She will be replaced by Justin Scaduto from General Dynamics, who will bring both youth and talent to MARS for years to come. Preparations are also underway for hosting the "coming out party" for the Information Exchange Framework (IEF™) on March 22nd, 2017 during the TC meeting in Reston."

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