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Object Management Group Chairs Update Progress on Technology Standards Initiatives
Focus on workplace benefits, systems engineering and retail standardization efforts

Needham, MA – July 30, 2018 – Chairs of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) Task Forces (TFs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) presented updates about their standards work during a plenary session on the last day of the OMG quarterly membership meeting, which took place from June 18-22 in Boston, Massachusetts. OMG is an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium where members develop and maintain standards that influence the future direction of technology as well as industries including space, government, finance, manufacturing, robotics, retail and healthcare.

The following Chairs reported on their groups' accomplishments:

  • Claude Baudoin, co-chair of the Business Modeling & Integration Domain Task Force (BMI DTF) and owner and principal consultant at cébé IT and Knowledge Management: “The Business Modeling & Integration Domain Task Force heard presentations of three initial submissions made in response to its Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) RFP and expects revised submissions in November 2018.”
  • Edie Bice, chair of the Workplace Benefits Domain Task  Force (WB DTF) and architect, Unum Group: “The WB DTF is gearing up for letters of intent to be filed and initial submissions to be presented in December, in response to the approval of their RFP issued on June 22nd for the EDI standard for non-medical workplace benefits.”
  • Professor Charles E. Dickerson, chair of the Mathematical Formalism Special Interest Group and professor of Systems Engineering at Loughborough University: “The UML® Profile for ROSETTA (UPR), an object-oriented facility to structure information in support of a variety of systems analyses for relational oriented architecture description and transformation into design, has been adopted by the OMG and a Finalization Task Force has been chartered to complete the process of UPR becoming an international specification.”
  • Dr. Alan Fish, co-chair of the Decision Model and Notation™ 1.1 Revision Task Force and principal consultant, FICO: “The Architecture Board has provisionally approved the RTF report for DMN™ v1.2.”
  • Sanford Friedenthal, chair of the Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (SE DSIG) and consultant at SAF Consulting: “The SE DSIG included several presentations on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools, environments, and practices. In addition, the SysML v2 API & Services RFP was issued at the Boston meeting. This RFP, along with the complementary SysML v2 RFP, which was issued in December, 2017, specifies the requirements for the next generation of SysML® to enhance precision, expressiveness, usability, and interoperability.”
  • Bart McGlothin, chair of the Retail Domain Task Force and solution architect at Cisco: “Dennis Gerson (IBM) gave an outstanding presentation on blockchain in retail, which turned into a 3-hour training and learning session on the pros and cons of this technology and its success, which relies on business processes being ready for the stringent structure that blockchain brings. Additional highlights include the OMG board accepting UnifiedPOS v1.15 and Video Analytics as new OMG standards!”
  • Kenichi Nakamura, co-chair of Robotics Domain Task Force and director of Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA): "We discussed the Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Technology™ (HAL4RT™) 2.0 RFC and Robot Service Ontology (RoSo) RFP."
  • Jeff Smith, co-chair of the Analysis and Design Platform Task Force (ADTF) and chief systems engineer at Multi Agency Collaboration Environment: “The ADTF had a productive meeting passing a motion for recommending the UPR RFC for adoption and reopening the PSoT RFP deadline. Authors presented the SIMF updated specification, Profile for UML Modeling, UTP™ 2, API4KB, small changes to UML® that would significantly improve its support for execution and simulation, Intro to (Onto) Interaction Modeling and UPR summary presentations and discussions.”

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