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Object Management Group Issues Request for Proposals for an Open Architecture Radar Interface v2 Standard
Goal is to achieve many non-radar requirements within the system-wide open architecture for naval and other combat systems

Needham, MA - July 31, 2018 - The Object Management Group® (OMG®), an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium, issued an OARIS™ (Open Architecture Radar Interface™) v2.0 (Additional Sensors) RFP to support sensor types and their command and control requirements, such as sonar, electronic surveillance (of radar and other radio frequency transmissions), electro-optic and infra-red.

Standards that partition the system into a set of modular components with appropriate granularity is an important concept in delivering an open architecture. Many applicable standards exist for the infrastructure and hardware layers and are exploited in such architectures. However, there are few wide-reaching standards between application layer components in a naval combat system (NCS). The Object Management Group responded to this need by forming the C4I Task Force, whose members have developed standards addressing this void including OARIS v1.0, ALMAS™ and TACSIT Controller Interface™.

The OARIS v1.0 specification supported an open architecture for radar sensors in a NCS. The v2 RFP intends to broaden the range of v1.0 to include other sensor types such as sonar, electronic surveillance, electro-optic, infra-red search-and-track and other specialist sensors.

According to OMG Vice President and Technical Director, Larry Johnson, “The OARIS work by the C4I Task Force began with a strong first version focusing on radar sensors. With the version 2 RFP, the Task Force has begun work to expand to other sensor classes, as well as explicitly addressing applicability to distributed, off-board sensors, building on the foundations established in the first version."

Both members and non-members of OMG may show their interest in participating in the process by submitting a Letter of Intent by June 21, 2019. In order to become a submitter, individually or as part of a submission team, companies must become members of OMG by the initial submission deadline of November 11, 2019.


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