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Ontology definitions: 1, 2
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Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech)

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OWL Experiences and Directions (OWLED) workshop 2010

RDF Next Steps workshop


Past workshops

Ontology Summit 2009: Toward Ontology-based Standards

Ontology Summit:Toward an Open Ontology Repository

International Workshop on Semantic Modelling and Model-Driven Architecture - SMMDA 2006

Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE)

Model-driven Semantic Web (MDSW2004)

Specifications and Standards Semantic Web specifications: RDF and OWL
ISO Common Logic
MMF part3 - ISO/IEC CD 19763-3: Metamodel for ontology registration
SPARQL Query Language for RDF
Ontology groups: OASIS Quantities and Units of Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS) TC
Semantic Web Deployment WG
OWL Working Group
Suggested Upper Ontology Link
Standard Upper Ontology Group

Upper Cyc-Ontology
ANSI Ad hoc group on Ontology Standards
Buffalo Ontology Site
Projects: Enterprise, DAML, TOP
Metamodel for EXPRESS with a mapping to OWL and CL, MEXICO RFP proposal


Next meeting:

The next meeting of the Ontology PSIG will take place at the OMG Technical Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) scheduled for 20 - 24 September, 2010.


Recent meetings:


Washington D.C - March 2009

The Ontology PSIG organized a symposium entitled Semantic Technology Information Day at the recent Washington OMG TC meeting.  This explored motivations driving use and further development of OMG semantic technologies such as the Ontology Definition Metamodel.  Slides from the presentations are linked from here.


Elisa Kendall and Mark Dutra gave a tutorial on the Ontology Definition Metamodel. Slides from this are available here.


The Ontology PSIG is now championing the development of an OMG specification for Common Terminology Service based on the functional specification developed by HL7 known as CTS2




Minutes from the December 2008 Santa Clara, CA meeting.

Minutes from the 2007 Jacksonville, Fla. meeting.

Boston June 2005 meeting minutes







Integration of Semantic Web with Meta Object Facilities
Ontology-Based Computing



Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) :

ODM formal specification: spec/ODM/1.0

MOF Support of Semantic Structures:

Issued RFP:ad/06-06-08

Work in progress page:SMOF_RFP

MOF to RDF Mapping:

Draft RFP:ontology/06-06-01

RDF MOF Repository:

Draft RFP:ontology/06-06-02

Presentation on these RFPs from Boston: ad/06-06-13

Related OMG technology processes in other subgroups:

Semantics of Business and Business Rules:

Formal specification: spec/SBVR/1.0/

Logical foundations discussion document: bei/05-07-01

Production Rule Representation:

Beta 1 PRR specification: dtc/07-11-04


Vote Status:


(White) Papers:

Extending UML for Ontology Development SOSYM Paper


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