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Vocabulary/Ontology Management

The Ontology PSIG is working with other subgroups of the OMG (notably the Business and Modeling Integration Domain Task Force and the SOA SIG) to explore the development of a repository of reusable conceptual models.  A joint session was held in December 2007 to compare requirements,  understand potential challenges, learn from similar efforts, and consider next steps.  Two next steps were:

  • The development of an RFP which would solicit submissions of an SBVR vocabulary, with corresponding ODM-based ontologies, and UML models for a small set of concepts for Times and Dates.  This RFP is meant as a test case for using OMG's RFP process for defining such models. Mark Linehan (IBM) drafted an RFP for a Date-Time Foundational Vocabulary to fill this role.
  • The issuing of an RFI for Ontology Management Information which solicits information about requirements, tooling, tool interoperability requirements, and standards of practice for managing ontologies and associated metadata.

Both of these were issued at the OMG TC meeting in Washington and are now open for response.

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