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members quotes

Membership of the OMG has enabled Tata Consultancy Services to establish leadership positions in creating specifications for standardizations in different consultancy business domains, including but not limited to, the domains of building consultancy methods and tools (via standards like ESSENCE™), data ontologies, cloud, banking, retail, internet of things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, regulations, and higher education.

Sumeet Malhotra

Tata Consulting Services

For three decades MITRE has found impact, insight, and value from being a Member of the OMG alongside a wide variety of industry, government, and academia. The OMG's focus on model-based interoperable standards that can enable and empower vendors and end-users with standards-based solutions is an exciting and powerful ability, shown over and over again by the standards published from OMG and their uptake and use in the market. OMG's guidance and review process brings out the best of those teams that work standards with the OMG.

Bob Martin


[OMG is a] great networking opportunity. It adds greater credibility to claims that I understand and gives me first hand access to information of OMG-related standards used by clients – UML, UPDM, SOPES, IEF,…

Mike Abramson


“We see membership in OMG as a privilege, enabling our thought leaders to help define some of the most important standards applied in today’s international software industry. OMG also provides the opportunity for us to work with partners, competitors, customers, prospects and academics, giving us highly valuable industry knowledge and contacts, ultimately delivering real business benefits.”

Hedley Apperly

VP Product & Marketing, PTC

“OMG provides the most efficient, effective environment for balancing the needs of technology users with the business interests of technology suppliers.”

Bill Beckwith

President, Objective Interface Systems

“The development and adoption process of OMG standards ensures standards’ conformance to the founding stack of OMG technologies, which in turn guarantees their integration when and where it is needed. This unique approach in building standards greatly benefits communities like System Assurance where one standard alone would not address such a complex space, while at the same time building a new set of integrated standards from ground zero would take a long time. OMG enables us to leverage existing standards and focus only on the gaps – a much faster and more cost-efficient way of achieving the established objective. OMG works well within the larger international community as the OMG’s adoption process is recognized by international standards organizations such as ISO/IEC as a trusted fast track where OMG's adoption process is the right first step to ensuring a strong foundation that helps future proof the standards work done today.”

Djenana Campara

CEO, KDM Analytics, Inc.

“Besides the travel opportunities, the OMG offers a unique way to interact with peers and experts in a way that is simply not possible within the typical enterprise or with vendors. The OMG offers access to others solving similar problems as well as industry thought leaders in a collaborative atmosphere. Users’ needs and perspectives then get factored into standards and products through both the formal and cultural processes.”

Cory Casanave

CEO, President, Model Driven Solutions

“OMG provides an opportunity to advance the state of the art, learn about the technology and gain insights on industry challenges and trends while working with a group of very knowledgeable industry professionals. This benefits both the individual and the company he/she represents.”

Fred Cummins

Independent Contractor, Agile Enterprise Design and OMG rep

“We are very pleased with the outstanding support and rapid adoption process facilitation we have received from OMG during our recent work on migrating the VSIPL and VSIPL ++ specifications to becoming new OMG standards. We are looking forward to working with OMG to help promote and further enhance these standards. We feel OMG provides a very effective global vehicle for standards development and deployment which helps enable new business opportunities for us.”

Pete Decher

Business Development Manager, Mentor Graphics

“I have been employed by members of the OMG for 25 years. I started as a user of OMG specifications and am currently a tool vendor focused on OMG modeling specifications. As a user, I appreciated the ability to make our voice heard in the task force discussions and influencing the modeling specifications as they were developed. It was important to me to know that the tool vendors listened to the users, so when the opportunity arose for me to switch hats, I wanted to make sure I did the same as a tool vendor representative. The collaboration of OMG members is one of the organization's strengths.”

J.D. Baker, Sparx Systems

President & CEO, No Magic, Inc.

“BPMN 2.0 is the leading standard for process modeling. It is easy to use and directly executable at the same time. A lot of our customers use BPMN in a wide range of Business Process Management - projects, and they are very successful with it. ”

Jakob Freund

CEO, camunda services GmbH

“OMG’s focus on industry best practice for its specifications (putting practice into theory?) provides two kinds of opportunity that are especially helpful for small companies: to keep up with what accepted best practices are, from real practitioners; [and] to participate in how it will be consolidated, further developed and disseminated.”

John Hall

Rule ML Initiative

“OMG is valuable from many different perspectives: For the small tool vendors, OMG may provide standards that let the small SMEs play on the same field as the big ones through interfacing through the same technology. For the large industry, OMG may provide means to establish the fundaments of multiple vendors of support tooling. For the academic, OMG is a challenge because you have to defend your ideas in a larger context, and for the industrial researcher, OMG is a vehicle for disseminating industrial results to a wider community in a form that many companies can attach to.”

Dr. Øystein Haugen

Senior Researcher, SINTEF

“Personally, I have made many friends at the OMG as well as visited many new parts of the world that I have never been to. Professionally, it has helped me to remain in touch with the latest standards as well as to influence them. For the company, having a say in the standards ensures that they are appropriate for our customers as well as the industry. It also helps to raise the company profile.”

Matthew Hause


“The core competency of OMG is about software interoperability and Model Driven Architecture (MDA); these standards reduce the risks of vendors lock-in as well as providing the rigors in software development lifecycle. Architectures designed by using OMG standards have better chance to sustain the technology changes over time.

Jenny Huang


“Over the last 20 years, OMG has extended its roots from developing standards in Middleware (CORBA) to Application Design (UML) and more recently Business Process Management (BPMN), Enterprise Architecture (UPDMTM) and Case Management. This flexibility to shape standards in key technologies and industries using its strength in modeling standards is a key reason why IBM, our partners and customers are at OMG and implementing many of these standards in our products.”

Sridhar Iyengar

Distinguished Engineer, TJ Watson Research Center, IBM

“I must say, I for one appreciate all that you and OMG are doing for Standards, but also for our country and its defense. I have only compliments for OMG and I know from my DoD Standards team at the Defense Information Systems Agency that OMG is held in high esteem.”

Walt Okon

Senior Architect Engineer Architecture & Interoperability Directorate DoD Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense

“OMG is a cost effective way to stay current on standards development across a selection of technology and business domains. And it’s a great way to keep up with industry trends, colleagues, and competitors with minimal effort. Worth every penny!”

Doug Tolbert


“I view as both mandatory and beneficial participation in the OMG for any vendor of products and services who seeks to profitably—or at least effectively--serve the community that members of the OMG represent. The individuals who attend OMG events and who contribute to OMG task forces are technology evangelists whose opinions and statements are highly regarded both within their own companies and throughout their industries. We practicing engineers take note of the companies who invest in supporting these individuals and the OMG and we note, more critically, the companies who do not sponsor the activities of the OMG and who decide against having their staff participate in the OMG. As Chief Architect at No Magic, Inc., my personal involvement in the OMG enables me to speak directly with the users of our products and allows me to gain critical feedback on what challenges these users face in implementing their numerous systems and on what innovations my competitors are offering or are planning to offer.”

Lonnie VanZandt

No Magic, Inc.

[OMG] provides an excellent networking opportunity for me personally, professionally, and for my company. We are plugged in to many of the drivers and thought leaders in our industry through OMG. With the professional and personal relationships built over the years, we are able to collaborate on shared interests, discuss strategies, and stay abreast of what others are doing. It has also made me aware of several technologies and methodologies that I would not otherwise been. As the lead of the Tools and Technologies group, my company has benefitted from this insight as I bring it back and look to apply it to our own work.

Matt Wilson


The Object Management Group has enabled the pre-competitive creation of open and standards based technology that is moving the industry toward an interoperable, services based infrastructure. This is important for MITRE’s government sponsors who require interoperable, evolvable commercial systems for mission critical applications. The open, consensus process enables mitigation of product development investment risk, reduction of interoperability risk, and also stimulates reductions in product creation cycles.

Dr. Mark T. Maybury

Information Technology Center at MITRE




PrismTech is a leading provider of enterprise, real-time and embedded CORBA technologies. A cornerstone of PrismTech's strategy since its foundation in 1992 has been the support and promotion of international standards for distributed computing. A key element of this strategy has been PrismTech's membership of the OMG which we joined in 1993. 

PrismTech believes that the software industry has benefited greatly from the OMG's specifications for interoperable computing as evidenced by the thousands of mission-critical CORBA applications in use today. Because PrismTech believes so strongly in the OMG we are prepared to dedicate significant time, money and resources to it by having PrismTech personnel contributing to its work (PrismTech’s Chief Architect serves on the OMG's Architecture Board and PrismTech's CEO serves on the OMG's Board of Directors), and by sponsoring its technical workshops and events (including the Workshop on Distributed Object Computing for Real-time and Embedded Systems and the Middleware That Works! Seminars).


As an OMG member, Unisys is at the forefront of developing the next generation of Object Management Group standards for model driven architectures, which will enable rapid generation and deployment of component-based solutions. These architectures promise to increase the productivity of organizations using model-based architectures such as Unisys Business Blueprinting.

A member since 1992, Unisys has been a major contributor to OMG's Model Driven Architecture initiative. Its member representatives have been instrumental in driving MDA forward. Unisys now participates on both OMG's Board of Directors and Architecture Board, which decide the major technical direction of the group.


“When we joined the OMG, we were speaking with the contacts in the US and then found out that their Technical Director was based in the UK near us so we invited him to spend the day with us, which proved to be invaluable. He spoke to the whole team about OMG and what was happening within the group so everyone at Objektum Solutions, both technical and otherwise, could see where they could get involved and be proactive about being a member. We also briefly went into the work we were doing on the Objektum Bridge Suite and automatic software migration, which the Technical Director was impressed with and is going to come back so he can understand more and continue building the relationship.”

– Excerpt from Objektum Solutions’ Blog Post on How to Make the Most of Memberships