Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerAccountInvoice
Physical Name : DO_INVC_CTAC

The record of an invoice that was sent to the Customer, summarizing transactions charged to and payments made against a particular CustomerAccount. Note that in ARTS, the INVOICE is assumed to be generated by a separate process from the POS selling process. Typically it would come from a billing system which is linked to an order processing system.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
CustomerAccountInvoiceID (PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the CustomerAccountInvoice ID_INVC_CTAC Identity integer
ReportingPeriodID (FK) The unique system assigned identifier for a particular ReportingPeriod. ID_PRD_RP Identity integer ReportingPeriod(CA_PRD_RP)
InvoiceContent An electronic copy of the CustomerAccountInvoice. This element may contain PDF file image, bitmap image, or HTML source for the invoice. BM_INVC_CNTT Image varbinary
InvoiceTotalAmount The total monetary value of the CustomerAccountInvoice. MO_INVC_TOT MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
PaymentReceivedAmount The total value of all payments received against this CustomerAccountInvoice. MO_AMT_PYMT_RCV MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
CreditMemoFlag A boolean indicator that if set to YES means this CustomerAccountInvoice is a "negative" credit memo that represents a value to be subtracted from the total customer AR balance. The use of this flag is determined by the retailer and its application program logic. Refund PaymentOnAccountLineItem balances may be taken as individual "negative" line items in an invoice OR issued as separate CR MEMOs (negative invoices). This flag along with the PaymentOnAccountLineItem.RefundFlag gives retailers the ability to execute either approach to handling credits against their customer account balances due. FL_CR_MMO Flag integer
Invoiced (FK) A unique identifier for a customer account. Invoiced Identity integer CustomerOrderAccount(LE_CT_ORD_ACNT)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ReportingPeriod delineates CustomerAccountInvoice
CustomerOrderAccount is billed by CustomerAccountInvoice
CustomerAccountInvoice summarizes charges from CustomerAccountTenderLineItem
CustomerAccountInvoice is paid via PaymentOnAccountLineItem
CustomerAccountInvoice records financial results of CustomerOrderShipment
CustomerAccountInvoice is posted to CustomerAccountJournal

Logical Views containing CustomerAccountInvoice

Logical View
Logical 02315 - Retail Transaction - Customer Order
Logical 02316 - Distributed Order Management View
Logical 07200 - Customer Purchase Transaction History View