Entity Definition

Logical Name : RetailPriceModifier
Physical Name : CO_MDFR_RTL_PRC

A line item modifier that reflects a modification of the retail selling price. It is provided by PLU through the application of a predefined price change rule that depends on parameters provided during the sale transaction.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RewardDerivationRuleEligibilityID (FK) A unique identifier for a Price Derivation Rule Eligibility. ID_EL_PRDV Identity integer ZPromotionalOfferRewardDerivationRule(RU_PRM_PRDV)
TransactionID (FK)(PK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN IdentityUUID char(32) SaleReturnLineItem(TR_LTM_SLS_RTN)
RetailTransactionLineItemSequenceNumber (FK)(PK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM LineNumber smallint SaleReturnLineItem(TR_LTM_SLS_RTN)
RetailPriceModifierSequenceNumber (PK) The sequence number for this RetailPriceModifier allowing more than one price modification to occur on each retail transaction line item. In ARTS the RuleApplicationPrecedenceNumber of the parent PromotionalOfferRewardDerivationRule entity is recommended to be used where multiple rules are connected by an AND conjunction (they are inclusive discounts). IC_MDFR_RT_PRC LineNumber smallint
ProrateFrom (FK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM_PRRT LineNumber smallint PriceModificationLineItem(TR_LTM_MDF)
ProrateFrom (FK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN_PRRT IdentityUUID char(32) PriceModificationLineItem(TR_LTM_MDF)
PriceModificationTypeCode (FK) The type code used as a look up key for the standard price modification types represented in the Price Modification. TY_MDF Code2 char(2) PriceModificationType(TR_MDF)
WorkerID (FK) A unique system-assigned identifier for the Worker who was granted this RetailPriceModifier. ID_WRKR Identity integer Worker(PA_WRKR)
ReasonCode (FK) A unique retailer defined reason code for an action that is taken (or not taken) at a Workstation. e.g. Return reason codes - Past Use By Date, Defective Merchandise, etc. POSNoSale reason Codes - Customer Change Query CD_RSN Code varchar(20) Reason(CO_CD_RSN)
PriceModificationBaseAmount The monetary value of the transaction (i.e. a sum of sale return line item extended actual retail amounts) plus or minus other PriceModificationLineItem values used as the basis for this price modifciation calculation. NOTE: The ARTS model defines placeholders for transaction-level discounts. However, it is the retailer's responsibility to specify the business rules for calculating transaction-level price modificaction values and to assign an appropriate value to PriceModificationBaseAmount. MO_PRC_MDFN_BS_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
PreviousPrice The unit price that was used as the basis of the price modification. MO_PRV_PRC MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
ModifyByPercent The percent adjustment that was applied to the unit retail price to arrive at the modified selling price. Example Base price $10.00 ModifyByPercent 5% (.05) Price Modification to be applied is $.50 PE_MDFR_RT_PRC Percent decimal(7,4)
ModifyByAmount A flat monetary value that is to be added to or subtracted from a base price. (Note typically this is a discount so subtraction is the expected action) Example: Base price $10.00 ModifyByAmountt $.50 Price Modification to be applied is $.50 MO_MDFR_RT_PRC Money decimal(16,5)
RoundingAmount The monetary amount that the price modification was adjusted by (after calculation from the percentage). MO_RND MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
CalculationMethodCode A mnemonic code denoting how the price modifcation calculation was performed. e.g. PercentageModifier, UnitPriceModifier, ManualPriceOverride, etc. PCTM = Percentage Modifier (percent off) UPM = Unit price modifier (fixed money value discount) OVRD = Override and replace orig retail with new retail CD_MTH_CLC Code4 char(4)
AdjustmentMethodCode A symbol code denoting what kind of adjustment is being made to the retail price of the Item. e.g. Increase, Decrease. '+' = Add to base retail (amount before price modifier '-' = Subtract from base retail '=' = Replace base retail with ModifyByAmount CD_MTH_ADJT Code2 char(2)
NewPriceAmount The unit price that was the result of the price modification. MO_NW_PRC MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
ModificationBenefitCode A mnemonic code denoting what sort of discount benefit is being given. e.g. EmployeeDiscount, ManagerDiscount, or CustomerDiscount. EM = Employee CU = Customer MD = Manager Discount CD_MDF_BNFT Code4 char(4)
AccountingDispositionCode A code that determines how the price change reflected in this modifier is to be treated for stock ledger accounting purposes. This code allows price change modifiers to be treated as discounts (expenses below the gross margin line) OR as markdowns (treated as changes to the inventory value which alter the stock ledger's cumulative markon for the item). This code reflects the setting of AccountingDispositionCode in the PROMOTION that caused the price modification at the time of the RETAIL TRANSACTION. DP_LDG_STK_MDFR Code4 char(4)
EligibilityTypeCode A mnemonic code denoting what kind of PriceDerivationRuleEligibility was fired to create this RetailPriceModifier. e.g. Item, MerchandiseClass, MarketBasket, CustomerGroup, CustomerAffiliation, Combination, etc... TY_EL_PRDV Code4 char(4)
Description Business description of a retail price modifier that may be used to store special discount-related messages that may be printed on the receipt. DE_MDFR_RTL_PRC DescriptionShort varchar(255)
TransactionLineItemProrationPercentage The portion of a prorated PriceModificationLineItem amount that is to be allocated to the SaleReturnLineItem parent of this RetailPriceModifier. Note that if a PriceModificationLineItem is to be prorated the sum of the retail price modifier entities resulting from that proration must be 100% of the PriceModificationLineItem.Amount. An amount is COMPLETELY prorated or NOT prorated. It cannot be partially prorated. PE_TR_LTM_MDF_PRRT Percent decimal(7,4)
RewardID (FK) A token identifier for a Reward instance. ID_RWD Identity integer RewardDerivationRule(RU_RWD_DRVN_RU)
RewardDerivationSequenceNumber (FK) A sequence number used to specify the order for applying derivation rules tied to a Reward. RewardDerivationSequenceNumber always starts with 1 and is incremented by 1 for each appended derivation step tied to the Reward. AI_RWD_DRVN_SQN_NMB LineNumber integer RewardDerivationRule(RU_RWD_DRVN_RU)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Reason classifies RetailPriceModifier
Worker is granted RetailPriceModifier
PriceModificationLineItem is allocated to RetailPriceModifier
RewardDerivationRule is applied through RetailPriceModifier
SaleReturnLineItem has retail price modified by RetailPriceModifier
PriceModificationType causes RetailPriceModifier
ZPromotionalOfferRewardDerivationRule determines RetailPriceModifier
RetailPriceModifier is triggered by Z_CustomerLoyaltyAccountRedemption
RetailPriceModifier redeems points Z_CustomerMembershipRedemptionJournal

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