Entity Definition

Logical Name : PromotionalOffer
Physical Name : CO_PRM

A PromtionalOffer is a specific proposition to customers that specifies a reward and customer behavioral criteria for earning a reward. The recognition and issue of the reward is captured through a retail transaction, customer order, rebate claim, rebate redemption or customer interaction. Each of these point in time customer actions captures customer actions and relevant context information to determine what (if any) reward is earned, what triggered the issue of the reward and when and where it was triggered.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
PromotionalOfferID (PK) The unique identifier for a promotion. ID_PRM_OFR Identity integer
PromotionalInitiativeID (FK)(PK) A token ID for a retailer's PromotionInitiative instance. ID_PRML_INITV Identity integer
BusinessUnitGroupID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the BusinessUnitGroup at which the Promotion is valid. ID_BSNGP Identity integer BusinessUnitGroup(CO_BSNGP)
EffectiveDate The first date and time that this promotion is effective. DT_PRM_EF EffectiveDateTime datetime
ExpiryDate The last date and time that this promotion is effective. DT_PRM_EP ExpirationDateTime datetime
MultipleEligibilityCombinationCode When a promotion consists of more than one pairing of PriceDerivationRuleEligibility and PriceDerivationRule then how are the multiple pairings to be combined. CD_MLP_EL Code2 char(2)
ConcurrenceCode A code denoting how this promotion works in relation to other promotions. Sample values: STAND_ALONE - Promotion applies only if no other promotions are applied JOINT - Promotioin applies along with others TY_CNCRN Code2 char(2)
UpSellTypeCode A code that indicates how up selling is to be performed. TY_UP_SELL Code2 char(2)
OperatorDisplayName Text to be displayed to the Operator. NM_PRM_OPR Name varchar(40)
CustomerDisplayName Text to be displayed to the customer. NM_PRM_CT Name varchar(40)
ReceiptPrinterName Text to be printed on the receipt NM_PRM_PRT Name varchar(40)
AccountingDispositionCode A code that determines how the price change made as a result of this PROMOTION is to be treated for stock ledger accounting purposes. This code allows price change modifiers to be treated as discounts/surcharges (expenses below the gross margin line) OR as markdowns (treated as changes to the inventory value which alter the stock ledger's cumulative markon for the item). DP_ACNT Code4 char(4)
StatusCode Indicates the current status of this PromotionalOffer. Example values are: A - Active I - Inactive P - Pending C - Canceled. CD_STS_PRM Code2Status char(2)
CustomerRewardProgramTierCode (FK) A code that represents the relative value of a given CustomerRewardProgramTier CD_CT_RWD_PRGM_TR Code varchar(20) CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)
MembershipProgramID (FK) Token ID for a CustomerRewardProgram instance. ID_CT_MBRSHP_PRGM Identity integer CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)
LevelNumber (FK) A whole number that establishes the relative value of a membership program level. The higher the value, the greater the level and its associated rewards and, where applicable, fees. IC_LV_NMB Number integer CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
BusinessUnitGroup defines PromotionalOffer
CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier is a basis for PromotionalOffer
PromotionalOffer is categorized by PromotionalOfferGroupOfferType
PromotionalOffer is offered as CustomerReferralReward
PromotionalOffer is cause of CustomerOrderProductPriceModifier
PromotionalOffer provides one form of ConversionInitiative
PromotionalOffer is cause of CustomerOrderChargePriceModifier
PromotionalOffer is implemented as Reward
PromotionalOffer is implemeted through ZPromotionalOfferRewardDiscount
PromotionalOffer is tracked via PromotionalOfferHistory
PromotionInitiative can be a PromotionalOffer

Logical Views containing PromotionalOffer

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level
Logical 04100 - Financial Ledger - Retail Transaction View
Logical 06100 - Calendar View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 07610 - Customer Order - Maintenance View
Logical 10110 - Enterprise - Location Retailer Organization View