Entity Definition

Logical Name : CompetitorRetailItem
Physical Name : TR_ITM_CMP_RTL

A RETAIL ITEM which is stocked by a COMPETITOR and is perceived by the customer to have no discernible difference in terms of form, fit or function -- but may be sold at a different retail price.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
BusinessUnitGroupID (FK)(PK) A unique system assigned identifier for a group of BusinessUnits. ID_BSNGP Identity integer BusinessUnitGroupItem(AS_BSNGP_ITM)
CompetitorID (FK)(PK) The unique identifier assigned to a competitor by the store. ID_CMP Identity integer Competitor(PA_CMP)
ItemID (FK)(PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the retailer's SKU. ID_ITM IdentityUUID char(32) BusinessUnitGroupItem(AS_BSNGP_ITM)
EffectiveDateTime (FK)(PK) The date from which the BusinessUnits in the group carry the Item. TS_EF EffectiveDateTime datetime BusinessUnitGroupItem(AS_BSNGP_ITM)
SaleUnitPriceAmount The retail sale unit price that a competitor has assigned to the item. RP_UN_SLS_CMP MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
OnPromotionFlag Flag that indicates that the item offered by a competitor is being promoted (i.e. offered at a lower price). FL_PRM_ON_CMP Flag integer
PriceEffectiveDate The effective date of the competitor retail sale unit price. DC_PRC_RT_CMP EffectiveDate date
PriceExpirationDate The expiration date of the competitor retail sale unit price. DC_PRC_RT_EP ExpirationDate date
PromotionStoreCouponFlag A flag to indicate whether or not the competitor is promoting the item using in-store coupons. FL_CPN_STR_RT_PRM Flag integer
LocalAdvertisingFlag A flag that indicates whether or not the competitor is advertising the item in local media. FL_ADV_CMP_LCL Flag integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Competitor sells CompetitorRetailItem
BusinessUnitGroupItem is offered by CompetitorRetailItem

Logical Views containing CompetitorRetailItem

Logical View
Logical 01300 - Item Price Maintenance View
Logical 06700 - Event Scheduler View