Entity Definition

Logical Name : RebateProgram
Physical Name : RBT_PRGM

A planned set of offers and activities designed to refund cash, merchandise credit, voucher , stored value instrument, etc. to customers who purchase products and services and in so doing satisfy a set of rules defined by the RebateSponsor. Rebate programs may be sponsored by manufactuerers, suppliers, utility companies, healthcare companies and public agencies or the retailer itself. Rebate programs may be designed to achieve different outcomes such as increasing sales volume, decreasing the use of electricity, gas, oil and other kinds of energy, promoting healthy living habits, etc. Rebate programs may or may not require customers to be enrolled in retailer customer membership programs (hence the optional FK to CustomerMembershipProgram).

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RebateProgramID (PK) A token identifier for RebateProgram entity type instances. ID_RBT_PRGM Identity integer
RebateSponsorID (FK) Unique ID for a rebate sponsor entity type instance. ID_SPNSR_RBT Identity integer RebateSponsor(PA_RBT_SPNSR)
RebateProcessorID (FK) A unique identifier for a RetailProcessor entity type instance. ID_PRTY_RBT_PCSR Identity integer RebateProcessor(PA_RBT_PCSR)
RebateClaimProgramCode A code that must be supplied by a rebate claimant to indicate the rebate program a claim is submitted for. This is similar to a customer response code tied to a discount or other similar offer. CD_RBT_CLM_PRGM Code varchar(20)
RebateProgramPurposeCode Assigns a rebate program to a certain category. The enumerated values that determine categories are assigned by the retailer. Examples include: PROMOTION CONSERVATION HEALTYHABITS LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP_BENEFIT OTHER CD_RBT_PRGM_PRPS Code varchar(20)
RebateBeneficiaryTypeCode Designates the party that will receive a rebate payment. Valid values for this code are: RETAILER CUSTOMER Retailer means the retailer gets paid by the rebate sponsor and may or may not choose to pass it on to customers. Customer means that the retailer is serving as an intermediary only -- rebate related money is passed to the customer. Retailers (unless they are the sponsors) bill the sponsor any money they refund to customers. CD_RBT_BNFCRY_TYP Code varchar(20)
RebateRetailerReimbursementTypeCode Designates the way a retailer is compensated for any rebate-related outlay of cash, merchandise, loyalty points, etc. they make on behalf of the rebate program. Sample values include: BILLBACK_REIMBURSEMENT AP_INVOICE_CREDIT DISCOUNT NO_REIMBURSEMENT (applies to retailer sponsored rebates) OTHER CD_RBT_RTLR_RMBSRMNT_TYP Code varchar(20)
UPCCutOutRequiredFlag A boolean indicator that if YES means the rebate claimant must cut out the UPC from the original item package and submit it to validate that it is for the appropriate item. This is one of several validation requirements a rebate sponsor/processor may require before paying out a rebate. FL_UPC_CUTOUT_RQD Flag integer
ClaimLastPostalDate The latest postmark date that may appear on a mail in rebate and be eligible for payment. A postmark date after this date is deemed late and NOT ELIGIBLE for a rebate benefit. DC_CLM_LS_PSTL_DT DateCalendar date
RebateEligibilityCriteriaNarrative A narrative description of eligibility conditions that must be satsified by a claimant to receive rebate benefits. This is narrative information that supplements the SalesReceiptRequiredFlag, the UPCCutOutRequiredFlag and the ClaimLastPostalDate which are standard eligibility conditions for most retailer-based rebate programs. NA_RBT_EL_NRTV DescriptionNarrative varchar(4000)
Rebate (FK) Currency code designated by ISO to identify national currency CD_CNY_ISO_4217_RBT ISO_4217_CurrencyCode_char(3) char(3) ISO4217-CurrencyType(LU_CNY_ISO_4217)
EstimatedBreakageFactor An estimated percentage of the amount of rebates earned but not paid out over the period of a rebate. ABC launches a$1M rebate with a breakage estimate of .34 which is $340K. When booking entries for rebate liability and rebate expense, ABC will assign 34% of a sale to the accrued rebate payable and 66% to the rebate discount. Note that breakage is a concern of the REBATE SPONSOR which may or may not be the retailer. PE_ESTM_BRKG_FCT Percent decimal(7,4)
MembershipProgramID (FK) Token ID for a CustomerRewardProgram instance. ID_CT_MBRSHP_PRGM Identity integer CustomerMembershipProgram(CO_CT_MBRSHP_PRGM)
EffectiveDate Date when a RebateProgram is operational. DC_EF_DT EffectiveDate date
Expirationdate Date when a RebateProgram is no longer operational DC_EP_DT ExpirationDate date
SponsorPromotionCode A code used to report rebate claims and redemptions back to a sponsor so they can attribute rebate performance to their promotion initative. This is NOT related to the retailers promotional initiatives. CD_SPNSR_PRM Code varchar(20)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ISO4217-CurrencyType defines curency for RebateProgram
RebateProcessor administers RebateProgram
RebateSponsor underwrites RebateProgram
CustomerMembershipProgram is prerequisite for RebateProgram
RebateProgram enrolls CustomerRebateAccountProgram
RebateProgram defines rules for CustomerRebateClaim

Logical Views containing RebateProgram

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended