Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerMembershipProgramAccountRewardDerivationRuleEligibiliy

This entiy represents a subtype of RewardDerivationRule (discount) elgibility based on a customer's enrollment in a specific CustomerMembershipProgram (or programs) as evidenced by a FK reference to a CustomerMembershipProgramAccount entity type instance. This allows us to separate generic customer account targeted rewards from customer membership based rewards.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RewardDerivationRuleEligibilityID (FK)(PK) A unique identifier for a Reward Derivation Rule Eligibility. ID_EL_PRDV Identity integer
CustomerRewardProgramTierCode (FK) A code that represents the relative value of a given CustomerRewardProgramTier CD_CT_RWD_PRGM_TR Code varchar(20) CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)
MembershipProgramID (FK) Token ID for a CustomerRewardProgram instance. ID_CT_MBRSHP_PRGM Identity integer CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)
LevelNumber (FK) A whole number that establishes the relative value of a membership program level. The higher the value, the greater the level and its associated rewards and, where applicable, fees. IC_LV_NMB Number integer CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier(CO_CT_MBRSHP_ERN_RWD_TIER)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerMembershipEarnedRewardTier may depend on CustomerMembershipProgramAccountRewardDerivationRuleEligibiliy
RewardEligibilityRule can be a CustomerMembershipProgramAccountRewardDerivationRuleEligibiliy

Logical Views containing CustomerMembershipProgramAccountRewardDerivationRuleEligibiliy

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level