Entity Definition

Logical Name : ItemSellingRule
Physical Name : RU_ITM_SL

A set of yes/no flags and codes used to indicate how items are to be processed at the point of sale. Usually this entity will be in a one-to-one relationship with Item, except when each combination of Size/Color/Style of a particular piece of merchandise are individually assigned to a new SKU for inventory recording purposes but all Sizes/Colors/Styles of that item have the same selling rules.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ItemSellingRuleID (PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the ItemSellingPrices. ID_RU_ITM_SL Identity integer
ItemTenderRestrictionGroupCode (FK) A retailer assigned code to denote a specific group of ItemTenderRestrictions. LU_GP_TND_RST Code2 char(2) ItemTenderRestrictionGroup(CO_RST_ITM_TND)
ManufacturerFamilyCode (FK) The UPC designated three digit coupon family code for the manufacturer item. FC_FMY_MF ProductCodeFamily char(3) ManufacturerCouponFamily(CO_FMY_MF_CPN)
DepositRuleID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the deposit rule ID_RU_DS Identity integer DepositRule(RU_DS)
SellingStatusCode Defines the selling status of the item. Examples include active, discontinued, seasonal, to be discontinued, held for future release, etc. SC_ITM_SLS Code2Status char(2)
SellingStatusCodeEffectiveDate The date the current item selling status code became effective. DC_ITM_SLS EffectiveDate date
CouponRestrictedFlag A flag to indicate whether a coupon can be redeemed for this ITEM FL_CPN_RST Flag integer
ElectronicCouponFlag A flag to denote whether an electronic coupon us available for this ITEM. The value of the coupon is automatically applied to the purchase, no coupon media is exchanged. FL_CPN_ELTNC Flag integer
PriceEntryRequiredFlag A flag to denote that the retail price is to be manually entered when this ITEM is sold. FL_ENR_PRC_RQ Flag integer
WeightEntryRequiredFlag A flag to indicate that the weight of the Item being sold, has to be entered into the system (either manually or automatically) to derive the retail price. FL_ENT_WT_RQ Flag integer
EmployeeDiscountAllowedFlag A flag that enables or disables price derivation rule eligibility to all employees for this Item. FL_DSC_EM_ALW Flag integer
AllowFoodStampFlag A flag to inicate whether food stamps can be tendered for this Item. FL_FD_STP_ALW Flag integer
AllowCouponMultiplyFlag A flag that enables or disables multiple coupon promotions. Used to enable or disable double or triple coupon promotions. FL_CPN_ALW_MULTY Flag integer
MinimumSaleUnitCount Defines the minimum number of retail sale units that may be purchased in a single RetailTransaction. QU_MNM_SLS_UN QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)
MaximumSaleUnitCount Defines the maximum number of retail sale units that may be purchased in a single RetailTransaction. Typically this is used for "rationed" merchandise. (Eg: Nintendo 64 in Christmas 1995) QU_UN_BLK_MXM QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)
ProhibitRepeatKeyFlag A flag to prohibit the use of the Repeat key when selling this Item. This flag forces the operator to scan or separately enter each instance of an Item rather than use a Repeat key to ensure inventory integrity and avoid arithmetic errors. FL_KY_PRH_RPT Flag integer
VisualVerifyPriceFlag A flag to denote whether the operator must verify the price on the Item with the price dervied from the price lookup table. FL_PRC_VS_VR Flag integer
FrequentShopperPointsEligibilityFlag A flag to denote that the Item is eligible for frequent shopper points. FL_PNT_FQ_SHPR Flag integer
FrequentShopperPointsCount The number of frequent shopper points awarded for the purchase of the Item. QU_PNT_FQ_SHPR Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
QuantityKeyActionCode A code that prescribes how a quantity key may be used in recording the sale/return of this Item. Valid actions are: R - Required - that is the quantity of this item MUST BE entered at the time a sale/return is recorded for this item P - Prohibited - that is the quantity MAY NOT be entered at the time a sale/return is recorded for this item O - Optional - that is the quantity may or may not be entered at the time a sale/return is recorded for this item. This code MUST be entered. NULL is an invalid value. CD_QTY_ACTN_KY Code2 char(2)
ProhibitReturnFlag A flag to denote whether or not this item may be returned. (Eg: Freezer or Chilled merchandise) FL_RTN_PRH Flag integer
WICFlag A flag denoting if this Item is allowed in a WIC transaction FL_ITM_WIC Flag integer
GiveawayFlag A flag denoting whether this item may be given away free as part of a promotion. FL_ITM_GWY Flag integer
ManufacturerID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the Manufacturer. ID_MF Identity integer ManufacturerCouponFamily(CO_FMY_MF_CPN)
RaincheckEligibleFlag A boolean indicator that if TRUE means an item is eligible for raincheck issue if it is unavailable for sale during a promotional period. See Raincheck entity for more information. FL_RNCHK_EL Flag integer
ProportionalRefundEligibleFlag A boolean indicator that if TRUE means the item is subject to proportional refund based on partial consumption over a designated period of time. One example is a golf course purchase of an 18 hole round of golf where weather limits the customer's game to 9 holes. In this example a customer is eligible for a 9 hole refund (50% refund or credit) of original purchase Note that the specific way this is implemented may vary by retailer. They could issue a voucher or raincheck which is redeemable against a future round of golf. FL_PRPPRTNL_RFD_EL Flag integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ItemTenderRestrictionGroup is part of ItemSellingRule
DepositRule is part of ItemSellingRule
ManufacturerCouponFamily is part of ItemSellingRule
ItemSellingRule is assigned to POSIdentity
ItemSellingRule is default setting for all items in POSDepartment
ItemSellingRule is assigned to BusinessUnitGroupPOSDepartment
ItemSellingRule is assigned to BusinessUnitGroupItem
ItemSellingRule is assigned to Item
ItemSellingRule is assigned to MerchandiseHierarchyGroup

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Logical 01120 - Item Selling Rules - Manufacturer Coupon View
Logical 01300 - Item Price Maintenance View
Logical 02395 - Retail Transaction - Deposit Redemption View
Logical 10200 - Enterprise - Merchandise View
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