Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerInstallmentPaymentAccount
Physical Name : LE_ACNT_CT_INS_PYM

A type of CUSTOMER ACCOUNT established to track installment payments made against a sale transaction. This type of account is generally established to support big ticket sales. Note that installment account underwritten by banks and finance companies are NOT captured in this entity. Only installment acounts that involve the extension of credit to a customer by the retailer are captured here.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
CustomerAccountID (FK)(PK) A unique identifier for a customer account. ID_CTAC Identity integer
AnnualInterestRatePercent The annual interest charged on a customer installment purchase. PE_ANN_INTRST_RT Percent decimal(7,4)
PaymentPeriodCode The type of payment period: Examples include: MONTHLY QUARTERLY BI-WEEKLY InstallmentPaymentAmount is the monetary value that must be paid for each payment period. CD_PYM_PRD Code varchar(20)
InstallmentPaymentAmount The installment payment amount (which is a fixed monetary value). MO_INS_PYM_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
PaymentPeriodCount The number of installment periods specified for this installment account (loan account). QY_PYM_PRD_CNT QuantityInteger integer
LatePaymentPenaltyFeeAmount A flat fee amount charged for late payments. MO_LT_PYM_PNTY_FE_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
MinimumDownPaymentAmount The minimum monetary value a customer must pay when setting up the installment payment account. MO_MNM_DWN_PYM_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
MinimumDownPaymentPercent The minimum percent of a purchase value a customer must pay when setting up the installment payment account. PE_MNM_DWN_PYM Percent decimal(7,4)
PenaltyAnnualInterestRatePercent The annual interest rate charge on balances that are paid late. PE_PNTY_ANN_INTRST_RT Percent decimal(7,4)
InstallmentAccountAdministrationFeeAmount A flat monetary fee paid to set up and administer an installment payment account. MO_INS_ACNT_ADMN_FE_AMT Money decimal(16,5)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerAccount can be a CustomerInstallmentPaymentAccount

Logical Views containing CustomerInstallmentPaymentAccount

Logical View
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended
Logical 07200 - Customer Purchase Transaction History View