Entity Definition

Logical Name : PriceModificationLineItem
Physical Name : TR_LTM_MDF

A line item component of a RetailTransaction that records the granting of a reduction or increase of price on ALL Items in the Transaction.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RewardDerivationRuleEligibilityID (FK) A unique identifier for a Price Derivation Rule Eligibility. ID_EL_PRDV Identity integer ZPromotionalOfferRewardDerivationRule(RU_PRM_PRDV)
TransactionID (FK)(PK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN IdentityUUID char(32)
RetailTransactionLineItemSequenceNumber (FK)(PK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM LineNumber smallint
PriceModificationTypeCode (FK) The type code used as a look up key for the standard price modification types represented in the Price Modification. TY_MDF Code2 char(2) PriceModificationType(TR_MDF)
ModifyByPercent The percent adjustment that was applied to the unit retail price to arrive at the modified selling price. Example Base price $10.00 ModifyByPercent 5% (.05) Price Modification to be applied is $.50 PE_MDFR_RT_PRC Percent decimal(7,4)
ModifyByAmount A flat monetary value that is to be added to or subtracted from a base price. (Note typically this is a discount so subtraction is the expected action) Example: Base price $10.00 ModifyByAmountt $.50 Price Modification to be applied is $.50 MO_MDFR_RT_PRC Money decimal(16,5)
NewPriceAmount The amount expressed as the new price for the item. MO_NW_PRC Money decimal(16,5)
ProRatedFlag Indicates if this price modification was pro-rated across all of the Items in the RetailTransaction. FL_PRRT Flag integer
PriceModificationBaseAmount The monetary value of the transaction (i.e. a sum of sale return line item extended actual retail amounts) plus or minus other PriceModificationLineItem values used as the basis for this price modifciation calculation. NOTE: The ARTS model defines placeholders for transaction-level discounts. However, it is the retailer's responsibility to specify the business rules for calculating transaction-level price modificaction values and to assign an appropriate value to PriceModificationBaseAmount. MO_PRC_MDFN_BS_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
AdjustmentMethodCode A symbol code denoting what kind of adjustment is being made to the retail price of the Item. e.g. Increase, Decrease. '+' = Add to base retail (amount before price modifier '-' = Subtract from base retail '=' = Replace base retail with ModifyByAmount CD_MTH_ADJT Code2 char(2)
Description Business description of a retail price modifier that may be used to store special discount-related messages that may be printed on the receipt. DE_TR_LTM_MDF DescriptionShort varchar(255)
RoundingAmount The monetary amount that the price modification was adjusted by (after calculation from the percentage). MO_RND MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
UnusedCouponReasonDescription Reason explanation for return of a coupon. This short narrative is used to document the rationale for returning a retailer coupon to a customer. Sample reasons include: Coupon out of date Out of stock-no rainchecks DE_UNUSD_CPN_RSN_DSCR DescriptionShort varchar(255)
UnusedCouponFlag Boolean indicator that if true means a store coupon LINE ITEM was submitted that could not be applied and is being returned to a customer (applies to electronic or paper coupons issued by the retailer) FL_UNUSD_CPN_FL Flag integer
RewardID (FK) A token identifier for a Reward instance. ID_RWD Identity integer Reward(TR_RWD)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ZPromotionalOfferRewardDerivationRule determines PriceModificationLineItem
PriceModificationType defines PriceModificationLineItem
Reward is applied through PriceModificationLineItem
PriceModificationLineItem is allocated to RetailPriceModifier
PriceModificationLineItem redeems points Z_CustomerMembershipRedemptionJournal
PriceModificationLineItem is triggered by Z_CustomerLoyaltyAccountRedemption
RetailTransactionLineItem can be a PriceModificationLineItem
PriceModificationLineItem can be a WorkerDiscountLineItem

Logical Views containing PriceModificationLineItem

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level
Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02316 - Distributed Order Management View
Logical 02333 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Coupon View
Logical 02341 - Retail Transaction - Change for Charities View
Logical 04100 - Financial Ledger - Retail Transaction View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 11140 - Worker - Retail Transaction View