Entity Definition

Logical Name : TaxGroupRule
Physical Name : RU_TX_GP

A rule that prescribes how a particular tax is to be applied to a group Items.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TaxGroupRuleID (PK) System assigned unique identifier for the TaxGroupRule. ID_RU_TX_GRP Identity integer
TaxJurisdictionID (AK)(FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the TaxJurisdiction. ID_JRDT_TX Identity integer TaxJurisdictionTaxType(RU_JRDT_TX_TYP_TX)
TaxTypeCode (AK)(FK) A retailer assigned mnemonic code denoting a kind of tax. Eg: SalesTax, GST, PST, HST, VAT CD_TYP_TX Code4 char(4) TaxJurisdictionTaxType(RU_JRDT_TX_TYP_TX)
MerchandiseHierarchyGroupID (AK)(FK) Unique system assigned identifier for a group or class of merchandise. ID_MRHRC_GP Identity integer MerchandiseHierarchyGroup(CO_MRHRC_GP)
TaxGroupRuleSequenceID (AK) A sequential counter used to uniquely identify a tax group rule for a specific jurisdiction, tax type and merchandise hierarchy group. AI_RU_TX_GRP LineNumber smallint
EffectiveDatetime The date and time this Tax Group Rule is effective TS_EF EffectiveDateTime datetime
CustomerGroupID (FK) A unique identification number assigned to a customer group ID_GP_ID Identity integer CustomerGroup(PA_GP_CT)
UsageCode (FK) Retailer defined mnemonic code identifying the CustomerIntendedUsage. Eg: EatIn, TakeOut CD_TYP_TX_INTD_USE Code4 char(4) TaxIntendedUsageType(CO_TYP_TX_INTD_USE)
FinancialLedgerAccountID (FK) The reference for the FinancialLedgeraAccount ID_ACNT_LDG Identity integer FinancialLedgerAccount(CO_LE_ACNT_FN)
Name The name of the TaxGroupRule NM_RU_TX Name varchar(40)
Description A longer description of the how & when the TaxGroupRule is applied DE_RU_TX DescriptionShort varchar(255)
CompoundSequenceNumber A sequential number that indicates the order to which multiple applicable TaxGroupRules should be applied. Example: City, County & State TaxGroupRules are not compounding - All three rules will contain zero (or NULL) for this value Example: PST & GST TaxGroupRules are to be applied in a compounding fashion with PST going first - The rule for PST will contain 1 for this value, the rule for GST will contain 2 for this value. AI_CMPND LineNumber smallint
TaxOnGrossAmountFlag A flag denoting that the TaxGroupRule is to be applied to the gross amount of the items being sold ie: before any discounts, price-rules or deals have been applied to the regular retail price. FL_TX_GS_AMT Flag integer
TaxablePercent The percentage of the SellingPrice (or GrossPrice) that is subject to Tax. Usually this is 100% but where an Item is an AggregateItem assembled from constituent Items with different TaxRates this percentage will be less than 100%. PE_TXBL Percent decimal(7,4)
CalculationMethodCode A code denoting how the TaxGroupRule is to be applied in a single transaction. Possible values include: 1 - Calculate & round at transaction level 2 - Calculate at line item level & round at transaction level 3 - Calcualte & round at line item unit level There is no default value, as this setting is dictated by the TaxAuthority who defines the rule. LU_MTH_CLC Code varchar(20)
RoundingDigit A RoundingDigit is the position in a decimal number that will have a rounding rule applied to it. A rounding rule will change the value of the RoundingDigit and truncate the values to the right of that position. The rounding digit value is '.1' for nearest 10ths, .01 for nearest 1/100ths, .001 for nearest 1/1000ths etc. Like wise for WHOLE numbers 1 is to nearest UNIT, 10 is to nearest 10's, 100 is to nearest 100's and 1000 is to nearest 1000's. The value is simply providing a logical mask that shows the decimal position at which rounding is to be performed. Examples: Number to be rounded 758.98578 RoundingDigit: ^ Apply rule 759.99 (the rule is defined in a the RoundingRule attribute and for this examples would be 5:UP - digit is incremented by 1 all digits to the right are dropped. Number to be rounded 758.93287 Rounding Digit: ^ Apply rule 759.93 (the rule is defined in a the RoundingRule attribute and for this examples would be 5:UP - digit is UNCHANGED 1 all digits to the right are dropped QY_RND_DGT QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)
RoundingThresholdValue The rounding threshold value is a single digit integer that marks the point at which a rounding rule adds one to a rounding digit or leaves it unchanged. Generally this value is set to 5 with a corresponding RoundingDirection attribute value of UP. This means if the rounding digit is 5 or more add one to it. If the rounding digit is less than 5, leave it unchanged. QY_RND_TH_VL QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)
RoundingDirection Indicates if a number is to rounded UP (have one added to the digit being rounded) or DOWN (leave the digit being rounded UNCHANGED). See definition for RoundingDigit for more information. CD_RND_DRC Code4External char(4)
TaxRateRuleUsageCode A code denoting how theTaxRateRules are to be applied within the confines of this TaxGroupRule. Possible values are: 1 - Pick one (default) 2 - Use as taxation table LU_USG_TX_RT_RU Code varchar(20)
ReceiptPrintCode A short code taht is printed on a receipt to denote items that are in this taxable group. This is also referred to as "Tax Symbol" ReceiptPrintCode CD_RCPT_PRT CD_RCT_PRNT Code2 char(2)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerGroup defines TaxGroupRule
TaxIntendedUsageType defines TaxGroupRule
TaxJurisdictionTaxType defines TaxGroupRule
MerchandiseHierarchyGroup is taxed by TaxGroupRule
FinancialLedgerAccount defines accounting disposition of TaxGroupRule
TaxGroupRule is updated by TaxGroupRuleMaintenance
TaxGroupRule originally applied to TaxOverrideModifier
TaxGroupRule defines taxability of ICDMerchandiseTaxLineItem
TaxGroupRule applies to TaxLineItem
TaxGroupRule applies to SaleReturnTaxLineItem
TaxGroupRule is applicable to TaxRateRule
TaxGroupRule applies to ICDTaxLineItem
TaxGroupRule originally applied to SaleReturnTaxOverrideModifier

Logical Views containing TaxGroupRule

Logical View
Logical 02320 - Retail Transaction - Taxation View
Logical 04100 - Financial Ledger - Retail Transaction View
Logical 05000 - Taxation - Macro View
Logical 05100 - Taxation - Rules View
Logical 05200 - Taxation - Retail Transaction View
Logical 05300 - Taxation - Inventory Control Document View
Logical 05400 - Taxation - Reporting View - Tax Rule Reference
Logical 06700 - Event Scheduler View