Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerOrderProductGroup
Physical Name : CO_CTORD_GRP

A group of line items from a Customer placed order with similar properties. Eg: To be picked up by Customer, to be delivered to customer, to be sourced from particular supplier, to be gift wrapped, etc.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
CustomerOrderGroupID (PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the group of line items from a Customer placed order, recording how the Customer wishes the StockItems that have been orderd are to be given to the Customer. ID_CTORD_GRP Identity integer
Inventory (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the InventoryLocation from which the Items in this CustomerOrderProductGroup being ordered are to be sourced. Inventory Identity integer InventoryLocation(LO_LCN_INV)
CustomerOrderProductGroupTypeCode (FK) A retailer assigned code denoting the different kinds of CustomerOrderProductGroups. Possible values include: FulfillmentGroup, SourceGroup, GiftWrapGroup etc... CD_TYP_CTORD_GRP Code2 char(2) CustomerOrderProductGroupType(CO_TYP_CTORD_GRP)
SupplierID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the Supplier. ID_SPR Identity integer Supplier(PA_SPR)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerOrderProductGroupType defines CustomerOrderProductGroup
Supplier is source for CustomerOrderProductGroup
InventoryLocation is intended dispatcher/pickup location for CustomerOrderProductGroup
CustomerOrderProductGroup assigns CustomerOrderProductAssignment
CustomerOrderProductGroup delivery specified by CustomerDeliveryInstruction
CustomerOrderProductGroup tentative defines product group for CustomerOrderShipment

Logical Views containing CustomerOrderProductGroup

Logical View
Logical 02200 - Transaction Macro View
Logical 02309 - Retail Transaction Delivery
Logical 02315 - Retail Transaction - Customer Order
Logical 02316 - Distributed Order Management View
Logical 07600 - Customer Order - Macro View
Logical 07610 - Customer Order - Maintenance View
Logical 07620 - Customer Order - Inventory Control View