Entity Definition

Logical Name : TenderAuthorizationReversal
Physical Name : TR_TND_AZN_RVS

A request to an external agency to revers a previously requested authorization of the use of some form of tender to complete a RetailTransaction. Eg: Cheques, Credit & Debit Cards, Gift Certificates or Vouchers.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TenderAuthorizationReversalSequenceNumber (PK) A unique sequence number for this TenderAuthorizationReversal. Required because a particular TenderAuthorization may have more than one reversal attempt. AI_RVS_TND_AZN LineNumber smallint
TenderAuthorizationID (FK)(PK) A unique sequence number for this TenderAuthorization. Required because a particular TenderLineItem may have more than one TenderAuthorization attempt. AI_TND_AZN LineNumber smallint TenderAuthorization(CO_AZN_TND)
ReversalReasonCode Code that indicates why this tender authorization reversal was entered. CD_RSN_RVS Code4 char(4)
OriginalRequestedAmount The monetary value of the original AuthorizationRequest that is being reversed. MO_RQ_ORGL Money decimal(16,5)
ReversedAmount The full or partial reversal amount of the original authorization. MO_RVS Money decimal(16,5)
AdjudicationCode The adjudication code returned by the external agency for this TenderAuthorizationReversal LU_ADJN IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
ReversalDatetime The date and time that this reversal was performed. TS_TM_DT AuditDateTime datetime
ReferenceNumber The identifying reference number for this reversal. (Usually assigned by the external agency that performs TenderAuthorizations). ID_RFC IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
HostText Narrative text provided by the external agency for inclusion on any reciepts printed as a result of the TenderAuthorizationReversal NA_HOS DescriptionShort varchar(255)
ISOCurrencyCode (FK) Currency code designated by ISO to identify national currency CD_CNY_ISO_4217 ISO_4217_CurrencyCode_char(3) char(3) ISO4217-CurrencyType(LU_CNY_ISO_4217)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
TenderAuthorization is reversed by TenderAuthorizationReversal
ISO4217-CurrencyType is used in TenderAuthorizationReversal

Logical Views containing TenderAuthorizationReversal

Logical View
Logical 02330 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Macro View
Logical 02336 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Authorization View
Logical 02339 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Account View
Logical 10104 - Enterprise Currency