Entity Definition

Logical Name : InventoryControlDocument
Physical Name : DO_ICD

A written or printed paper, or digital equivalent, that evidences the movement of merchandise or supply StockItems.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
InventoryControlDocumentID (PK) The reference number that uniquely identifies the InventoryControlDocument. ID_ICD Identity integer
DestinationBusinessUnitID (FK) A unique retailer assigned identifier for an RetailStore, DistributionCenter or AdministrationCenter ID_BSN_UN_DST Identity integer BusinessUnit(LO_BSN_UN)
SourceBusinessUnitID (FK) A unique retailer assigned identifier for an RetailStore, DistributionCenter or AdministrationCenter ID_BSN_UN_SRC Identity integer BusinessUnit(LO_BSN_UN)
VendorID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the Vendor. ID_VN_PCKG Identity integer Vendor(PA_VN)
CurrencyID (FK) The unique identifier of the Currency. ID_CNY Identity integer Currency(CO_CNY)
CompleteDateTimestamp The time and date when the processing of the inventory control document was completed. TS_CMPL AuditDateTime datetime
DocumentTypeCode This code identifies the type of InventoryControlDocument. TY_ICD Code2 char(2)
CreateDateTimestamp The time and date when the inventory control document was originally created. TS_CRT_ICD AuditDateTime datetime
LastUpdateDate The date when the inventory control document was last updated by the store. DC_UPDT_LS_ICD DateCalendar date
TermsAndConditionsCode This code denotes the relevant terms and conditions pertaining to this particular inventory control document, eg the supplier must be notified of any shortages within three days. LU_TRMCD_ICD Code4 char(4)
ReceivedDifferenceCode A code to indicate the reason for the difference between the quantity ordered and quantity shipped. This code relates to the UCC code, Shipment/Order Status Code, data element 368. LU_DF_RCV_ICD Code2 char(2)
DeferredPaymentDate The deferred payment date on which the RETIL STORE has to make its payment. Deferred payments are an inducement to retailers to accept certain stock. DC_PYM_DFR_ICD DateCalendar date
ExpectedDeliveryDate The expected delivery date of the shipment, to which this particular inventory control document relates. DC_DV_EXP_ICD DateCalendar date
ActualDeliveryDate The actual delivery date of the shipment, to which this particular inventory control document relates. DC_DV_ACT_ICD DateCalendar date
SupplierExpectedShipDate The expected arrival date of the shipment, to which this particular inventory control document relates. DC_SPR_EXP_SHP_ICD DateCalendar date
SupplierActualShipDate The actual ship date of the shipment, to which this particular inventory control document relates. The actual date of the to which this particular inventory control document relates, is expected to be shipped from the originating company or store. DC_SPR_ACT_SHP DateCalendar date
UnitDiscrepancyCount The discrepancy count between the units recorded on the InventoryControlDocument and the actual units counted. QU_DSCP_ICD Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
OriginatorID Identifies the point of origin for this inventory control document. An originator may be a program (for automatically generated documents) or a person. ID_ORGR_ICD Identity integer
FreightChargeDispositionCode A code that assigns responsibility for payment of the freight and insurance charges for this inventory control document to the store or other party in the transaction. DP_CHG_FRGT_ICD Code4 char(4)
ContractReferenceNumber The contract against which the delivery has been made. ID_CNTRT IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
SerialFormID An idenfier for this document, usually preprinted on the form stock prior to being filled out. ID_SRZ_FRM IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
ISOCurrencyCode (FK) Currency code designated by ISO to identify national currency CD_CNY_ISO_4217 ISO_4217_CurrencyCode_char(3) char(3) ISO4217-CurrencyType(LU_CNY_ISO_4217)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ISO4217-CurrencyType is used in InventoryControlDocument
Vendor is source / destination for InventoryControlDocument
BusinessUnit is destination for InventoryControlDocument
Currency may denominate InventoryControlDocument
BusinessUnit is source for InventoryControlDocument
InventoryControlDocument is referred to ICDReference
InventoryControlDocument refers to ICDReference
InventoryControlDocument is composed of ICDLineItem
InventoryControlDocument is assigned ICDStateAssignment
InventoryControlDocument can be a ReceivingDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a PackingSlip
InventoryControlDocument can be a RequisitionDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a AdvancedShipNoticeDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a TransferInDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a TransferOutDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a OrderDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a ReturnDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a RequestForDebitCreditDocument
InventoryControlDocument can be a ReturnAuthorizationRequest

Logical Views containing InventoryControlDocument

Logical View
Logical 02100 - Item Inventory - Macro View
Logical 02110 - Item Inventory - Location View
Logical 02120 - Item Inventory - Order View
Logical 02130 - Item Inventory - Receiving View
Logical 02309 - Retail Transaction Delivery
Logical 02316 - Distributed Order Management View
Logical 04300 - Financial Ledger - Inventory Control View
Logical 05000 - Taxation - Macro View
Logical 05300 - Taxation - Inventory Control Document View
Logical 07620 - Customer Order - Inventory Control View
Logical 10104 - Enterprise Currency
Logical 10400 - Enterprise - Channels
Logical 21000 - Fresh Item Management Macro View