Entity Definition

Logical Name : Channel
Physical Name : CO_CHNL

An identified, named, defined set of functions, states, touch points and media that define how parties interact in the buying and selling of goods and services as well as conducting conversations (social media) related to retail products and services.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ChannelID (PK) Token Identifier for a channel instance ID_CHNL Identity integer
Description Business description of a channel DE_CHNL_DSCR DescriptionShort varchar(255)
TouchPointID (AK)(FK) Token ID for a given touch point. ID_TCH_PNT Identity integer TouchPoint(LU_TCH_PNT)
TargetingTypeCode A code that designates how the media is targeted. Valid values include: MASS - broadcast one way TARGETED - Intended for a specifically defined audience CD_TGT_TYP Code varchar(20)
ContentOriginCode Source of the creative content presented using the media. Valid values include: 3RD_PTY - created by ad agency or other external party OWNED_MEDIA - created by retailer or product supplier USER_GENERATED - created by customers, prospects, ex customers outside the organization with no editorial control. CD_CNTN_ORG Code varchar(20)
OnLineOffLineCode Code that indicates if the media is ONLINE (internet based) or OFFLINE (non-internet based). CD_ON_LN_OFF_LN Code varchar(20)
CommunicationMode Indicates the nature of communication that happens in the channel. Valid values are: SYNCHRONOUS - two way like phone conversation ASYNCHRONOUS - one or two way like email CD_COM_MOD Code varchar(20)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
TouchPoint is used by Channel
Channel defines how, when and where RetailTransaction
Channel is vehicle for CustomerOrder
Channel triggers ChannelRewardDerivationRuleEligibility
Channel mediates ConversionEvent
Channel is vehicle for CustomerCorrespondence
Channel mediates execution of ProcessChannel
Channel is used by BusinessUnitGroupChannel
Channel facilitated information exchange between PartyAffiliation
Channel defines how, when and where RegistrationEvent

Logical Views containing Channel

Logical View
Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02316 - Distributed Order Management View
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended
Logical 07017 - Consumer-Customer Lifecycle Context View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 10400 - Enterprise - Channels