Entity Definition

Logical Name : METARWeatherForecast

Forecasted weather conditions for an ICAO METAR Weather Site. This is used to record future weather conditions to help retailer adjust stock, staffing, store operating hours, etc. to suit projected weather conditions. Weather forecasts may be obtained from The Weather Underground, Accuweather and other services. The METAR format provides a single international standard for characterizing weather. Each Site entity has a foreign key reference to the METARWeatherSite for reporting and forecasting purposes. This is how retailers can associate BusinessUnits to weather conditions and weather forecasts.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
METARWeatherForecastID (PK) Token identifier for each instance of a METAR weather forecast entity. Forecast periods, unlike METARWeatherCondition (which are done on an hourly basis or more in volatile weather situations) these cover peirods of multiple days. ID_METAR_WTHR_FRCST Identity integer
ForecastPeriodEndDateTime (AK) The end date and time for this forecast period.expressed in UTC This means the time has to be modified to reflect the reporting location's time zone. DT_WTHR_FRCST_END ExpirationDateTime datetime
ForecastPeriodStartDateTime (AK) The start time for this weather forecast period This means the time has to be modified to reflect the reporting location's time zone. DT_WTHR_FRCST_BEG EffectiveDate date
ICAOcode (AK)(FK) International code used to designate airport/weather reporting stations. This is the closest thing to an international standard for designating weather forecasting/current condition reporting areas. It's value for ARTS is that it is an international standard ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization CD_ICAO Code4External char(4) METARweatherSite(LU_METAR_WTHR_STE)
WeatherConditionTypeCode (FK) Code used to identify a collection of weather characteristics that are important to a retailer in tracking sales and operations. CD_WTHR_CN_TYP Code varchar(20) WeatherConditionType(CO_WTHR_CN_TYP)
WeatherEmergencyRemarks Narrative description of forecasted weather conditions that are relevant to a retailer. NA_WTHR_EMGNCY DescriptionNarrative varchar(4000)
CreateDateTime Date Time this forecast was created DT_CRT AuditDateTime datetime
LastUpdateDateTime Last time this forecast was updated. DT_LS_UPDT AuditDateTime datetime
WeatherForecastOrigin The name of the weather service that supplied the original forecaset or most recent update to the forecast. NM_WTHR_FRCST_ORG Name varchar(40)
ForecastStatusCode Indicates if this forecast entity instnance is active or inactive. Weather forecasts default to inactive once the actual date (system date) is higher than the forecast period ending date. CD_FRCST_STS Code varchar(20)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
METARweatherSite is origin of METARWeatherForecast
WeatherConditionType characterizes METARWeatherForecast
METARWeatherForecast forecasts weather conditions for Transaction

Logical Views containing METARWeatherForecast

Logical View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 10102 - EnterpriseWeather